Review of Tefal Toast’ N’ Egg in Red Stainless Steel – I Love it!!

Tefal Toast ‘N’ Egg in red stainless steel.
Photo courtesy of Tefal.

I love gadgets and the best one I have at the minute has to be the Tefal Toast ‘ N’ Egg!! I was lucky enough to receive it for review.  As you’ll know from reading my My Mummy Reviews before, I am always honest about the review products I receive … so you can rest assured I am telling the truth about the products. Well, let me tell you……. I love this Toast ‘N’ Egg from Tefal.
Photo of the box for the Tefal Toast ‘N’ Egg.
I was sent the most expensive one from the range as it is made from red stainless steel. It retails at £59.99 which is much more than I would ever normally consider paying for a toaster. The most expensive toaster I have ever bought for myself was £10 for a budget one. Obviously this Tefal Toast ‘N’ Egg isn’t just a toaster though…for your money you are also getting a built-in egg cooker / poacher and a cooked meat heating tray. The red colour looks very posh in my kitchen – all I need now is a matching kettle. Tefal sell a lovely retro style Avanti Classic kettle in red that looks like it would match.
Photo of my lovely Tefal Toast ‘N’ Egg.
My mum thinks the Red Toast ‘ N’ Egg is quite over-priced and I do agree to some extent except that I think if I could warrant buying a £60 toaster then I would definitely go out and buy one like this again. My mum might think I was being too extravagant but I think it would be worth the extra money for the convenience. I love the fact that all I have to do is put 1- 4 eggs in the cooker with the set amount of water and then press a button. In a matter of minutes I can have soft boiled , medium boiled or hard boiled eggs ready with some toast (which it cooks at the same time). I can then either choose to eat the eggs in an egg cup for breakfast or use them to make a egg sandwich for dinner. If I use the poached egg pan instead then I can have one poached egg (soft or medium) ready to have on toast for breakfast. The Toast ‘ N’ Egg only allows you to poach one egg at a time, which is a shame as I think two would be much better. One for me, one for my daughter. To overcome this I have started cracking two eggs in the pan and adjusting the amount of water I put into the steam compartment. It works perfectly and it means that me and my daughter have equivalent of one egg each for breakfast.
Photo of the measuring beaker with pin that comes
with the Tefal Toast ‘N’ Egg.
The steamer tray can be used at the same time as the poached egg pan but it cannot be used at the same time as the boiled egg tray.  It is designed to be used for cooked meats and other things that are okay to be steam heated for a few minutes. I have not yet used the steamer tray but I hope to in the future.

My sister was cracking up ( get it…eggs?! I know…I’m not funny! ) watching me show off to my mum about my new Toast ‘N’ Egg when it arrived. It was nearly midnight when I finally got round to testing it out and I prepared 4 slices of toast and 4 soft boiled eggs and I made my Mum sit and eat them with me. They were delicious and it was the first time I had eaten a soft boiled egg in an egg cup with soldiers for a long time! It brought back happy childhood memories of a dippy egg with butter. Yummy. I know nowadays you probably shouldn’t have dippy egg but there is no beating the taste.

Photo of the egg cooker tray/meat heating
 tray on the Tefal Toast ‘N’ Egg.

I have used the Toast ‘ N’ Egg every day since I received it. My favourite style of egg is probably the soft poached egg as it has a nice runny yolk perfect for on toast.

The toaster has 5 options for the amount of toasting required. I tend to have it on no 2 as I don’t like my toast too brown. I found I need to alter the number depending on the type of bread though. I used it on fruit toast the other day and that only needed to be on number 1.  The toaster has a high rise so that you can easily retrieve your toast and wide slots so you can toast anything from cliced bread through to bagels. I have only actually used it with toast and crumpets but it works fine with both. My last toaster didn’t have a high rise mechanism and so I was forever turning off the toaster and sticking things in to try and manoeuvre the toast out!! AAgh…talk about make life hard for myself! It annoyed me each and every morning along with the fact that the slots were too narrow and could hardly toast a slice of milk roll. This is probably the reason I am so delighted with the Toast ‘N’ Egg….not only do I get a brand new toaster that is easy to use…but I also get a natty little gadget to cook eggs for me and save me having to boil them on the hob or in the microwave.

Photo showing all the parts of the egg cooker / meat heater
 tray that comes with the Tefal Toast ‘N’ Egg.

There is a little plastic beaker which comes with the Toast ‘N’ Egg and this has markings all around the outside which show how much water you need for the quantity of eggs you are cooking. It is quite hard to see the markings but I prefer the raised plastic markings (like you find on a plastic jug) to printed markings as at least I know the ink will not wear off, as there isn’t any.  There is a sharp pin / spike on the bottom of the beaker which you use to prick a hole in the widest part of the egg before you boil it. I have found the best way to do this is by twisting the spike in. Every time I hold the egg in my hand to pierce it I am certain it will crack in my hand…It hasn’t done yet though. I have found that the silicone base supplied for the bottom of the beaker to cover up the pin keeps falling off so I would like it if they could improve that. As I have a young child in the house I just keep the beaker well out of her way to prevent her hurting herself on it.

Photo of the measuring beaker with pin that comes
with the Tefal Toast ‘N’ Egg.
The Toast ‘ N’ Egg allows you to cook toast at the same time as cooking eggs but I have found the best thing to do is start my eggs and then just when I think they’ll be ready I pop my toast in and hey presto , all ready at the same time. As I don’t like my toast too brown this works fine for me. I don’t like cold toast so this is the best way for me…if you like well browned toast or don’t mind your toast being slightly cooler then by all means you can pop everything in at the same time.
Photo showing the wide slots on the Tefal Toast ‘ N’ Egg.
The toaster does take up quite a lot of space and that is the only disadvantage that I can see. My old toaster was tiny and fitted in a gap between my microwave, kettle and slow cooker but now that I have the Toast ‘N’ Egg I have had to move things around to fit it in. The toaster should ideally be placed with the side pointing outwards so you can access the buttons but as I just don’t have the space in my tiny kitchen I have had to have it with the egg cooker end pointing out. This means the buttons are down the side and not visible from the front but I can still operate the toaster okay. If you are toasting something you press the lever down, if you are just cooking eggs you press the egg cook button and if you are doing both you press the ‘Toast ‘N’ Egg’ button. There is also a cancel button to get the toast out early or cancel the egg cooking. My Toast ‘ N’ Egg is situated beneath a cupboard so I have to move it slightly when in use as the egg cooker sends out a line of hot steam that hits the cupboard.  The Toast ‘N’ Egg automatically stops cooking the eggs when the water runs out… which is a good safety measure.  Using this to cook my eggs eliminates the need for me to turn on the cooker and use the hob. It is much safer around my daughter as I don’t have the worry of her pulling a pan of boiling water on her. The Toast’ N’ Egg is out of her way on the worktop and the steam rises upwards away from her.
Logo courtesy of Tefal.

I have found that the water bowl on the egg cooker is showing a lot of limescale but I’ll be honest in saying I haven’t yet tried their suggestion of white vinegar to get it off. I keep meaning to buy some to give it a go but haven’t got round to it yet. It hasn’t hindered the product working though and as the egg cooking chamber covers it no-one will see it anyway. Also please be aware that when you use the Toast ‘N’ Egg to boil eggs you may find that you get a red / rust coloured sediment in the water bowl. As far as I can work out I think it is the paint from the date stamp on the egg. It wipes off really easily but I thought I’d mention it in case you too spend ages wondering what it is …like I did.

In conclusion, I am very impressed with this Toast ‘N’ Egg – it is not a product I was aware of before receiving one for review but now that I own one I wouldn’t want to be without it. I don’t really have any suggestions for improvement except for the idea of somehow making a Toast ‘N’ Egg to poach 2 eggs and improving the fit of the silicone base on the beaker.  This Toast’ N’ Egg is a fantastic idea and something I’m sure every family would like. I can also see this being a perfect gift for a student!

As I mentioned in my review of the Tefal Actifry, my family have a tourer caravan and I think this Toast ‘N’ Egg would be ideal to use when on holiday in the tourer. It would make a simple, tasty breakfast without the need for a cooker or lots of pots and pans.

Photo showing the water bowl on the Tefal Toast ‘ N’ Egg

If you would like to see the Tefal Toast ‘N’ egg in action why not take a look at some of the videos on You Tube.

There is also a dedicated Facebook page for the Toast ‘N’ Egg fans. Why not follow the page here.

Click here to visit the Tefal website to browse the fantastic products available and then if you would like to buy your own Toast ‘N’ Egg you can do so here.  If you think that you can’t quite afford the price tag of nearly £60 for the red stainless steel one then you could always buy a black one at the bargain price of only £32.99.  Even my mum would think that is a reasonable price for a product that can make breakfasts quicker and easier. It is amazing that in around about 4 or 5 minutes you can make 4 slices of toast and 4 boiled eggs for breakfast. That is a family of 4 fed for breakfast with no fuss and most importantly with very little preparation or mess!  

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