Review of Caboodle Fun and Funky Changing Bag

Photo showing one of the two end pockets
of the Caboodle Fun and Funky Changing Bag

Hi everyone, I was lucky enough to be sent a Caboodle Fun and Funky Changing Bag to test out and review.  The bag is nice and spacious and I had no problems filling it up with all my stuff to test it out.

Photo showing the Caboodle Fun and Funky Changing Bag

The Fun and Funky changing bag is made from Canvas and I was sent the Charcoal Stripe with Lemon trim. The bag is also available in another 6 different designs.  You can buy it in Spots – Cream/Green/Blue, Spots – Cream/Red/Blue, Stripes – Navy/White/Green, Red/Grey/Black Spot, Grey/Black Spot and Yellow/Grey/Black Spot.
Photo showing the studs on the base of
the Caboodle Fun and Funky Changing Bag
The bags are sold for £35.00 but at the time of writing this (Feb 2011) there is a an offer on the Stripes – Navy/White/Green bag and the Spots – Cream/Green/Blue bag and they are being sold for £20.00 at the moment. Bargain!
Photo showing the inside pockets of the Caboodle

 Fun and Funky Changing Bag

I do feel the bags are quite expensive at £35.00 but that is about the same price as most changing bags available to buy. You can buy some changing bags for about £70 and more so that makes these seem affordable.


Photo showing the inside pockets of the Caboodle
 Fun and Funky Changing Bag

The Caboodle bags are made to a high standard and the materials used are of an excellent quality. They are worth the £35.00 as you are getting a bag that will last you years and even when you no longer need a changing bag you will still be able to use the bag as an overnight bag or for your holidays.

Photo showing the inside base of the 

Caboodle Fun and Funky Changing Bag

 The bag is crammed full with pockets which is fantastic. If you take a look at the photos I have taken lots of shots so you can see them all. On the outside of the bag there is a deep flap pocket on each end which fastens with a press stud. These pockets are very useful for all sorts of toddler snacks and muslins.

On the inside of the bag there is a set of 3 elasticated pockets on one side and on the opposite side is a zippered pocket with a small pocket for your phone inside it. On one end of the inside of the bag is another elasticated pocket and on the other end is no pocket but instead a velcro strip ready to attach your insulated bottle bag to it. These pockets are useful for separating all your baby essentials…like nappies, wipes, dummies, toys, etc.

Photo showing the changing mat supplied
with the Caboodle Fun and Funky Changing Bag

The bag comes complete with a wipe clean padded changing mat, insulated bottle bag and a plastic zip up ‘grubby stuff’ bag. The changing mat is really padded and much better than the one I had in my original changing bag when my daughter was little. The zip up bottle bag is insulated and it will hold one baby bottle. It is a fantastic idea that it velcros into the bag as it then keeps the bottle upright which is great as you then don’t have the worry of it leaking everywhere. The ‘grubby stuff’ bag is a zip up clear plastic pouch and I found it a really handy place to store my daughter’s reins and nappy bags, etc. I think is designed to be used for wet bibs and things like that.


  Photo showing the plastic wallet and insulated bottle bag
    supplied with the Caboodle Fun and Funky Changing Bag

The bag is hard wearing and has a lots of room inside to put all your baby/toddler paraphernalia.
The strap is adjustable so that you can either wear it with the strap long so it goes over your body or you can have the handle short so it goes over the handles of your pushchair. I love the fact that the strap goes long enough to have it worn crossed over your body as when you are trying to carry your child, your changing bag and your handbag to the car…whilst trying to lock the door without putting the child down…you really do run out of hands!! The fact you can have the bag slung over your body really does help.
The bag also has two grab handles which is good if you want to carry your bag in your hands and not use it over the pushchair handles. The straps are made of a webbing material.

The zip on the bag is really chunky and easy to use. The zip opens from both ends so that you can close it in the middle if you want. This is really useful if you have your bag crammed full with stuff and the zip doesn’t quite want to meet. You can zip it up from each end and have the zip left open in the middle to allow for the excess contents to poke out…like the handle of an umbrella or a book, etc.  


Photo showing the velcro for the bottle bag on the
 inside of the Caboodle Fun and Funky Changing Bag

 The bag is lined with a wipe clean ‘Caboodle’ lining which is good for peace of mind. The bag can stand up on it ‘s own when empty due to the sturdy removable base which is also wipe clean. The exterior base has 4 studs on it to help prevent the bottom of the bag getting grubby when you rest it on the floor.

Photo showing the ‘Caboodle’ logo on the
Caboodle Fun and Funky Changing Bag

The front of the bag has a ‘Caboodle’ logo which adds to the stylish appearance of the bag.

Photo showing the Caboodle
Fun and Funky Changing Bag

Photo showing the inside pockets of the Caboodle

Fun and Funky Changing Bag

  When I first received the bag I wasn’t very keen on the stripes at all. I am not really a stripes fan. I’m much more of a Polka Dot fan- which you can tell by reading my blog.Polka dots can be seen everywhere! But..and there is a but…the stripes really did grow on me. I think it was the combination of the lemon trim with the bold stripes that made the bag look really modern and expensive looking. The bag reminds me of something you would find in a Boden catalogue and as I love Boden this has gone towards making me love the stripes. If I was to choose my favourite Fun and Funky bag then it would be the Red/Grey/Black Spots design as I love the retro feel of the dotty pattern.

The Caboodle bags were first designed by Ruth Kirby-Smith almost 23 years ago and she is still designing and selling them to this day. The name ‘Caboodle’ Bags came about when she followed a car on the motorway which was loaded up with mum, dad, kids and luggage…and she thought to herself ‘Gosh, they are taking the whole Caboodle!  She then went ahead and called her bags ‘Caboodle Bags’ as they too would fit the whole caboodle in. She was quite right! Her bags are very spacious and I have managed to fit in everything I need for my daughter for a day out. Changing mat, bottle, carton of baby milk, nappies, wipes, spare clothes, bibs, snacks and much more! I must admit I do go a bit over the top with the contents of my changing bag and take so much out with me …just in case I need it.
Ruth is a very friendly lady and I’m sure if you have any questions about her bags she would be happy to help you. The contact telephone number for Caboodle Bags is 0844 504 1986 or you can send an email via the website.
Logo courtesy of Caboodle Bags
If you order on the website there is a £4.00 postage and packing charge on top of the price of the bag you buy. Caboodle not only sell the Fun and Funky Changing Bag but they also sell the Active changing bag, the EveryDay changing bag (Click here to see my review) and the Classic Changing bag. Another product which Ruth sells is the Welly Bag which is a bag designed to store your welly boots in.
If you would like to visit the Caboodle Bags website please click here.

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