EcoEgg Have A Crazy Offer For You For Small Business Saturday UK! Get 50% Off Everything For 24 hours Only!

EcoEgg OfferEcoEgg have asked me to let you all know that today they are celebrating Small Business Saturday UK (#SmallBizSatUK – 3rd Dec 16) by having a CrAzY 50% Off Sale on their website….and it will only be live for 24 hours!! The code you need is tellafriend – this will give you 50% off everything. All they ask in return is you spread the word to one other person. 🙂

Their big sale is in aid of Small Business Saturday, the UK’s initiative to get us shopping at smaller retailers rather than in larger high street stores.

Even though EcoEgg products are now on sale in over 30 countries worldwide, they are still classed as a small business and they would like to encourage you to give an Ecoegg product as a gift this Christmas or , of course, stock up yourselves. ?

ecoegg-productsIf you haven’t yet heard of EcoEgg and are wondering what it is they sell then please let me introduce you to EcoEgg- the brand that can save you lots of money from your household budget each year. They sell many products but the one that they are probably best known for is their fantastic money-saving EcoEgg Laundry egg that you use in the washing machine instead of your normal washing powder.

The Laundry Egg is an eco-friendly, hypoallergenic alternative to washing powder and it is very cost effective. It is a reusable egg that you fill with a mixture of mineral and tourmaline pellets. This pellet mix acts as a natural detergent when put in the washing machine with your dirty clothes.

EcoEggI have reviewed the EcoEgg products on my blog numerous times over the years and even after writing and publishing the reviews my whole family still continue to use the products!! There is me, my mum, my sister and my sister-in-law that currently use the Eco-Egg now and I also use the Concentrated Antibacterial Cleaner which miraculously makes me enjoy cleaning as it works so well! (Never thought I’d see the day that I enjoyed cleaning! 😀 )

ecoegg-picHere are the links to the past reviews I have written –

The first EcoEgg review I wrote all the way back in March 2015 when they sent one to my Mum to try out –

The review from when I first got to try out the Eco-Egg myself –

The review from when my sister-in-law started using the Eco-Egg –

Review of Concentrated Fabric Conditioner, Washing Machine Detox Tablets and Eco Stain Remover –

Review of their Concentrated antibacterial cleaner – This stuff is amazing! –

Here’s my post about their Small Business Saturday (2015) sale last year –

I recommend you take advantage of this year’s code tellafriend and do what I did last year and order the 720 wash Laundry Eggs. Each one is normally £19.99 but with the sale each one was just £10.00 each! A 720 wash Laundry Egg should last for about 3 years! Imagine how much money you can save by not buying laundry detergent for 3 years!! I ordered 2 of these sets so that my mum and I could all stock up on the laundry pellets plus it enabled me to give one of the eco-eggs (with some pellets) to my sister to use for her laundry. 🙂

EcoEgg awardsThe EcoEgg CRAZY 50% SALE will be the biggest promotion they have had all year so it is best to stock up on their products now while the offer is on. Remember – the offer ends at midnight tonight!

Visit to place your order this Small Business Saturday! 🙂

*In return for me letting you, my lovely blog readers, know about this special offer EcoEgg kindly offered to gift me something from their site as a little thank you for . 🙂  As I stocked up on EcoEgg laundry pellets last Small Business Saturday I am going to be asking for my gift to be a bottle of their Concentrated Antibacterial Cleaner as it is such a good product!




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