Review Of Chocolate at Home – Bumblebee Chocolate Lolly Making Kit From

Bumblebee Lollipop making kitLook at these beautiful Bumblebee Chocolate Lollipops!

My 8yr old daughter made these herself (with a bit of help from nanny) using the Chocolate at Home ‘Bumblebee Chocolate Lolly Making Kit’ from

As they say, “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” and I think the photo above speaks for itself – these chocolate lollies not only looked stunning but tasted delicious! I can tell you now that I was lucky to get a photo of these before they were all eaten – it was a race against time! They tasted THAT good!

We actually made this kit the very same day that it arrived in the post. The reason being that my Mum was babysitting my daughter that night and I thought it would be a nice activity for them to do together…..I was right! They both had a lovely time making these lollies and they have assured me it was so simple to do.

They basically just had to melt the milk chocolate buttons in the microwave, stir the melted chocolate, spoon it onto the ‘Magic BumbleBee Transfer Paper’ , add a lollipop stick to each of the 8 circles of melted chocolate and then put them in the fridge to cool down. Once the chocolate had set they could then peel the chocolate lollipop away from the transfer paper and magically one side of each chocolate lollipop was adorned with a cute bumblebee design! Chocolate Making Magic! bumblebee lollipop

The kit costs £9.99 and it would be an ideal gift for a child of any age (if they are very young they will need more adult help but they can still get involved with the lollipop making) or it would even be a great gift for a teenager or adult! You are never too old for chocolate!

Another thing this kit would be fantastic for is as an activity at a birthday party as each child can make their own chocolate lolly. When they have set they can then each put a lolly into the enclosed cellophane presentation bags and take it home in their party bags.

We highly recommend this kit as a birthday or Christmas gift as it is simple, contains everything you need to make it (don’t you love it when a gift can actually be used the same day without loads of preparation or buying of additional extras!), the lollies are a decent size and most importantly, the chocolate is actually delicious! I thought it would be that horrible cooking chocolate that you get and when my daughter offered me my lollipop to eat I was about to go ‘Yum!  Lovely!’ while secretly thinking ‘Yuck! Eugh!’….but there was no need! The chocolate was sooo tasty!  Thank you Chocolate at Home!

You can order your Bumblebee Chocolate Lolly Making Kit from  Just go to

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