Review Of BikyBiky Cycle Vest For Kids. It Helps Them To Ride Their Bike Without Stabilisers!

bikybiky cycle vestTeaching a child to ride a bike causes a lot of trouble to an adult’s back as they have to constantly stoop over to support the child’s weight on the bike when the big step of ‘removing the stabilisers’ has been taken.

Learning to ride a bike is a childhood milestone that all kids want to reach but I think it is one that adults wish could be a bit easier! Not only does it hurt an adult’s back having to run alongside the child on their bike whilst trying to support them and hold up their weight to keep them balanced but it is also nerve-wracking for kids when they discover that if they don’t master the art of bike riding straight away then they may just fall off and hurt themselves. Ouch! This can then put them off wanting to continue to learn to ride their bike.

There is however an innovative solution….BikyBiky Cycle Vest For Kids! It is a slightly padded waistcoat that velcros around a child’s torso and it has a simple handle on the back. This allows the child to feel secure but most importantly it allows the adult to maintain a straight back and hold on to the handle on the back of the BikyBiky vest as the child tries to ride along. bikybiky cycle vestI was gifted one of the BikyBiky cycle vests to feature on my blog and I am very impressed with the quality of the product. It has been really well made, it looks like it would be extremely secure when your child has it on and because it is vibrantly coloured with a character logo on it I am sure it will be very appealing to kids and will encourage them to want to wear it.

I love the fact that the vest comes on a cardboard hanger that has a pop-out certificate on the back that you can give to your child when they have mastered the art of riding their bike with no stabilisers. Kid’s love being rewarded for their achievements and I think it is nice to be able to give them a certificate as they can then take it in to nursery or school for ‘Show & Tell’ and they can show friends and family.

I couldn’t review the BikyBiky vest with my daughter as it was too small for her. This is because the vest is designed for kids that are aged between 2 and 5 years old. It would have fitted her around her torso because of the generous amount of adjustment that can be achieved with the velcro fastening and the plastic buckle clasp but  sadly the armholes were too small and there wasn’t enough width across the back.  As I said though, this is because it is aimed at younger bike riders than my 6 year old daughter, it’s not a sizing problem with the vest.   I would love to see these BikyBiky vests made in a bigger size as well as I am sure there is a market for them.

bikybiky cycle vest reviewI have given the BikyBiky vest , that I was sent for review, to a relative’s child as they got their first bike for Christmas. I’m certain the vest will come in very useful…for both the child and the adult.  🙂

The BikyBiky #LearnToRide cycle vest can safely hold weight up to 50kg or 7 1/2 stone. This means that if your child weighs up to this amount then they can safely be supported when they are riding their bike or lifted up from the ground if they have fell off their bike using the handle on the back of the vest.

BikyBiky is a well-established brand and has been tried & tested by thousands of parents on the European continent for the last 10 years. It was designed in the cycling nation that is Holland!  BikyBiky has been endorsed by the Road Safety Campaign in the Netherlands “Veilig Verkeer Nederland” and the Dutch equivalent of the UK’s Automobile Association – “ANWB”

The vest is currently available in 4 different colours – Blue,  Pink, Purple (Limited Edition) and Green (Limited Edition). They current price is £21.95 as they are on sale but usually they have an RRP of £24.95. Shipping is free! I think the vest is good value for money when you consider that it could speed up the time it takes your child to learn to ride their bike and also it can help protect the adult’s back from the strain of being continually stooped over supporting the child on their bike.

Here is the Product Description of the BikyBiky vest , taken from their website :-

  • Ergonomic design with comfort padding and soft to touch materials
  • Safety tested to hold up to 50kg / 7½ stone
  • Age 2 to 7 years – size 98 – 128cm
  • Two secure fastenings: velcro and safety clip
  • Endorsed by Dutch Road Safety Campaign “Veilig Verkeer Nederland”
  • “Push-out” Success Certificate included
  • Recyclable Cardboard hanger with full instructions
  • Machine washable at 30°C
  • Patented Design
  • Guaranteed lots of cycling fun
Weight 450 g
Dimensions 47 x 32 x 4 cm
Safe use Only to be used under the competent supervision of an adult ensuring both safety closures are securely fastened
Caution Keep away from fire

bikybiky bike reviewAccording to the FAQs section of their website it is also possible to use the BikyBiky vest for other different activities, not just cycling. They have heard of customers using the vest to support their child whilst roller skating, skate boarding, pony riding , skiing and scooting!

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To purchase a BikyBiky vest please click here. The company has great feedback from happy customers and you can read them all here –>

I urge you to have a read through this glowing review of the BikyBiky cycle vest from the Mrs Mumsie blog.

bikybiky cycle vest

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