Review Of Yummy Garlic Pesto & Garlic Dressings From The Garlic Farm

The Garlic Farm reviewLast year I was sent a selection of 4 of The Garlic Farm products to road-test for a review. The Garlic Farm is in the Isle Of Wight and it is a family run business that has been growing garlic for over 40 years. They are the UK’s specialist in all things Garlic! They know everything there is to know about garlic and I could spend all day reading the Garlic Recipes on their website.

Now down to the review….

I absolutely LOVED the Luxury Garlic & Basil Pesto they sent me. It was a rich , oily pesto and it had a fantastic kick of garlic to it. I enjoyed the pesto on some fresh pasta and tortellina that I had bought from my local supermarket and once I had opened the jar I kept it in the fridge (it can be kept in the fridge for up to 4 weeks after opening).  In the photo below, you can see the picture of one of the delicious meals I made using the pesto.  It was a very decadent pesto and completely different to the jars you get in the supermarket. It costs £6.95 for the jar and it is available to buy here. Here is the description of it from the website :-

A luxury basil and garlic pesto with generous amounts of roughly crushed pine nuts and Parmesan cheese. Add some serious class to your favourite pizza with a few dollops before putting in the oven. Also great with new potatoes or as an extravagant dip

The Garlic Farm reviewI gave the Luxury Black Garlic Pesto to a member of my family when they came to visit as they were rather taken by the sound if it. Once they had tried it out they told me that they loved the taste of it! They thought it really lived up to it’s name of ‘luxury’ pesto and they liked that because of the Black Garlic it was not the ‘usual’ kind of pesto that you can buy it the supermarket…it was something a bit different!  The description of it from The Garlic Farm website reads as follows :-

With black garlic taking the world of gourmet cuisine by storm this luxury pesto is a great example of what all the fuss is about. A high quality pesto with basil, pine nuts and parmesan cheese blended with black garlic for a truly exquisite taste experience. Quite simply this has to be tasted to be fully appreciated.

The Garlic Farm reviewThe Pesto & Garlic Dressing was delicious and it tasted divine on salad. I’ve never been much of a salad fan but with a glug of this garlicky basil pesto dressing on it I soon ate my greens! 🙂

The dressing comes in a big swing top glass bottle and it looks very ‘posh’ standing on your dining table along side the other condiments such as salad cream and mayo. The bottle costs £7.95 and the description for it is as follows :- A gourmet blend of Italian flavours to give your salad classic Latino style. Delicious drizzled over seasonal vegetables, or a warm Winter salad.               The Garlic Farm reviewThe other item I was sent to review was the Chilli and Garlic dressing. This too is £7.95 a bottle and it is described like this :- Great for enlivening salads, pastas and fish dishes, this is an outstanding gourmet dressing with a real garlic and chilli kick.

I did try a bit of this and I thought it was nice …but I am not really a chilli fan (except for sweet chiili products. The Sweet Chilli Sauce with Garlic would have probably been more my cup of tea). My brother however is! He was first in line to review this dressing but when it arrived my cousin was staying for a visit and she too wanted to road-test the dressing so it ended up that my brother had half a bottle to use and my cousin had the rest. They both really enjoyed the dressing and used it for dipping chips in, putting on salad and as a general chilli ‘sauce’ in burgers, etc. Neither of them had heard of The Garlic Farm before but after reviewing the dressing I think it is quite certain they will seek out their products to buy in the future.

I highly recommend these Garlic Dressings and Pestos and I think they would be a lovely treat to buy as a gift for a foodie friend for a Birthday. They would also make an ideal Father’s Day gift if your dad loves loves to cook or if he likes to add chilli to his meals.

You can browse the full range of The Garlic Farm product by visiting their website.  I was lucky enough to review for them in August 2012 as well. You can see my review by clicking the link –

Review of Oak Smoked Garlic, Garlic Mayonnaise and Onion Marmalade with Garlic from The Garlic Farm


I am a big fan of The Garlic Farm and all their food not only looks and sounds delicious but it tastes amazing as well. Take my word for it! 🙂

You can follow them on twitter and facebook plus they have a You Tube channel as well.

The Garlic Farm review

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