Giveaway + Review Of Mini nibnibs Cheese Straws – The Premium Baked British Nibble!

review of mininibs cheese straws from nibninsI was very pleased when I received a parcel of mininibs snacks to review from nibnibs. They produce all their snacks in their North Yorkshire bakery and wherever possible they use British ingredients, such as wheat flour from Yorkshire mills , Yorkshire water and British cheddar cheese.

I had never heard of the brand before so I didn’t know quite to expect from the cheese straw snacks. I was imagining a large flaky cheese straw cut up into tiny bits ….but that isn’t what you get. Instead what you’ll find in the tub is lots of little individual mini cheese straws (35 to be precise, at least that is what was in each of my tubs). They are quite a firm texture and have a wonderfully cheesy taste. They are completely different to any cheese straw I’ve tried before and I loved them!

My mum would have loved these Exceptional Cheedar Cheese Straws mininibs …..but I’m afraid they never got as far as being taken round her house for her to try them. Me and my daughter started to eat them and before we knew it they’d miraculously all gone!

The other mininibs snack tubs I received were the Exceptional Cheddar & Spicy Chilli Straws, the Exceptional Cheddar & Cheeky Onion and the Roasted Salt & Pepper Jumbo Peanuts.  Each of the cheese straws tubs has 65g in it but the peanuts had 70g. If you want to know where your nearest stockist of nibnibs is then take a look at this stockist locator. Alternatively, if you would prefer to get your nibnibs online then you can purchase them on the AGA Foodhall website. The cheese straws are £1.79 a pot and they even sell the bigger size packs of full size cheese straws which are £3.15 for 175g.

I know you shouldn’t play with your food…..but I couldn’t resist this ‘mininibs’ photo-opportunity!!

review of mininibs cheese straws from nibnibsI found that the cheese and onion straws were not as oniony as I’d expected from a cheese and onion snack. They did have an onion taste but not as synthetic as a lot of crisps. I think the taste was more mellow as it was a much more natural onion flavour. It could be because it is a premium snack product. I would say that because the onion flavour isn’t as strong as it sometimes can be in other snacks that these would be perfectly suitable to have out at buffets or christmas parties, etc.

The cheese and spicy chilli straws were very nice and even though I’m not normally a fan of spicy things I could happily eat these. I think my favourite has to be the plain cheddar cheese ones though…they would be great for dipping into a pot of hummus. Yum!

The jumbo peanuts were really tasty and they came packed in a foil packet inside the cardboard snack tub. If I’m honest I wasn’t expecting to like the peanuts as I don’t think I’ve ever had salt and pepper ones before but I was pleasantly surprised. They tasted like normal salted peanuts but with a tasty added extra…a little hint of pepper to add some heat. I do love pepper but until trying these peanuts I didn’t think I’d like it on my peanuts. Looks like I was wrong!

I love the branding of the nibnibs range and I think they would look fantastic in a Christmas hamper. I think the resealable cardboard tubs are a great idea….as long as you have enough willpower to actually use the lid! I don’t…. the lid never got put back on the tub…well, only when I’d finished the contents! 🙂

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