Review of Mon Bébé Scented Water For Babies

Mon Bébé Scented Water For Babies

If you a looking for a unique gift for a child…..I’ve found it!   I have recently been reviewing the Mon Bébé Scented Water For Babies as Sandrine was kind enough to send me a bottle to try out. Mon Bébé comes in a glass atomiser bottle and it is presented in a lovely white box with delicate lilac writing and a teddy shape cut out of the front.  It is also available to buy in a beautiful gift pack where as well as the 100ml bottle of perfume you get an adorable teddy too!
Photo of Mon Bébé Gift Set
Mon Bébé is aimed at children from birth to 3 years and it is suitable for boys and girls alike. This means it would make an ideal gift for a mum-to-be as you could buy this for them without having to know the gender of their child. It would also be perfect as a new baby gift or as a present for a Christening, Naming Day, Birthday or Christmas.  I had never heard of this product before and I didn’t know you could buy perfume for babies anyway. After having received the product to review I can now say that I really like the idea. The perfume is a scented water that contains natural plant extracts of hawthorn, cornflower and lime-tree. According to the box, the extracts found in Mon Bébé are traditionally used to help babies sleep peacefully, relieve their anxiety and soothe their tummy aches.  It all sounds good and it makes Mon Bébé the kind of product I’m sure any mum would love to try using with their child. I haven’t used the product as part of a ‘Sleep Routine’ so I can’t say whether or not it has helped my daughter to sleep peacefully. As my daughter doesn’t really suffer from many tummy aches or anxieties I can’t really tell if the perfume helps but I can say she seems to love the smell of the perfume and will sit down happily smelling her clothes when she has the fragrance on.  
Photo of 100ml bottle of Mon Bébé
I think the power that fragrance has to take you back in your memories is amazing. I love the idea that you could use this on your child when they are newborn and when they are growing up. Then years down the line you could smell this fragrance again and it will take you back to those new days of being a mum and remembering all the occasions you used Mon Bébé on your child. Like you sprayed it on them on their 1st Christmas outfit or remembering the first time they sprayed it on themselves.  I am a bit of a sentimental person so I love the idea that when I revisit this fragrance in years to come I can reflect on the many mental images I have stored of my daughter wearing Mon Bébé.
Baby’s First Year by Mon Bébé 
Mon Bébé is a delicate combination of Sweet Vanilla , Chamomile and Mandarin. Normally I hate Chamomile so I am pleasantly surprised that this smells so lovely and I actually like the fragrance. It is both sweet and musky. I’m afraid to say my mum really doesn’t like the fragrance as she finds it too sweet for her liking .But as with all fragrances – some people like them, some people don’t. An interesting thing that Sandrine says on the Fragrantica site is that Vanilla is the closest scent to breast milk and amniotic liquid,. This is why it helps comfort baby on their transition to the world and why so many people like the smell of Vanilla. as it reminds them of when they were younger. She says that following a scientific research conducted by the Centre National de Recherche Scientifique in France, the scent of Vanilla has been used in prenatal and MRI units to relieve the anxiety of babies and patients. This is really amazing and it makes sense too. I think most people do like the smell of Vanilla and I think the idea that they like it because it reminds them of their early years is lovely.   You could spray the fragrance on your baby’s clothes or you could spray some on to a hairbrush and brush the scent through their hair. Other suggestions would be to massage baby with the scent by spraying some on your hands first or you could always use the perfume as a room spray. It is quite a strong scent so it would work wonders at hiding the not so pleasant baby smells of dirty nappies and sick.
Mon Bébé is hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and free from parabens and alcohol. The preservatives used are Ecocert certified.
I would never have dreamt of putting perfume on a newborn child or even on a toddler but I love the idea that if you decide you want to use a perfume then there is this lovely Mon Bébé available for you to buy.  I’m sure every little girl and boy will come to a point where they want to copy Mummy or Daddy putting on fragrance so when that day comes it is nice to know that you could spray a bit of this on them and they never need know it is actually ‘meant’ for littlies and not really a grown-up perfume.  Sandrine and Neil developed Mon Bébé when they realised that not everyone was fortunate enough to be able to share in the ritual of putting perfume on their child, unlike themselves who sprayed their newborn with fragrance sent over from France by Nanny.
Mon Bébé is made in France and retails at £25.00 for a 100ml bottle and £29.90 for the Gift Set. These are available from the Mon Bébé website with free delivery. I think the product is wonderful and I think it is worth the price tag for the fact it is unique (being a baby perfume) and luxurious. If I was lucky enough that someone had bought this for me as a gift when I had my daughter I would have been very pleased.
Mon Bébé is sold in Harrods which makes me feel really posh now that I own some! If you would like to see a list of the other stockists please click here. 
In the future Sandrine and Neil are hoping to introduce a Mon Bébé for Toddlers and a Shampoo and Lotion. I’d love to review those products and if I get the chance to do that I’ll write up a review for you all to let you know more about them.
If you would like to visit the Mon Bébé website please click here.

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