Please Nominate ‘Dribble Stop Tops’ For The ‘Baby London Best New Product Award 2014’

Dribble stop topHi everyone. Just a quick blog post to ask you all if you could take a moment to stop by the Baby London website and nominate ‘Dribble Stop Tops‘ for the Baby London ‘Best New Product Award 2014’. The Dribble Stop tops are baby bodysuits that keep baby’s chest dry and dribble-free. Fantastic idea!

I have just nominated them and I’d love it if you could do the same. The link you need is this …. and all you have to do is state the product name ‘Dribble Stop Tops’ and then add your email address and full name. It’s super simple!

A couple of months back Dribble Stop kindly sent me a set of their baby tops for my sister-in-law’s baby that is due soon. The review will be coming up on the blog in the not too distant future.

Thanks for supporting Dribble Stop everybody. If you like to find out more about them visit their website – . You can also follow them on twitter and Like them on facebook.

Have a fun weekend.

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