Review of a small keepsake box from Anne Taylor Designs

When Anne from Anne Taylor Designs kindly offered to send me a personalised keepsake box to review I was thrilled.  I asked Anne if the box could be embellished with ta name of my choice and she did this for me, as requested. The box arrived in under a week and I was very impressed with the item. The box I ordered was a small keepsake box that measures 10.5 x 8 x 5.5 cm and sells for £17.99.   The price point means that this personalised item is an affordable gift that will really make someone’s day.
This size box would be ideal as a gift for a new baby. It is just the right size that the new parents could keep things in it like the new baby’s hospital tags, lock of hair, small photo, etc. It would also make a perfect present for a Christening or Naming day, Birthday or Christmas. Any child, teenager or adult would love to receive one of these boxes as it is such a personal gift. It is one of those luxury items that everyone would love but would probably never treat themselves to. 
I feel that if you bought this gift for a young child it would last a lifetime. It would become one of their treasured possessions that will grow with them. When they are small the box could be used to store keepsakes and then as they get older it could be used to store jewellery, pocket money or little treasures. The box has a pretty paper sticker on the bottom saying ‘Anne Taylor Designs’ …personally I would prefer to see this painted on as I think the paper label may get scruffy over time, which would be such a shame. Knowing what my daughter is like she would want to play with the box and then when she inevitably spills her drink over it, like she does most things, I wouldn’t want the label on the box to be affected.

The lift-off lid of the box is embellished with a pretty pink check type design, the name and pictures of a rabbit, a duck and a sheep. The box itself is decorated around all the sides with the same designs as the lid. All of the designs are hand painted and Anne will happily make custom pieces to your size, colour and design specifications. When you look at the box you can tell that a lot of time has gone in to making the box look so beautiful. The box is well worth the money as it is a special item that will be loved for many years.

The website also sells keepsake boxes in the following sizes :-
Medium Box with a lift-off lid – 19 x 15 x 11cm    £45.00
Large hinged box – 30 x 24 x 20cm – £75.00

Extra large hinged box – 40 x 33 x 30cm  – £100.00

The prices do seem quite expensive but for the fact that you are getting a hand-painted item that could potentially be a family heirloom ….they are worth it! I think the bigger boxes would make wonderful Wedding gifts as the newly married couple could keep lots of the important things from their day in it, like cards, photos and decorations etc.

Here are some photos of the larger sized boxes. The photos have been kindly supplied by Anne Taylor Designs.

Anne also sells other hand painted children’s items including photo frames, pegs, plaques and custom painted furniture. She has a lovely selection of pegs and key racks with dog designs on and the monogrammed boxes she sells would make wonderful gifts to celebrate an anniversary as they can have a date on the side.
Please take a look at Anne’s website as she has a lovely selection of items and with Christmas just around the corner they would make great gifts.

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