The Sun Is Out….So It’s TRAMPOLINE Time!!!! WooHoo!! Review Of 10ft Skyhigh Plus Trampoline From Big Game Hunters

10ft sky high plus trampolineThis review is for a 10ft Skyhigh Plus trampoline and I feel awful it has taken me so long to write it up. The reason being that I was sent the trampoline in the early part of the year and because of the absolutely dreadful weather we have been having recently I wasn’t able to actually put up the trampoline until a few weekends ago. Then to top things off I have had intermittent internet so haven’t been able to publish reviews as and when I’ve wanted to. Thankfully internet is now sorted and the sun is shining. Everything is looking up! :o)

I was kindly given the opportunity to review the Skyhigh Plus trampoline by Big Game Hunters and do you know what, it absolutely made my day to receive that product review offer!!! You can’t beat being sent toys and games to review….especially trampolines…as the whole family can have fun on them!

The trampoline is massive and you do need a fairly big garden to be able to have this particular size trampoline in it. Thankfully my parents do have a big garden so the trampoline now lives there so that my daughter and their other grandchild can play on it when we all go round their house. Of course, us adults can get away with having a go on it too!! The maximum weight allowance for the trampoline is 100 kilo (16st) and it is recommended that only one person jump on the trampoline at one time. So it’s a superb way to perfect the art of patience and turn-taking. :o)

Big Game Hunters trampoline review 10ft sky high plus

The trampoline I received was the Skyhigh Plus version however there is also a Skyhigh standard version available. The Skyhigh Plus trampoline I was sent to review retails at £299.99 with a safety enclosure however I was sent a trampoline without a safety enclosure. So this means my trampoline is worth around £220 as the 10ft safety enclosure on its own retails at £79.95. Big Game Hunters don’t actually sell the 10ft Skyhigh Plus trampoline outside of a trampoline package so I’m afraid I can’t give you a link to buy just the trampoline.  I would personally say I would always recommend buying a safety enclosure though, especially if a child will be using the trampoline. So the trampoline package would be a good product to consider buying if you are looking for a new outdoor garden toy for your kids this summer.

The Skyhigh Plus trampoline is absolutely fantastic quality and I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment in recommending it to you all. Kids, teenagers and adults of all ages will love bouncing on this trampoline. It has 72 springs which is more than the average 10ft trampoline. The increased amount of springs means you get an extra bouncy trampoline for your money….that has to be good news if ever I’ve heard any! :o)

When I was younger I used to go to some trampoline lessons at high school and I still haven’t forgotten how to do front drops and seat drops. Loads of fun and good exercise too! If you do a quick google search you will soon find some instructions on how to do the various trampoline drops and bounces. One website I found that looks very useful is As the name suggests it is all about Getting Britain Bouncing! So jump to it… a trampoline from Big Game Hunters and get bouncing this summer!

review of sky high plus 10ft trampoline

The Big Game Hunters website states that they have the biggest selection of trampolines and trampoline packages in the UK so I am sure you will find just what you are looking for in their outdoor garden toy shop.

I was very pleasantly surprised to see that the trampoline wasn’t as hard to put together as I thought it would be. Me and my dad constructed it in under an hour. I would say it does really need two people to put it together though, so best to plan ahead for when you want to put it up and make sure you have someone around to help you.

big game hunters trampoline shop

Finally I would like to say a massive massive thank you to Big Game Hunters – Trampoline Shop for sending me the trampoline to review and then keep afterwards. My whole family loves it and it is played on all the time. They have been extremely patient in waiting for this review and I am very grateful to them. It is a testament to the fact they are a down-to-earth business that treats each and every customer as a person and not just as an order number.

It would be great if you could go and follow the Big Game Hunters on Facebook and Twitter. They are a very friendly bunch so please pop by and say hi to them on the social networks.




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