Looking for Pregnancy Fitness Wear? Look no further than Mums2b FitWear!

maternity leggings for sport from mums2bfitwearI am quite sure that any of you mums to be out there will love to read about the company I have featured in today’s sponsored post.  The wonderful company I am talking about today is ‘Mums2b FitWear‘ which is an online maternity fitness clothing business started by Brenda Patterson.

She is a really friendly lady who is extremely passionate about her idea of making comfortable fitness clothing for pregnant ladies. She was inspired to develop her range of maternity sportswear as after chatting with lots of pregnant friends she found that everyone one of them had come to a standstill when they tried to jump the hurdle of ‘ Where can I buy pregnancy fitness clothing?‘. She found that none of her pregnant friends knew of a good place to shop for fitness clothing that would fit their pregnant bodies and this perplexed everyone as surely you would think that the shops would sell fitness clothes for pregnant ladies. It didn’t perplex Brenda, it drove her instead to solve the problem. She had always loved sport and had dreamed of designing clothes….so this challenge was just what she needed! She soon set about designing a range of sportswear for pregnant mums that is not only comfortable but stylish too.

maternity sportwear for mums to be from mums2b fitwearShe has built her brand from scratch and has tested her designs on lots of pregnant mums and now she can very proudly say that her fabulous maternity sports clothes are available for you all to buy!!! The clothes are designed and manufactured here in the UK so if you do decide to buy from Mums2b FitWear you are not only helping to support a new small business but also helping the British economy. By supporting British made clothing brands such as Mums2b Fitwear you can really help to keep the British textile industry going. We’ve all seen Mary Portas on the TV saying just how important it is to buy clothing that is made in Britain.

Brenda has designed a range of 5 different sportswear garments for mums to be and they are:-

All of the clothes are made using a unique and innovative 4 way stretch cotton-like fabric called SUPPLEX®. This fabric has extra scientifically developed properties which allows the garments to return to their un-stretched state after washing. This will mean that you won’t have the worry of your new maternity fitness clothing stretching out of shape after you have exercised whilst wearing them. That is definitely one of the last things you want! You can read more about the clothes and why Brenda started the business by visiting the About Us page on the website.

The clothes are all available in sizes 8-16 and the garments are all available in black. You can also buy the maternity vest in a vibrant cerise or cobalt blue colour and the yoga pants and below knee leggings in navy blue.

maternity sports clothes from mums2b fitwearAs I’m not pregnant I couldn’t really bag myself some of the innovative maternity clothes to road-test but if these Mums2b FitWear clothes had been around when I was pregnant I would have absolutely loved to have owned some of those super comfy yoga pants and the flattering, beautifully designed sports vest. To be honest, I’d really love it if Brenda would also start designing clothes with SUPPLEX® for all of us that are not expecting. I think we’d all love tops and trousers in our wardrobes that don’t stretch out of shape!

Brenda has told me that when she had the idea of developing this business she had just had undergone major surgery and was stuck on bed rest for 8 weeks while she recuperated. She spent this time researching the maternity fitness wear market and she found that there really was a gap in the market. I’m pleased to say it was a ‘Mums2b FitWear’ sized gap and the business now fills it very well!! Brenda held down a full-time job the whole time she was getting her business off the ground and I would just like to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to her for making such a success of her new company and for really following her dreams! She is an inspiration to me.

I urge all of you to pop over to her website to take a look at the maternity fitness clothes she sells and if you are on facebook, twitter or Google+ I would love it if you could follow her accounts on there.

If you’re reading this sponsored post and you’re not pregnant,  please please do share the news of this wonderful brand with your pregnant friends and family. I would love to see Mums2b FitWear stocked all over the world and this could easily happen if we all spread the word. I’m starting this by spreading the word to you….please can you now go and pass it on to someone you know. It won’t be long and I can foresee British Made Mums2b FitWear being stocked in all the big name Maternity stores such as Kiddicare, Mothercare, Jo Jo Maman Bebe and all the others.  I have my fingers crossed for Brenda and I am now going to go and tweet all those companies I told you about and tell them to check out her fantastic products!

sports clothing for pregnant mums from mums2 bfitwearPlease visit the Mums2b FitWear website right now….the website address you’ll be needing is www.mums2bfitwear.com. If you have any question s regards the clothing please don’t hesitate to contact Brenda using the onsite contact form, by emailing her (hello@maternity-sportswear.com) or by calling her on 0844 474 7000. She will be more than happy to help you.

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