Review Of Delicious Gnaw Chocolate – Made In Norfolk!

gnaw chocolate reviewIf you are in need of a chocolatey treat may I suggest you head on over to Gnaw Chocolate as the chocolate they sell is amazing! 🙂

I was a very lucky lady as I was sent a huge selection of their products to feature on my blog and my daughter felt like Christmas had come early when all these scrummy Gnaw goodies arrived in the post!

Gnaw chocolateWe were sent the following Gnaw chocolate products to try out :-

Gnaw Mini Bar Custom Bundle – 5 x 50g Bars – £7.50

Peanut Butter — Belgian Milk Chocolate blended with ground and chopped peanut ,

Salted Caramel — Caramel flavour Belgian  milk chocolate with Maldon sea salt

Strawberry + Vanilla — Belgian white chocolate with strawberry pieces and vanilla extract

Orange Zest — Belgian dark chocolate with candied orange pieces

Toffee Apple — Belgian Milk Chocolate with crushed caramel and apple pieces

Gnaw Build A Bar Bundle – 5 x 100g Bars – £13.00

Chilli & Lime — Chilli & Lime flavoured Dark Chocolate

Rocky Road — Milk Chocolate with a fudge and marshmallow topping

Peanut Butter — Milk Chocolate blended with ground and chopped peanuts

Lemon Meringue — Cocoa butter based yellow confectionery with lemon flavouring and meringue topping

Banoffee Pie — Cocoa butter based yellow confectionery with banana flavouring layered with caramel flavour milk chocolate

100g bar of Gnaw Chocolate

Mint Choc Chip — Cocoa butter based green confectionery with mint flavouring and dark chocolate chips

2 x 50g Hot Choc Shot – ‘Hot Chocolate Stirrers’

Milk Choc Hot Choc Shot –  Milk Hot Choc Shot — Milk Chocolate shot on a stick with marshmallows

Caramel Hot Choc Shot  –  Caramel Hot Chocolate Shot — Caramel flavour milk chocolate shot on a stick with marshmallows

150g Bag of Caramel Chocolate Buttons – Caramel flavour milk chocolate buttons

Gnaw chocolateI halved the wonderful Gnaw chocolate collection and gave some of the products to my sister and then kept the other half for me and my daughter to eat.

I haven’t tried all of the chocolate flavours myself as my sister was given some of them – but the ones that I tried I really loved! My absolute favourites are the Lemon Meringue bar, the Caramel Chocolate Buttons and the Strawberry and Vanilla mini bar.

This is such lovely chocolate and the branding really adds to the appeal as it is very enticing!

Gnaw is a Norfolk based business and they are located in Norwich. They have been going since 2011 and they are rather well know in the Norfolk area. 🙂 Think it is because we are all so proud to have the fab Gnaw chocolate made in Gnawfolk!

I am a regular visitor to the The Theatre Royal Norwich and you are able to buy the Gnaw chocolate bars and buttons at the confectionery stand during the interval.

If you would like to purchase some Gnaw chocolate online please visit If you would prefer to purchase it in a local store please get in touch with Gnaw on to find out where your nearest Gnaw stockist is.

Yes it is more money to purchase the Gnaw chocolate than your cheap standard bar but it is well worth the money you pay for it! The flavours are really tasty and they are forever thinking up new flavour combinations! I highly recommend. 😀

A BIG thank you goes out to Gnaw for gifting me such a wonderfully tasty array of chocolate!

Please pop over and follow them on social media. You can find them on Facebook and Twitter.


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  1. Keith Palmer

    I had the pleasure of trying your Coffee +Mint chocolate yesterday, purchased at the Dowerin Field Day in Western Australia. Could you please put me in touch with a retail distributor in Western Australia? Thanking you in anticipation.


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