Review of Contigo kid’s non-spill cup. It’s Leak-Proof too!

Ross over at kindly sent me a couple of Contigo 300ml non-spill kid’s cup to review as I was very intrigued about the cups when I saw them on the JoJo Maman Bebe website. I had seen that they should be not only spill-proof but leak-proof too and I wanted to check them out and road-test them.

Your child can only drink from the BPA free children’s drink bottle by pressing the ‘auto-seal’ button on the up most side of the bottle. This is why the bottles are aimed at children who are aged 4 to 12 years as they need to have big enough hands to reach round to press in the button at the same time as lifting the cup to their mouth to drink from it.

My daughter is just over 2 years old so can’t quite use the cup properly yet but she is trying really hard and does seem to love the cup. At the moment she uses 2 hands to press the button and drinks from it like that. As she gets older I am sure she will get the hang of pressing the button with one hand and then I’ll have the perfect children’s cup for her to use at home or on the move. I think the fact that she will be able to use this in the car without me worrying about her inadvertently spilling it everywhere is fantastic! 

The absolutely best bit about the cup though is the fact it is truly leak-proof…which is a miracle! I have tried out so many different kid’s cups and I have yet to find one that is actually leak-proof….apart from this Contigo one! The fact it is spill-proof is great but the fact that the bottle is also leak-proof so will not leak into your child’s school bag or your handbag is amazing! It doesn’t matter if it ends up upside down or on its side…this bottle hasn’t leaked once!

The Contigo kid’s cup uses patented auto-seal technology which means that the drink ONLY comes out when the child actively presses the ‘auto-seal’ button and sips from the cup at the same time. It is unique and so very innovative. As soon as your child takes their finger off of the button the spout automatically closes which means that the drink cannot be spilled or leak.

The cup is BPA, Phthalate and PVC free which is great news plus by re-using the cup instead of keep buying disposable plastic bottles of water you are helping to reduce waste and being eco-friendly.

The cup is very robust, has a non-slip base and is ergonomically designed so it is easy to hold.

The kid’s cup is available to buy from the popular website ‘JoJo Maman Bebe’ (You know it must be good if it’s stocked by them!) or from the Contigo Ireland online shop. You can also see if there is a stockist local to you by using their ‘where to buy’ tool on the website.

It is available in various different colours and I was sent a green one and a pink one. My daughter has kept the pink one and I was intending to give the green one to my friend’s young son except my dad saw it when I opened the parcel from and he nicked it! He said he needed it for fishing as it looked really handy and useful. Well I gave in and gave it to him and he is very impressed with it. He loves the khaki and orange colours of his cup and he is not bothered in the slightest that the version he is now using is actually meant for kids. Contigo do actually sell an adult version of their auto-seal cups and you can view the full range here.  Even celebrities have been spotted with the adult version so it’s worth you taking a look to see what you are missing out on!

I think there may be a slight variation in price depending on where you buy your Contigo kid’s cup but as an example JoJo Maman Bebe sell it for £14.00 with free delivery.
To find out more about the Contigo range of cups please visit You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

In conclusion….the cup does exactly what it says it should! It is spill-proof and leak-proof…every parent’s dream cup I should imagine!  To be honest £14.00 is more money than I would normally spend on a child’s cup, mainly in case it gets lost!…but this one really does seem to be worth the higher than usual price tag. 

 Contigo is a very fitting name for the product. In Spanish it means’ With You’ and that is where your Contigo mug should always be… WITH YOU at all times! 

*All photos in this post are courtesy of Contigo

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