Review of Music Bugs CD – “Five Bouncy Bunnies”

Photo of ‘Five Bouncy Bunnies’ CD from Music Bugs.

My daughter was very impressed with the ‘Five Bouncy Bunnies’ CD we were sent to review from Music Bugs.

Photo of ‘Five Bouncy Bunnies’ CD from Music Bugs.
It is a CD packed full of kid’s songs and I’m happy to say I didn’t mind listening to it myself.  We already have some kid’s music CD’s in the car which I just can’t stand to play because they are so annoying….but this isn’t one of them! I was quite happy to sing along to the songs in the car and my daughter now joins in with the singing too.

Photo of ‘Five Bouncy Bunnies’ CD from Music Bugs.
There is a nice mix of songs on the 5 Bouncy Bunnies CD. Some songs I already knew and some I didn’t.
The following songs are on the CD:-

Hello Music Bugs
Five Little Peas
Over In The Meadow
Everybody Do This
Five Currant Buns
Two Fat Gentlemen
Spider On My Toe
Five Bouncy Bunnies
Twirl Your Scarf Around
Old Macdonald
There Was A Tree
Hickory Dickory Dock
Open Shut Them
Goodbye Music Bugs
It’s hard to say which songs are our favourites as they are all really cheery and fun. I think I’d have to say ‘Over In the Meadow’ is my personal favourite and my daughter’s would be ‘5 Currant Buns’ as she likes to go ‘yum yum yum’ at the end of the song when the boy eats the currant bun.
Photo of ‘Five Bouncy Bunnies’ CD from Music Bugs.
I love the song ‘Spider On My Toe’ as it is a great action song. It is sung to the well-known tune of  ‘If you are happy and you know it’ which is good as it means that most of us will already know the tune. All we have to do is learn the words and then we have a quick song we can sing to our kids when they need to be kept entertained. Excellent!
The CD has a running time of nearly 25 minutes so it is perfect for car journeys. With holiday time coming up this is a summer must-have for the car! It will keep the children amused and allow you to focus on driving the car and not getting lost!
Photo of ‘Five Bouncy Bunnies’ CD from Music Bugs.
The CD is recommended for children aged 6 months to 4 years but I am quite sure that children of all ages will appreciate the fun and interactive songs on the CD.
The songs featured on the CD are sung regularly in the Music Bugs weekly classes and 1000’s of the children and accompanying adults who attend the classes were given the opportunity to vote for the songs to go on the CD and these ones on the disk all came out on top.  
Photo of ‘Five Bouncy Bunnies’ CD from Music Bugs.
It is lovely to see that Music Bugs have been eco-friendly and packaged the CD in a FSC certified  cardboard case and then used all vegetable based inks for all the printing.
Photo of ‘Five Bouncy Bunnies’ CD from Music Bugs.
There is a fold out leaflet which accompanies the CD and I think it is fantastic that it contains all the lyrics to the songs. As some of the songs on the CD are new to me I have found the leaflet very useful as I can learn the words to the songs. The leaflet also tells you some actions you can do with the songs which is a great way to encourage your child to join in and interact.
If you would like to buy your own copy of ‘Five Bouncy Bunnies’ then please click here.
Photo of ‘Five Bouncy Bunnies’ CD from Music Bugs.
The Music Bugs Toy Shop sells lots of CDs and toys that your children will love. You can view the full range here.
Music Bugs weekly music classes are held all over the country. If you would like to see if there is one near you please visit the ‘Classes’ section on the Music Bugs website.  If you are looking at running your own business to fit around family life then you may be interested in the Franchise opportunities that Music Bugs can offer.
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