Review of Jazzy Toes socks – Original Collection – Girl’s ‘Sneakers’ Design

Photo showing the collection of Girl’s ‘Sneaker’
design Jazzy Toes socks.
I was kindly sent a  pack of Jazzy Toes socks by Posy Tots Ltd who are the UK distributor for Jazzy Toes.  The slogan for Jazzy Toes is ‘Cool Socks For Cool Babies’ and they are not wrong!  The designs are really lovely and there is such a wide variety to choose from. I was sent the a girly pack from the Original Collection called  ‘Sneakers’ in age 12-24 months. I was really excited about receiving these for my daughter as I think the idea of socks with shoe designs on is really great. I will admit I was disappointed when they arrived as there was no chance that these socks would fit her. They were far too small and the elastic too tight.  Luckily my sister-in-law really liked the look of the socks so I gave them to her to test out and review with my niece who is 10 months old.  

Photo showing the Box for
Jazzy Toes Girl’s design ‘Sneakers’

Jazzy Toes socks all come in a lovely ready-to-mail gift box (except for the bamboo collection) and each pair of socks has non-skid grips on the sole and elastic ankles. They are available in sizes 0-12 months and sizes 12-24 months. On the website it states ‘The sizing of Jazzy Toes is more generous and truly fits babies from 0-24 months. Other brands claim that their size fits 0-12 months, when in reality, fits only babies up to 4 months old.’. I must say, going from my experience, that I do not agree with the statement that the socks are generously sized. As I said earlier the socks in size 12-24 months did not fit my daughter who was 18 months when I received them. This might not be the case for you though…you may find the sizing perfect for your child. It could even be that it is just the Sneaker design that comes up smaller or something like that.  
Photo showing the ‘Ready-To-Mail’ Gift Box of the Jazzy Toes socks.
The designs available for Boys are Sandals, Wingtips, Sneakers, Cowboy Boots, Loafers and Deck Shoes. The designs available for Girls are Sandals, Spectators, Sneakers, Cowgirl Boots, Loafers, and Bright Mary Janes, T-Strap Mary Janes and Mary Janes
The Jazzy Toes socks also come in Variety Boxes where you get 6 different designs in one box, Bamboo Collection (lots of lovely designs here! My favourite is the red Mary Janes design.) and in Flip Flop Designs …complete with cute painted toe nails!  There is lots of choice and I’m sure there is a design to suit everyone’s taste.
Photo showing the Original Collection girl’s
‘Sneaker’ design Jazzy Toes Socks
The socks in the Original Collection retail at £15.99 for 6 pairs. This does seem really expensive for some kid’s socks but you are paying for the quality and the unique designs. I cannot imagine ever paying that much for some socks myself but I do think they are worth the money as the quality is very good and I love the fact that they are adorned with such adorable designs. It is such a shame I had a problem with the sizing though. These would make a wonderful gift for a child – either as a new baby gift or as a birthday or Christmas present.

My sister-in-law has said that she thinks they are worth the money when you work out that it makes each pair of socks just over £3. She said she probably wouldn’t pay £15.99 and buy a whole set but she would consider buying a couple of pairs. She says that by the time her little one is walking and wearing shoes she wouldn’t need a set of 6 but only a couple of pairs for her to wear in the house.  (Please note that the only Jazzy Toes that you can currently buy individually are the socks in the Bamboo Collection.)
Photo showing the Non Skid Soles of the Jazzy Toes ‘Sneaker’ socks.
My sister-in-law says that the socks have been washed loads of times and come up as good as new after each wash. She has found the 12-24 months socks fit her 10 month old daughter well but she is not convinced that she will manage to keep her in them until 24 months as she thinks they will get too tight on her leg by then.
Posy Tots also sell Mary Jane Tights which are little girl’s tights with gorgeous lacy ruffles on the bottom. I have not actually seen a pair of these tights to give you a review on them but they look good from the photo on the site. They are available in 6 – 12 months and 12-24 months and they sell for £11.99 a pair.
In conclusion, these socks are really unique and they are the kind of item that when people see your little one wearing them they will want to know where you got them! These would make a perfect gift and if you bought a collection that comes in a ready-to-mail gift box all you have to do is write on the address and add a stamp and you can pop the gift in the post. This saves on excess packaging which is always better for the environment. These socks will be useful for your little one when they are learning to walk as the non-skid soles will help to stop them slipping over.
If you would like to visit the Posy Tots site please click here.

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