Premature Baby Record Book-Starting Life In NICU.

I have just been browsing the web and I have found a website called Tiny Little Baby that sells baby record books for parents of premature babies. The book is called ‘Starting Life In NICU – A Baby Record Book Of Milestones’.

The book is £12.99 with £3.99 postage and for each book sold they will donate some money to a charity that helps support families with children who need special care.

This record book has really caught my attention as I think it would make a wonderfully thoughtful gift for a new mum or dad of a premature baby.

According to the website the book covers things like My First day, NICU Firsts and Follow-Up Appointments.  After watching the video of the book on their site I can see the book also has pages on My ….Day (you write which day), Milestones, TeethingSpecial Events and Going Home.

The book comes in a handy oversized box that you can store your baby keepsakes in.

I have not seen or tested this product but I just wanted to post a link so that you could have a look if it interests you. I have loads of record books for my daughter as I love the idea of having a book of memories for her when she is older. I think it is great that if you are in the position to need it, you can now have one that covers your child’s time in NICU.

Please click here to visit the Tiny Little Baby Website.

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