Review of Dorset Cereals – ‘Good Honest Crunch’ and ‘Cereal Bars’.

Dorset Cereals Bars

The lovely people over at Dorset Cereals were really kind and sent me a fantastic selection of their products. I received 7 boxes of their cereal bars and 2 boxes of their ‘Good Honest Crunch’ cereals.

I was overwhelmed by the variety of different cereal bars that were sent to me and I couldn’t wait to try them all!. Here is a list of all the goodies that were sent to me to eat road-test:-

* The boxes of 3 were 40g bars and the boxes of 5 were 30g bars.

Dorset Cereals Bars
It was about 10 o’clock at night when I got round to opening the parcel but that didn’t stop me sitting down to eat a bowl of the Toffee and Pecan Crunch cereal with some cold milk. It was delicious and even better than I’d expected. I always loved Toffee and Pecan cereals but it has been years since I’ve bought any.  This Dorset Cereals version of the classic breakfast cereal is delicious! I would definitely buy it again but to be honest I am a bit too stingy to pay £2.99 for a 375g box. The main reason for this is I am a bit greedy and the box wouldn’t last very long!! I’d have to buy a box and have it as a once a week ‘Morning Treat’.

Toffee and Pecan Crunch
The other crunch cereal I received was the Strawberries and Raspberries one and I gave that to my dad to test out. He said it tasted very nice and he would buy it again. He also tested out some of the cereal bars for me and his favourite was the Date and Pecan bars. He loves fruit and nut things so this was right up his street.

I have a best friend who is a self-proclaimed flapjackaholic! She has reviewed flapjacks here on My Mummy Reviews before and I wouldn’t dream of not letting her review these Dorset cereal ones for me too.

I gave her one of each of the varieties and she very kindly tested one out each day for me during her lunch break. This time round she has been very professional and even written down her notes for me so I will tell you exactly what she has to say about these tasty bars….

She told me that the bars were not too big that you couldn’t eat them all at once. She said they were just the right size and described them as being…‘Small but Substantial’.  She was impressed by the contents of the bars and mentioned that if the bars had nuts in then they were very nutty and if the bars had fruit in then they were very fruity. She thought this was a massive improvement on some brands who describe their products as being ‘nutty’ or such like but then only contained a trace of that ingredient.  Her overall favourite from all of the bars was the Dark Chocolate and Macadamia. She had read the description and imagined that the bar would be a bit sickly but she was quite wrong and found it to be like a chewy version of a fruit and nut chocolate bar. YUM!

I am afraid I didn’t really have an overall favourite as I liked all of them. It was so nice to have such a wide selection of cereal bars in the cupboard to choose from. I think if I was forced to pick a favourite though it would probably have to be the pecan one, which was also my dad’s favourite.
Dorset Cereals Good Honest Crunch

My daughter really enjoyed these cereal bars and they are one of the only brands that she has liked. I have tried giving her a few different brands but she has never been too keen on these kind of bars before. They are the perfect size for me to pop one in the changing bag for her to have when she is peckish. They are also great as an emergency ‘bribe’ to get her into the pushchair. 🙂 Her favourite one was the Blackcurrant, Cherry and Raspberry bar. 

The packs of 3 cereal bars cost £2.49 and the packs of 5 cereal bars cost £2.25. Before reviewing these I would have said that was too much money for a cereal bar but now having tried them I can say that the price is about right for a quality product that is convenient, tasty and (in my opinion) fairly healthy.  The bars all contain numerous different cereals, seeds, fruits and nuts and it is lovely to have a product like that available in your local supermarket as well as online in the Dorset Cereals Shop.

Logo courtesy of Dorset Cereals

Full ingredients for all of the products can be found on the Dorset Cereals website.

You can keep up to date with all the latest news and offers from Dorset Cereals by following them on Facebook and Twitter. It is well worth checking out their blog as well.

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