Review Of Peppa Tino 100% Organic Cotton Rabbit Comforter For Babies From Bebe Loco

Review Of Peppa Tino 100% Organic Cotton Rabbit Comforter For Babies From Bebe LocoMy sister was sent a new gift for ‘bump’ yesterday. It is a really sweet and adorable Peppa Tino Rabbit Comforter from Bebe Loco. The comforter is made of 100% organic cotton terry towelling and it is made by a Fairtrade company called ‘Peppa’.

It has floppy ears and lovely hand stitched features. The head of the rabbit is stuffed with 100% sheep wool so it will absorb smells easily. This is so that when the baby cuddles it the comforter will always provide the reassurance of familiar scents. I would say that because of this it would be a great idea for my sister to keep the rabbit teddy close to her for a week or so before the birth so that when my new niece or nephew is born the scents on the Peppa Tino Rabbit comforter will reassure her new little baby that mummy is close by.

My sister was sent the Stone / Brown version of the Peppa Tino Rabbit Comforter but it is also available in a Yellow / Blue colourway. My sister loves the colour she was sent as we don’t yet know whether she is expecting a boy or a girl and the Stone/Brown version is unisex. I do also think that the yellow/blue one would work well for either a boy or a girl but the stone natural colours are what my sister has in the baby’s nursery so it fits in well with the colour scheme. 🙂

The Peppa Tino rabbit can be machine washed which I think is one of the most important things. If your baby is going to be cuddling this comforter you want to know you can get it scrupulously clean if it needs washing because it has got dirty.

The comforter is £11.99 but if you are a new customer to Bebe Loco you will get 10% off your order if you use discount code 2222 …. so you could possibly get this for just £10.80. 🙂

Delivery within mainland UK is £2.95 on orders under £30 but on orders of over £30 the postage is free.

Bebe Loco don’t only sell the Peppa Tino Rabbit Comforters they also sell the Peppa Mila Cat Comforter. Plus they stock Peppa Comfort Buddies in lots of different designs (which are designed to be attached to a dummy so you can easily find the dummy if it is dropped) , Peppa Cuddly Woodland Friends (beautiful vibrantly coloured crochet toys) and a Peppa Forest Pramstring (a crochet string of toys to attach to baby’s pram).

You can see a photo collage below which shows all the Peppa products that they stock…..

Review Of Peppa Tino 100% Organic Cotton Rabbit Comforter For Babies From Bebe LocoI absolutely love the look of the Felix Fox teddy….he’s so cute! Just look at his adorable face! The Peppa Cuddly Woodland Friends are £24.99 each and Bebe Loco have the following designs available :- Felix Fox, Quincy Squirrel and Rita Rabbit. These too have lambswool in their heads so they hold on to familiar scents and can comfort your child when they need reassurance.

The Peppa Comfort Buddies are a great idea! They are made out of 100% organic terry cloth and they too are Fairtrade (as are all the other Peppa products).  The Comfort Buddies are are a practical accessory that attaches easily to your baby’s dummy using the loop and the reason for this is that when your baby drops their dummy you will easily be able to find it because it is attached to the vibrantly coloured comforter. I so wish I’d had one of these when my little girl was a baby! If I’d have know about them back then I would have definitely picked either the Red Bird or Felix Fox one. Another thing I would have bought that Bebe Loco sell would have been the Pigeon Organics red polka dot baby romper suit…oh, it is so gorgeous!

Review Of Peppa Tino 100% Organic Cotton Rabbit Comforter For Babies From Bebe LocoIt has been lovely to have this opportunity to review the Peppa Tino Rabbit Comforter for Bebe Loco. I am so happy they sent my sister this lovely gift…she absolutely loves it and can’t wait for her new baby to get to hold it in their little hands. Just look at the lovely photo above that shows a little baby holding a Peppa Tino…not too long and that will be my niece or nephew holding one. 🙂

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