Review of Tippitoes 100% Natural Seaborne Baby Sponge

Photo showing the 100% Natural Seaborne Baby Sponge

I have recently been trying out the 100% Natural Seaborne Baby Sponge from Tippitoes. When I was offered the chance to review the sponge I was over the moon as I have wanted a sponge like this for ages but didn’t want to pay the retail price. I am quite stingy and I wasn’t quite sure if the product would be worth the £7.49 it sells for on the Tippitoes website.  Well….I’ve now decided it is worth the money!

The sponge is 100% natural and it is so, so soft on my daughter’s skin. When you put the tiniest amount of body wash onto the sponge it makes loads and loads of lovely bubbles…which my daughter loves!

I really hate those synthetic sponges you can buy as I can’t stand the feel of them on my skin. However the one thing they have going for them is that they are really cheap. You can buy them in most shops for under £1. I think that is the reason I was so against paying nearly £8 for a natural sponge… I originally thought there was no way it could be worth that kind of money. Luckily now that I have seen how soft it is I can see that the sponge is worth the money…especially as the sponge will last for ages.

The Tippitoes sponge comes in it’s own little screw top pot which is great as you can put your sponge in the pot when you are taking it with you on your holidays or to the swimming pool, etc. The sponge is hard when it is dry and when you put it in water it instantly goes soft and squidgy.

Photo showing the top of the 100% Natural Seaborne Baby Sponge
Now…I might be being stupid but I had never really thought about what the words “100% natural” really meant.  Well..I wish I hadn’t looked into it to be honest. I have found a website about sponges and it has completely put me off them. Not there is anything at all wrong with is just me being squeamish. It seems that natural sponges are actually the skeleton of the living sponge..which is an invertebrate animal!

I’m not trying to put you off buying the product at all…as I think it is really great and much softer on your little one’s skin than a synthetic sponge. It’s just I have to be honest in saying that it really freaks me out to think I’m washing my daughter with a skeleton!

I’m going to continue to use the sponge as it really does improve bath time. It is so soft and my daughter loves to use it to make foamy bubbles.
Photo showing the base of the 100% Natural Seaborne Baby Sponge
The sponge would make a lovely gift for someone with a child as it comes in the lovely little tub. It would be perfect if you are making someone up a bath time hamper for a New Baby, Birthday or Christmas gift. If you bought this and a few bottles of baby wash, shampoo etc it would make such a lovely gift. (I will be doing some reviews on Beaming Baby and Green People products in the next few weeks…so come back then and take a look). 

If you are keen on using natural products then you will love this sponge. Tippitoes say that as the sponge is extracted directly from the seabed in controlled extraction areas it doesn’t harm the environment. This is what I like to hear!

If you would like to visit the Tippitoes website please click here. If you choose to buy directly from the website then there will be a P+P charge of £3.90 on orders under £29.99. If you would like to avoid paying the delivery charges you could use their Stockist Finder and see if there is a Tippitoes stockist near you where you could go and buy the sponge instead.

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