Support BBC Children In Need 2011 by shopping at Build-A-Bear Workshop

It’s that time of year again everyone…No…Not Christmas! (Well, at least not quite yet!)

It’s BBC CHILDREN IN NEEDtime everyone! 

I love to get nice and cosy on the sofa on the evening of Children In Need, which this year is the 19th November 2011, and watch the entire show! I have done this for as many years as I can remember. When I was younger it was the one night I was allowed to stay up late as I could watch the programme but now I am older it is a nice excuse to take a break and put my feet up! Although I love to watch the Children In Need Eastenders Special it is just as important that I watch the videos that show how the donations will be spent. I do find it hard to watch these videos as it is so sad to see how many disadvantaged children need our help but it is a lovely feeling to see how the money we have all donated in the past has done it’s job and helped improve those children’s lives. I have done many different sponsored activities over the years to raise money for the appeal and I think the one everyone supported me on most on was the ‘Sponsored Silence!’ (No surprises there…I am such a chatterbox!)

I urge you to give whatever you can this year to Children In Need as even a small donation WILL make a huge difference to someone’s life.

For the 4th year in a row Build-A-Bear Workshop have partnered with the BBC Children In Need to help raise funds for this worthy cause. They have pledged that for every Pudsey or Blush bear sold they will donate £5 from that £15 to the BBC Children In Need.

Last year they sold over 11,500 bears and this meant they were able to give a massive £135,000 to the Charity!!!! They are hoping to raise even more money this year so if you would like to help them achieve these please pop down to your local Build-A-Bear Workshop to make your own Pudsey or Blush bear. Alternatively you can order a ready-made one online. Whichever way you choose to buy your bear the donation to Children In Need remains the same. The important bit is that you know that by buying one or two of these teddies you are donating money to a very worthwhile charity

The 38 cm Pudsey Bear and Blush Bear cost £15 each and £5 from the sale of each one is donated to Children In Need.  Pudsey is wearing his iconic ‘spotted bandage’ over one eye and he has his name embroidered on to the bottom of his foot. Blush is Pudsey’s Beary Best Friend and she has magnets in her hands so she can cover her cheeks.She has a spotty bow on her head to match Pudsey’s bandage. How sweet!
The Pudsey and Blush Bears come without an outfit but if you would prefer to buy one that is dressed in it’s own special Children In Need attire then take a look at the Pyjama Pal Pudsey,  Cool and Caring Pudsey or Polka Dot Blush.

If you already have a Bear from the Build-A-Bear Workshop and you fancy getting them a snazzy new outfit to wear for Children In Need then you might like the Pudsey T-shirt -£5, Pudsey Pyjamas – £10, Blush Polka Dot Dress – £10 and the Pudsey Slippers -£4.50.  There will be £1 donated to the Charity from the sale of each of those items.

If you click here you will be able to see where you can find your nearest Build-A-Bear Workshop.

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*All photos in this post are courtesy of Build-A-Bear Workshop.  In return for writing this post I have been offered the opportunity to visit a Build-A-Bear Workshop so my daughter can make her very own bear to treasure for years to come. I have gladly taken them up on this offer as my daughter will LOVE the experience!

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