Review Of Beanies Coffee Stashbox. Instant Flavoured Coffee Selection Box!

beanies coffee stashbox reviewMy dad was so happy when he received this wonderful instant Flavour Coffee Stashbox to review from Beanies.

The Beanies Stashbox contains  9 x 50g jars of freeze dried instant flavour coffee and costs £22.50 with free delivery.

Here are the flavours of coffee that he received in this wonderful coffee gift set :-

  • Amaretto Almond instant Flavour Coffee
  • Irish Cream Instant Flavour Coffee
  • Cinder Toffee Instant Flavour Coffee
  • Gingerbread Instant Flavour Coffee
  • Very Vanilla Instant Flavour Coffee
  • Nutty Hazelnut Instant Flavour Coffee
  • Chocolate Orange Instant Flavour Coffee
  • Double Chocolate Instant Flavour Coffee
  • Mint Chocolate Instant Flavour Coffee

We all love the presentation of this Coffee Stashbox – it has been well thought out as there is a little hole in the cardboard wall behind each coffee jar so you can poke the jar out once you have removed the box from the presentation slip which goes around the box.

Beanies Instant Coffee say that they ‘infuse’ their instant coffee granules with flavouring rather than ‘coating’ them in flavoring which they say other coffee producers do. This means that because the granules are infused with flavour you will find that the flavour of the coffee remains throughout the whole time you are drinking your cup of coffee.

beanies coffee

It is recommended that you store your jars of coffee in a cool dry place and with the lid on tight. After you have opened a jar and broken the foil seal it is recommended that you use that jar up within 12 weeks.

Each of the 50g jars should make approximately 25 cups of coffee. If you prefer to have your drink a bit stronger you just need to add a bit more of the offee granules to your cup when you make the drink.

Even though the Beanies Flavour Coffees have a flavour to them they don’t actually contain any sugar or any derivatives such as dextrose, fructose and lactose or artificial sweeteners or syrups.

When making up some of the flavours of coffee I found that I did need to add some sugar or sweetener to my drink because I like a sweet cup of coffee but if you didn’t want to then your cup of flavoured coffee would only contain 2 calories!

My whole family have tried drinks for my dad’s Beanies Stashbox but my mum loved the Irish Cream one so he didn’t get many cups out of that jar! 🙂 I did ask him to pick a favourite flavour but he liked most of them so he couldn’t really pick a favourite!

I think this Coffee Gift Set would be a fantastic gift set for any coffee lover as it gives them a huge selection  of coffees to choose from.

You can buy it here —> for £22.50 with free UK delivery.

If you would just prefer to buy an individual jar of flavour coffee then they are all available on the Beanies website for £2.50 a jar.

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