Review of WOW Toys – Perfect Christmas Gifts.

Polly’s Pony Adventure by WOW Toys.

When I was asked if I would like to review a toy from WOW I certainly didn’t have to think twice about it! I straight away said ‘Yes Please!’ and set about picking which toy my daughter would like. The website is packed full of cute toys for kids and the best bit is that none of them require any batteries! So no need to keep buying replacement batteries at a costly price which is good for your pocket and even better for the environment. All of the toys are designed here in the UK and then made in China.  There is a step by step description of how they go about designing a WOW toy on the website. It’s very interesting to see how much thought goes into all these toys. I’d never really thought about it before.

After a long time looking through the website I picked the WOW toy called ‘Poppy’s Pony Adventure’ for my daughter to review. It features a friction-powered motorised car with engine sound, detachable trailer, girl horse rider figure, horse figure, removable fence and removable hay bale. The set can be bought from various online and high street retailers.  If you would like to view all the WOW toy stockists please click here. 
The set was nicely displayed in the box and there was a removable cardboard scene / backdrop which your child might also like to play with. My daughter loves the toy and unbelievably the first thing she said when I presented her with the toy was …’WOW!’. I couldn’t help but laugh…the team at WOW certainly got their brand name right! 🙂
Polly’s Pony Adventure by WOW Toys.
Photo courtesy of WOW.

The toy is really robust and I am very impressed with it. The only things I don’t like are the amount of fiddly wire ties used to keep the toy in the box and the WOW stickers on the outside of the car. The reason I don’t like the WOW stickers is because they are not the same shape as the area they have been stuck on and this makes them look out of place. I don’t see any reason this toy shouldn’t last for years as it is a really chunky toy that looks like it should withstand many years of a child or children playing with it….it is a shame that the side stickers will probably end up getting tatty and make the toy look old before it’s time. I would much prefer to see ‘WOW’ painted on the sides of the car instead. These are only minor complaints…overall both my daughter and I adore the set.

When I was speaking to WOW I also mentioned that if they wanted a toy more aimed at boys to be reviewed that my friend’s son would be more than willing to road-test one for them.  Well, the lovely people at WOW said yes and my friend’s son was sent a ‘Fireball Frankie’ just in time for his 2nd birthday.  
My friend has said that she thinks they toy is really great and her son really enjoys playing with it. The only thing they would have preferred to see would be a more snug fit for the driver in the car. In both of the WOW toys the space where the people fit is not the exact shape of the base of the people which means that the people move around a little when the car goes forwards. This hasn’t really posed a problem for either of the toys though. I expect the reason for the ‘driver’ space being a universal shape is so that you can mix and match the drivers from each WOW set that you buy which in itself is a good thing.
Fireball Frankie by WOW Toys
The Fireball Frankie set includes a friction-powered motorised sports car with engine sound and a driver figure. The car does not come with a trailer but it does have a magnet on the back so you could attach a trailer from one of the the other ‘WOW’ toy sets, if you like.
Fireball Frankie is available to buy on Tesco Direct for £7.99 and you they also sell Poppy’s Pony Adventure for £16.99.  I think these are quite reasonable prices for toys that are built to last.
Logo courtesy of WOW

I don’t like to say this but it is not all that long to Christmas…only 100 days to be precise! If you are looking for a fun christmas present that will last beyond Christmas day then you must look at the range of toys available from WOW.  I just adore the cute names of each set. There is Casey Camper Van, Roll-It Riley, Sidney School Bus and many more.I’m sure every kid would love one of the sets….my two little reviewers certainly think they are great.

The WOW toys are also quite unique, or at least we think so, as you push them forward to power the friction-powered motor insead of pulling them back to rev them up like on most friction-powered toys. It definitely makes it easier for the kids to play with them as they only have to push them.

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