Christmas Gifts For Men : Review Of A Dude Coffee and Smoke Gift Box. The Aqua Box – Coffee, Chocolate, Wood Chips & BBQ Rub!

dude-coffee-and-smokeChristmas is on the horizon and you may have just about started your Christmas shopping. If you are on the look out for gifts for men then may I recommend a Dude Coffee and Smoke Gift Box from

I was recently sent a complimentary Dude Coffee and Smoke Aqua Boxand a packet of their new Chocolate Brownie Mix to review on my blog and as I knew my brother would love the set I gave it to him so I could hear his thoughts on it….. plus I knew I’d earn big sister brownie points! Pun intended! 🙂

Here is the description of the box –

The aqua box includes our Colombian Suarez coffee. This single origin coffee is naturally sweet with caramel.

The box contains:

  • 250g of cafetiere ground Colombian Suarez coffee.
  • 100g of amazing small batch artisan 70% dark chocolate topped with a load of mixed nuts
  • 40g pouch of Dude Coffee and Smoke BBQ rub. Give your BBQ or kitchen cooking an extra BBQ style depth with this rub seasoning featuring single origin coffee
  • 60g bag of whiskey oak and apple smoking wood to give your BBQ cooking an authentic smoke flavour
  • Coffee tasting notes card
  • BBQ Chicken recipe card. A simple recipe that makes amazing use of our rub and the choice of smoking wood
  • All packaged in a wooden crate
  • Everything in the box is made by local, independent producers.

The brownie mix is part of their new Brownie Gift Box – Aqua Box which is exactly the same set as above apart from it doesn’t have the wood chips but instead has the packet of their Ultimate Brownie Mix.

My brother was very impressed with the gift set and he thinks it would make an ideal Christmas gift for any man that loves to drink Coffee, eat Chocolate or cook on the BBQ. You don’t have to be a man to enjoy those things – so if you know a lady that would appreciate this gift then go ahead and get it for her.

dude-coffee-and-smoke-reviewMy brother likes that the products come packaged in the little reusable wooden crate as he can use that in his kitchen to store/display things in on a shelf. He loves the flavour of the coffee and as he is an avid coffee fan that must mean it is good! 🙂 I don’t drink that much coffee myself – only sometimes – but I can tell you now that the Dude Coffee smells amazing! As soon as the parcel arrived in the post I could smell the coffee through the cellophane and it was a real freshly ground coffee smell. If I’d have had a cafetiere I would have been extremely tempted to ‘road-test’ the coffee myself! You’ll be pleased to know I didn’t though – my brother received his gift set with the cellophane packaging intact! I will most definitely be nipping round to his for a coffee though so I can try it out! 🙂

He hasn’t yet been able to use the wood chips  as he hasn’t lit the BBQ since receiving the set for review – but when he next fires up the BBQ the wood chips will be going straight on so that they give his BBQ food a lovely authentic smoky flavour!

The chocolate looks delicious and my brother said that it tasted as good as it looks! Bet he didn’t share it!

dude-coffee-smoke-gift-set-reviewThe BBQ rub is perfect for using on food that will be cooked in the kitchen or on the BBQ. My brother has already used some of this in the chocolate brownie mix that they sent him. I was not convinced that he should dare to put BBQ rub in a chocolate brownie mix but he did it, ,as advised on the recipe, and he said it was fantastic!  He said it gave the brownies a real depth of flavour because of the coffee and spices in the rub. Both him and his two children loved them. His wife wasn’t as keen but I’m sure that didn’t bother him as that meant there was more for him!  The traybake tin in the picture is one I bought him to make the brownies in and it is £1 from Poundland. It measures measuring 26.5cm x 21.5cm x 4.5cm and as you can see the brownie mix they supply you with is enough to make a tray full of brownies. (Please note – The brownie mix only comes in the Brownie Aqua Box – not the regular ‘Aqua box’ – he was just sent it as an extra so he could try it out for them).

brownie-gift-boxIt’s never hard to buy for my brother as I know he loves foodie gifts but it can sometimes be hard to find unusual gifts that he can’t just buy on the high street himself. I love that the Dude Coffee and Smoke boxes are full of great quality products that my brother will want to eat, drink and use. I know that he enjoyed trying out the products to see what they are like and the fact that he also gets to keep the little wooden crate afterwards is a bonus!

My brother doesn’t really use social media but if the man who you are buying one of these gift boxes for is a fan of Facebook or likes to tweet then they will be really pleased that they can get in touch with the Dude Coffee and Smoke brand on social media. They can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and You Tube.

The Aqua Box is £20.00.

The ‘Brownie Aqua Box’ is one of their newest boxes to become available on their site and it is £21.00.

There is a flat rate postage fee of £2.99 within the UK.   

They also have a few other gift boxes to choose from. There is the Purple Box (£20), the Brownie Purple Box (£21) , the Red Decaf Box (£20) and the Brownie Red Decaf Box (£21). The differences between these and the set my brother received are the type of wood smoking chips, the type of coffee and the type of chocolate. This photo shows the other available sets :-


*Huge thanks to Dude Coffee and Smoke for sending my brother this gift set to review. He really loved it!




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