Pink Wishes – Can you help grant a wish to a Cancer Sufferer?

Hi everyone

I have just sat down to write a review but I had a quick look through the internet first before I cracked on with the writing. I have just found a website called ‘Pink Wishes’ and I wanted to bring it to your attention. The website is an online magazine packed full of information and stories relating to Cancer. The site is run by Lynn Culver who had her own battle with Cancer and survived. She created the site as she wanted to help support other sufferers by providing them with information and support.

Pink Wishes     
(Taken from Pink Wishes website)

The website has a page called ‘Granted Wishes’ and it is reading that section that made me want to let you all know about the site. On the site people who are battling Cancer or the friends of sufferers, can submit a wish that they would like to have granted . There is a long list of people’s wishes and loads of them have been granted already, thanks to Pink Wishes. There are lots of wishes that still need granting and that is where you can all help…it says if you can help grant a wish to email Lynn. It would be lovely if you could all have a look at the site and see if there any wishes that you can help to grant. To see the list of wishes that have been granted and that still need granting please click here.

If you are currently suffering from Cancer or you know someone who the I hope you’ll take a look at the Pink Wishes website. There is lots of information and there is a section on Free Services and Free Products available to people with Cancer so it is worth having a read in case there is something that can help.

I just want to say Well done and Thank you to Lynn for creating a website that is making a difference to people’s lives. I have known a few people who have had Cancer and  I really appreciate the time she is putting in to help others. I wish her lots of success in granting more wishes.

Lynn is also trying to get a product called the ‘F Plate’ to market. It is like an ‘L’ plate but instead it is an ‘F’ and it is designed to be used on a car when you are in a funeral procession so that other road users know that you are going to a funeral and need to stay near the the other cars in front so that you all arrive at the same time. I think it is a great idea and I hope she succeeds in it becoming a Universal sign that we all understand and respect, which is what she hopes for.

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