Review Of Santa Cruz Summertime Shaggy Rug in Crushed Strawberry From The Rug Seller. It Is So Shimmery And Sumptuous!

Santa Cruz Summertime Shaggy Rug in Crushed Strawberry from The Rug SellerI am totally smitten with my new lounge rug! It was gifted to me by The Rug Seller so I could feature it on my blog and I am completely in love with it!

I chose the rug from their site as it was the perfect colour to match with my lounge colour scheme – pinks, mauve and lilacs. I have some beautiful floral ‘Clarissa’ curtains that I bought from Argos about 6 months or so ago and I envisaged the rug matching perfectly….guess what…it did!  Yay! ( If you wish to buy some curtains like mine then they are currently available on Argos on ebay. The links are as follows :- 90 x 90 inches , 66 x 90 inches and 66 x 72 inches. )

The rug I chose to receive for review was the Santa Cruz Summertime Shaggy Rug in Crushed Strawberry (what a fab name!). The lovely team at The Rug Seller quickly got the rug dispatched to me by UPS delivery and the delivery process went very smoothly. Cannot fault them one bit! The rug was wrapped up really carefully in plastic wrapping and the team have been a real pleasure to correspond with. 🙂

The rug that I chose was 120cm x 170cm and it costs £84.95 and I know I received it for free, for which I am completely thankful to The Rug Seller for being so kind, but I kid you not this rug is worth every penny! It is so luxurious and sumptuous. The shimmery soft pile is 62mm long and it a rug that you just HAVE to stand on with bare feet as it is so cosy!

Santa Cruz Summertime Shaggy Rug in Crushed Strawberry from The Rug SellerI had intended to have my small Ikea coffee table on the rug, as I had on my last one, but there is no chance this is happening as my daughter loves to sit on the new rug to watch TV, read books and play with her toys. She refuses to share her comfy rug space with the coffee table and I don’t blame her in the slightest! I have demanded there is room in the corner of the rug for my feet though! 😀

I cannot praise this Santa Cruz rug highly enough, I really can’t! It is a feature piece that people cannot help but admire as it is so shimmery and luxurious.  I think this will stay looking in good condition over time because the depth of the rug pile means that any little marks are not immediately noticeable.

Santa Cruz Summertime Shaggy Rug in Crushed Strawberry from The Rug SellerThe molting from the rug has been quite minimal especially when you consider the length of the pile and the fact that the rug is so very generously filled with fibres. I really did think it would shed more fibres than it has!  The best bit is that the rug fibres it has released have been easy enough to pick up by hand and can easily be hoovered up, if desired. A rug I used to have a few years back was made from 100% wool and although it looked lovely the rug just never stopped losing fluff on the floor and it had to be hoovered up – not picked up. It got rather annoying in the end!

I have hoovered my rug a few times and it handles it really well which is great as it means I can use the power of the hoover to make sure the rug is nice and clean. 🙂

There isn’t too much else I can say about my lovely new rug apart from it genuinely is fantastic and I highly recommend it to you all. It is a dusky muted pale pink hue and it looks great with the pinks and purples in my room plus it also looks nice with the grey faux fur cushions that I have (see photo above).

To purchase the Santa Cruz Summertime Shaggy Rug in Crushed Strawberry please click this link.

This particular rug is also available in sizes 80 x 150cm (£44.95) and 160cm x 230cm (£154.95). I believe it can also be ordered in custom sizes.  Other colors it can be bought in are as follows :- Beige Mix , Ivory, Black, Brown Black, Green, Purple, Grey Mix, Red, Ginger Mix, Mauve and Rainbow.

You can see all the Santa Cruz Summertime Rug colours in the collage photo below –>

Santa Cruz Summertime Shaggy Rugs from The Rug SellerBefore I go I would like to ask you all to pop over and follow The Rug Seller on social media. They can be found on the following networks – You Tube, Facebook , Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+. They also write a blog.

If you are looking for a new rug for your home then you are bound to find what you are looking for in their online rug shop. They stock so many different rugs by all sorts of brands and designers. Here a few examples of their Rug Style Categories –  Traditional Rugs, Hall Runners and Modern Rugs. It says on their website that they sell over 20,000 alluring styles of rug on their website!

2 thoughts on “Review Of Santa Cruz Summertime Shaggy Rug in Crushed Strawberry From The Rug Seller. It Is So Shimmery And Sumptuous!

  1. Sarah

    Great feature, we are delighted that you are pleased with your choice of rug. The Santa Cruz collection is also one of our favorite choices.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Sarah, I am more than pleased with my rug….. I adore it! I love it! I want to stand on it all day long and never move as it is so cosy underfoot! 😀 I highly recommend it and am so happy you kindly sent it to me for review. Thanks so much. Best wishes, Kim


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