Review of Snuguns thumbless mittens.

Hi everyone.

Snuguns! You have probably seen them advertised before but if you haven’t yet got round to buying some…I recommend you do.

I was kindly sent a pair of Pink Snuguns thumbless mittens to review and I’m ever so pleased to say they are great.  They retail at £9.99 and if you buy them at you get free super saver delivery. The other places that you can buy them from are and
They are designed to be worn by tots aged 6 – 36 months and they are so easy to get on your little one as they are thumbless. They have an elasticated section that keep the mittens on your little one’s hands and that makes them nice and snug and also very difficult for your child to remove them. Perfect! My daughter is at that age when she just will not keep normal gloves on …  so these are wonderful as she hasn’t managed to pull them off …Yet!

The Snuguns are made of 42% Merino Wool, 42% Acrylic, 12% Nylon (Polyamide) and 4% Elastane. According to the Snuguns site the Merino wool keeps the warm air in and your little ones hands stay nice and toastie warm. The inside is soft and reminds me of a pair of sports socks because of the little loops of wool. I have taken a photo of the inside for you , so you can see what I mean. They are available in a lovely array of colours. You can buy them in red, green, yellow, purple,orange, turquoise, dark pink, light pink, brown, light blue, navy and black. Luckily they posted me some dark pink ones because if they hadn’t it would have taken me forever to decide which colour to pick!

These have silicone dots on both sides of the hand part to help the child to be able to grip things whilst wearing them and these seem to do just that. My daughter had hers on whilst in the pushchair and managed to hold her beaker of juice too. The only problem is that she couldn’t eat her snacks with them on so they had to be removed for that.  As the dots are on both sides it doesn’t matter which way round you put them on.  I haven’t attempted to wash them yet as they are not really dirty but I can’t foresee there being any problems. They can be hand washed or machine washed at no higher than 30ºC.

Another good thing about these is that there are no bulky seams on the hand part to irritate your child. The elasticated section of the mittens can be either worn over or under the sleeves of a coat. I found it quite difficult to get them on under a couple of my daughter’s coats as the cuffs on the coat were so small but on wide cuffed coats I didn’t have any problems. I found it was easier to put the snuguns on first and then the coat on afterwards. She also wore them over the cuffs a few times but they do look a little bulky like that so I do prefer her to wear them under the sleeves.

I have just looked at the Snuguns site and it seems you can also buy a pair of ‘Bugs’ Snuguns! They are the same as the other Snuguns except that they are available in a cute Ladybird or Bumble Bee design. They have a different silicone grip design and they retail at £11.99.

Overall I highly recommend these Snuguns to you as they make life that little easier. I know that you can buy normal mittens quite cheaply but these can’t really be compared as these are quite unique and actually patent pending. I probably would never have gone out and bought a pair of these for £9.99 as they seem quite expensive but now that I know how good they are I would definitely buy some more and I have recommended them to all my friends.   I also think these would make a great gift as they come nicely packaged and they are the kind of winter essential that every child needs. I just hope they make some for adults in the future as they look so cosy for your fingers in all this cold snowy weather.

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