Review Of Judge Cookware Carbon Non-Stick Roasting Pan & V Rack

Judge Non-Stick Roast & V Rack reviewJust before Christmas, Judge Cookware kindly gifted my brother a Non-Stick Roasting Pan with V Rack. When it arrived my mum took a fancy to it and tried to nab it from him but was unsuccessful as it wouldn’t fit in her oven because of the handles! Sadly the metal supports that her oven shelves slot in to got in the way and the pan just wouldn’t fit. Bad news for Mum …Great news for my brother!

He was delighted to receive the Judge roasting pan as he had really wanted a new roasting pan to use….especially for his Christmas dinner which was only a matter of weeks away! He was very intrigued by the V Rack as he had never used one before. He was curious to know if it would improve the roasting of their chosen meat for their roast dinner.

This Judge Non-Stick Roasting Pan with V Rack – Model no TC192 isn’t cheap at £36.00 but for the money you are paying you are getting a top of the range roasting pan that will last you for many years. It is made to a professional standard and it even comes with the Judge 25 Year Guarantee. The Roasting Pan is amazing quality. It truly is!

Before I gave it to my brother I had a look at it myself and couldn’t quite believe how heavy it was In comparison to a cheap basic roasting tray. It’s a really top quality roasting pan and it is made to a very high standard.

The pan is made from heavy carbon steel and it has a non-stick coating . There is a stainless steel handle on each end so you can safely carry the roasting pan from the oven to the table. The removable V-rack allows the joint of meat to cook through properly and any meat juices will run into the bottom of the pan ready for you to make gravy or of course it will soak into your lovely roast spuds and vegetables you are cooking in the bottom of the pan!

Both parts of the pan are dishwasher and oven safe which is always a god-send. I do however have to say that my brother doesn’t have a dishwasher and so he washed the pan by hand on Christmas Day and he did remark to me on how easy it was to clean the pan as no sticky bits had got onto the bottom of the pan as they were all on the V-rack instead. This really impressed him as he saved on the time spent washing up.

The pan measures 35cm x 27cm x 7cm. It comes gift boxed with a care leaflet so it would make a great gift for someone you know who loves to cook. It would also be a great Wedding gift as it is affordable enough to buy , it comes in a big box so looks like a substantial gift and most importantly, it’s extremely useful!

Overall my brother is extremely impressed with his new Judge Roasting Pan and he loves the fancy V-Rack that comes with it. He cooked Roast Duck in this pan on Christmas Day and it came out really succulent. I’m afraid I don’t have any pictures for you ….probably a good thing though….I don’t want to make you hungry!

If you would like to buy the Non-Stick Roasting Pan with V Rack then you can buy it from lots of different online and high street stockists.  You can search for your local Judge stockist using the search box on the Judge website.  One online store I found that currently stocks this pan is Barnitts who currently have it available online for £36.00

Before I go I just want to show you a quick picture of 3 other Roasting Pans you might like to take a look at from the Judge Cookware collection :-

judge roasting tinsThe first tin is the Non-Stick Roast & Rack, 35x27x7cm

The second tin is the Shallow Roaster, 32x23x15cm

The third tin is the Roast & rack, 36 x 28cm

Thank you so much ‘Judge’ for sending the Roasting Pan and V-Rack to my brother. I might not tell him just yet that I’ve published the review though…. I might instead try and wangle an invite to go round for a roast dinner for ‘review purposes’ first! 🙂 Only kidding!

I have another Judge Cookware review coming up on the blog today so please keep checking back.

You can follow Judge on twitter and facebook to be kept up to date with their latest innovations and promotions.

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