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Disclosure Policy Regarding Reviews, Affiliate Links and Sponsored / Collaborative Posts

As a mum to my little girl I know that I’d love to buy almost all the kid’s products I see advertised. The problem I find is that you never know whether something is worth the money or actually does what it says …until you’ve bought it and it is too late! I shall mainly be road testing products aimed at parents and children. However, if a product comes along that appeals to me and I think will interest my readers then I’ll review that too.  I shall always give my 100% honest opinion and give you the low down on the good and bad points I encounter whilst testing the products.I will always state whether the product I am reviewing has been bought by myself with my own money or supplied free of charge from a company. I will never let the fact that I have received a product for free alter my views.

Affiliate Link Policy

As this blog is self-hosted I have monthly fees to pay for it’s upkeep so I have decided to have some affiliate links on my website to try and create some income.  Whenever affiliate links have been used in a blog post I will disclose this by writing ‘This post contains some affiliate links’.

Sometimes I will have adverts in my sidebar that contain affiliate links. I am disclosing here that some of them may contain affiliate links or that they have been paid for by a sponsor. I don’t have anywhere to write this on the adverts so I am writing it here on my disclosure page instead.

What Is A Sponsored Feature Or Collaborative Post?

A sponsored feature means that I have been paid to write about a particular product, brand or company. This fee varies from post to post but it is to cover the cost of my time involved in planning, researching and writing the post.  Sometimes I have not been paid to write the post but instead have been offered a product in return. If I have been sent an item free of charge to review I will say so and if I have been paid I will write the words ‘Sponsored Post’ , ‘Sponsored Feature’ ,’Collaborative Post’  or ‘written in collaboration with…’ at the end of the blog post.

I am always completely honest in what I write and just because I have been paid to write about something doesn’t mean that I let anyone tell me what to say. I just write about the product, service or website etc exactly in my own words in my usual down-to-earth style. I like it that way. :o)

I always maintain that ‘Honesty is the best policy’ and that is why I would never dream of not disclosing that the post I have written is a sponsored one or not mentioning that the item I’m reviewing was sent to me free of charge. I pride myself on always blogging with integrity.

One of my main reasons for writing sponsored posts is because there are lots of fabulous websites out there that I’d love to highlight to you all but in some instances I just don’t require an item to review from their site. A great example of this is that I wrote a sponsored post about polka dot maternity gowns from The Pretty Company but as I was not pregnant when I wrote the post there was no point being sent a maternity gown to review (however much I loved the look of the polka dot gowns!) Thus I decided to write a sponsored feature about the company instead so that my time is compensated but all of you, my wonderful readers, still get the opportunity to read all about the company and fantastic things they sell.

Back in 2012 I made the decision to start self-hosting my blog and that means that there are hosting fees to be paid and a domain name that I have to pay to renew each year. Any money that I make goes towards paying these fees. If there is any extra money left over I try my best to spend it wisely …..on anything POLKA DOT!!! :o)

Please visit this page – http://www.mymummyreviews.com/sponsored-features/list-of-all-sponsored-features/ – to see a list of all the sponsored features I have written on my blog.

If you would be interested in me writing a paid sponsored post about your company, please email me at kim@mymummyreviews.com.

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