Review Of The Ecocook 14cm Eco-Friendly Aluminium Sauce Pan

Ecocook 14cm saucepan reviewWhen I was told I would be receiving a red Ecocook saucepan to review for my blog I must admit I was thrilled.  I have recently given my kitchen a makeover and it now as red as I can get it with the exception of the pans that I have which are all stainless steel. Thus the reason I was more than happy to try out a red pan. :o) Plus the EcoCook pans were recently included by The Independent in their list of 10 Best Saucepans. It sounded like the pan would be a great addition to my kitchen.

The Ecocook saucepan is very unique as it non-stick but instead of the usual black plastic non-stick coating that you normally find in non-stick pans this one has a white ceramic-based coating. The ceramic coating does not contain PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic Acid) or PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) unlike a lot of plastic coated non-stick pans. When you read the links to the possible side-effects of those two chemicals that are presently being used in a lot of your usual black non-stick pans it does make you look at this new, eco-friendly Ecocook pan (that doesn’t contain them) in a very different way. It makes you want to try out these pans the next time you cook.

This ceramic-based coating is made from minerals and it is resistant to high temperatures which means that even if the pan should overheat, even up to 280 degrees centigrade, it should not release any unhealthy toxic fumes into the food you are cooking or even into the kitchen itself.

According to the paper wrapper that came around the saucepan, as ceramic coatings are a conductor of heat this pan should require less energy to heat up compared to a traditional plastic coated non-stick pan. That certainly sounds like a major selling point to me as we are all trying to save money on the electric bills at the moment plus it makes the pan more eco-friendly which is great news.

The pan is dishwasher safe and it can be used on the following hobs –

  • Induction
  • Electric
  • Halogen
  • Gas
  • Ceramic (This is what I have)

I have used the pan at least 5 times since I received it and I am very impressed with it! It does seem to heat up quickly and the best bit about it is the fact it is so easy to clean. I’m not kidding…it’s really easy! The photo below shows just two of the things I cooked in it. The first photo shows some carrots and potatoes being boiled and the second photo shows some chicken noodle soup I made.

I would have used the saucepan much more if it had been a bigger size. I don’t normally use my small stainless steel saucepans at all but instead I opt to use my larger pans but since I have had this pan in the house I have definitely made a conscious decision to try cooking sauces or boiling veg in a smaller pan and the main reason for this is that the Ecocook cleans so easily.

non stiick Ecocook milk saucepan review Premier housewares

The only niggle I have about the pan is that because of the weight of the handle on a small pan it doesn’t like to stand up on it’s own unless there is something in it…milk, sauce, water, etc. This isn’t a major problem as I store my pans in a cupboard but do just be aware that you need to keep hold of the pan handle when it is on the hob until you put something in it to cook.

The pan is fairly priced at approx the £10-£15ish mark but the price does vary between stockists. I like the fact that it supposedly doesn’t give off dangerous fumes into your food when the pan is heated to a high temperature and it is lovely to know that the pans are easy to wash up after you have used them. That alone makes you want to use your pans more often and cook more delicious home-made food for your family.

There is a whole range of cooking pots, pans and baking tins available in this range and I have my fingers crossed that Pam, the lovely PR lady who sent me this, can convince Premier Housewares to kindly let me test them all and review them on My Mummy Reviews. :o)

ecocook saucepan review

If you would like to purchase something from the Ecocook range then the best thing to do is to google the brand name and you will see which shops stock their range. I have found a few stockists for you all here :-

With Christmas on it’s way now is the perfect time to treat yourself to some new saucepans or you could always hint to the other half that you’d like some. You never know they might just treat you, especially when they see that you could potentially save a few pounds on the energy bills. :o)

Thanks for taking the time to read this review everyone.

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