Review & Giveaway Of ‘Super Lucky Secrets – The Ultimate Compers Handbook’ Written By Competition Queen, Di Coke.

review of super lucky secrets bookI was so pleased to be offered the chance to receive Di Coke’s ‘Super Lucky Secrets – The Ultimate Compers Handbook‘ for free so I could review it on my blog (Plus I have a copy to give away! More details at the end of this post). It is absolutely packed full of Di’s useful comping tips and advice! The book is worth £14.99 and is well worth the money as it is full of Di’s personal insights into the world of comping and how you can best go about becoming a comper. It is a real opportunity to be able to purchase a book that is so jam-packed with Di’s first hand knowledge of how best to find and enter competitions.

I am a very keen comper but don’t really have much spare time to enter competitions. When I’m not working (I’m a freelance social media manager and blogger) or home-educating my daughter ( This is not as hard work as it sounds and you certainly don’t need to be a qualified teacher to do this. I’m not! It’s just loads of fun and it means I get to spend lots of time with my lovely daughter) you can find me on here reviewing products that I have been sent to road-test for my blog (I absolutely love my polka dot corner of the web!). I’m a busy bee and don’t really get that much time to spend just looking for competitions to enter and that is why when I found Super Lucky Di’s competition website a few years ago it was an absolute blessing! To then be able to have her book to read through as well means that I can equip myself with lots of ‘how to win’knowledge so that I have the best chance of being able to enter competitions in the hope of winning. Yes there is a element of luck needed to win a competition but not all that much luck is required to win a low entry competition where only a handful of people entered! You can find out how to discover Low Entry Competitions here –

review of super lucky secrets bookDi’s website has so much information on it and it is all really well written and displayed in an easy-to-read format. She shows comping for what it isLots Of FUN!  I regularly post my blog competitions on her website as she has a monthly linky that bloggers can visit to post links to their competitions on. This is great for me as a blogger as I can promote my giveaways to people that want to enter but fantastic for you as a comper as you have a dedicated page to visit that lists LOADS of easy-to-enter blog competitions. Here is the page :-

So let me get to the ‘Super Lucky Secrets‘ book and my thoughts. Well, as you have already gathered there is a ton of important information in this book! Di has so much experience in the comping world – thus why she is known as ‘Super Lucky Di’ and the ‘Competition Queen’ and it is very apparent that she knows what she is talking about when you read through this book.

review of super lucky secrets bookThe handbook gives ‘100 tips for winning competitions, contests and sweepstakes‘ and the book is divided up into 9 sections. They are as follows:- The Basics, Get Organised, Tips For Finding Competitions, Tips For Entering Competitions, Tips For Winning Competitions, Tools Of The Trade, Finding Your Wins, Tips For Staying Motivate and finally Don’t Even Think About It!  Each section has a varying number of tips in it. These are not just 1 line tips such as ‘Find competitions on the web’ – instead they are very comprehensive tips with as much info as Di can think to write. She has not skimped when it comes to giving away her Super Lucky Secrets – she is sharing as much as she can with us all!

The paperback book I received has 195 pages and is well worth the price tag of £14.99 as it is an invaluable resource for anyone that wishes to find out more about comping. The book is also available as an ebook and that is £9.99. The ebook can be downloaded either as a Kindle file, ePub file or as a PDF. I am pleased I have the paperback book though as it means I can pick it up and read a bit and then come back to it later and read some more plus I can lend it to others if I wish.  I do have an e-reader now but I am still a big fan of a real life books that I can keep on my bookcase!

review of super lucky secrets book

Click this photo to be taken to the ‘Buy Now’ page for this book

I’m not going to spoil the book for you by telling you the tips but I do highly recommend the book for anyone that has an interest in trying to win prizes by entering competitions.

Di Coke has won over £250,000 of prizes since she started entering competitions so I think we should all take good notice of her tips on how to win. 🙂

If you would like to purchase the book please visit the SuperLucky website to place your order.

As I mentioned earlier, Di has kindly agreed that one lucky reader can win a copy of her ‘Super Lucky Secrets’ book! She is also willing to post the book Worldwide which is fantastic news if you don’t happen to live in the UK.  The giveaway ends at 11.59pm on the 7th March 2016.  If you would like to enter the competition please enter via the gleam app which you can see below.  Best of luck!

Before I go, may I just give you the links to Di’s social media accounts. You will find them very interesting as she constantly posts / RTs / Shares competitions!

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328 thoughts on “Review & Giveaway Of ‘Super Lucky Secrets – The Ultimate Compers Handbook’ Written By Competition Queen, Di Coke.

  1. Denielle Nicol

    The biggest prize I won was a holiday to Mauritius but couldn’t go due to health reasons which was kinda heart breaking. I’d actually say my best win is my latest win of £100 worth of garden centre vouchers as I’ve been wanting to make over by balcony for a few years now and now I’m actually gonna be able 2 do it basically for free 🙂 . I appreciate all my wins.Theres so much stuff I wouldn’t be able to have if it wasn’t for comping

  2. Beverley Whitby

    the best thing I won was a complete football kit for my son and his full football team, from @Hungry Joes , their kit was almost on the verge of falling apart x

  3. Sheila Shepheard

    I have won a few things but the best was a holiday to New York from Muller Light yoghurts. Could do with Di’s advice though as I’m sure I’m missing out on lots of great competitions.

    1. Louise Tring

      Best thing I have one was a hamper from Phillip Kingsley- which I kept some and gave some as presents at Christmas to my family

  4. Megan Kinsey

    The best thing I’ve ever won in a competition was a ZTE Blade S6 smart phone. My phone was on its last legs, the camera didn’t work, the whole thing was painfully slow to use and something had gone wrong with the storage so I couldn’t use any more apps. So it came at a perfect time! I’d never heard of ZTE before but I absolutely love the phone. I feel a lot more connected now!

  5. Natasha Mairs

    I would love to win this!! I started comper last July and It’s nor my favourite hobby. The best thing I have won is a tablet and also £50 cash. The most useful thing I won was a box of tea bags, I love a nice cuppa

  6. Amanda Jaggard

    The best thing I have won in a comp was an£100 tesco voucher one Christmas. We had little money left for treats after buying everybody’s Christmas gifts and this meant we could have some lovely treats for us including a bottle of baileys for my fiancé.

  7. Tracy K Nixon

    It isn’t the most valuable prize I have won but it is a prize I have use all the time now and I really enjoy using it amd all my family benifit from it too – my digital slow cooker!

  8. Claire Farley

    Best win in 2 and a half years was a iPhone6 – absolutely brilliant but found out a week after I’d upgraded!

  9. Sarah Lees

    I have won £3000 with Take A Break and a bike each for my 3 girls worth over £1300 but my BEST win was in January – 4 tickets to Disney on Ice – Silver Anniversary Tour. My girls get to go up on stage and meet Ariel then take a ride around with Ariel and Friends! We go in May, this is my best win just for how special the day will be, we couldn’t afford for them to have that experience. Also, I loved Disney as a child and it’s carried on with having children so this is like a childhood dream of mine – meeting Princesses!!

  10. Jessg

    Great! Just discovered the book today and have added it to my amazon wish list! Would be great if I actually won it 🙂 Xx

  11. Susan Smith

    Best thing i have won on a competition was a petrol lawn mower, we wanted one for ages, but just couldnt afford it, so i was so excited when i won one.

  12. Emma walters

    one of my first wins was a week in lanzarote, we loved every minute and something we could never afford otherwise x

  13. Gemma Holland

    I won tickets to a film premiere with an overnight stay included which was brilliant, so different to anything I’d normally do

  14. Sarah Thomas

    I started ‘comping’ last year and stumbled across Di’s blog and Facebook group. My best win so far was in a travel photography competition on Twitter when I bagged a prepaid credit card to spend on accommodation through a villa rental website (worth 10,000 euros!). Despite this very lucky win, I still have a lot to learn so would love to get some more tips from this book to keep my hobby successful – thanks

  15. Clare W

    I won a cottage holiday with Mumsnet last year. The place we went was beautiful and we had an amazing time in a year we wouldn’t otherwise have had a holiday.

  16. Debbie Hoare

    The best thing I ever won was a weeks all inclusive holiday in St Lucia but that was some time ago and currently going through a dry spell so Di’s book could be the inspiration that I need!

  17. Jane Berrow

    £10,000 to spend at MFI. I spent it on sanitary ware and fitted wardrobes which made our house considerably better to live in for the next 12 years. It was a wonderful and timely win.

  18. Michelle Cooper

    Have only recently started comping so only won a t-shirt on the walkers crisps promotion. But was really chuffed to win that 🙂

    1. Vicky Online

      Yup, I’ve got a couple of those. Am trying to be gracious (and I’m genuinely pleased), but I want the footballs!

  19. Karen Richards

    A day trip on the Northern Belle(one off my wish list) is probably my best prize as it was a lovely experience. Pity it rained though.