Review of a bouquet from Interflora.

Photo of the Vibrant Hand-Tied Bouquet with
luxury chocolates from Interflora.

A couple of weeks ago I was given the opportunity to review Interflora and I couldn’t think of anyone who would appreciate a big bouquet of flowers more than my lovely Mum. She had not been feeling well at the time and I knew these flowers would really cheer her up.

Photo of the Vibrant Hand-Tied Bouquet with
luxury chocolates from Interflora

It took me ages to pick out which bouquet to send to her. There is so much choice on the website.  I knew she liked mixed bouquets and I knew that she would appreciate a little box of choccies with it too! Who wouldn’t? 🙂   This narrowed down my options…only slightly though. There was still lots of bouquets with chocs to choose from.

Photo of the Vibrant Hand-Tied Bouquet with
luxury chocolates from Interflora
  In the end, after lots of deliberating I decided on the Vibrant Hand-tied with Chocolates for £39.95. I thought this bouquet was most suited to my Mum and I knew she would love the bright colours. My personal favourite though ,(the one I’d most like to receive) is the Me to You Sweet Scented Hand-tied with Chocolates and Tatty Teddy. I love the fact that you get flowers, chocolates and a keepsake Tatty Teddy.
If you have a special occasion like a birthday or celebration coming up I would highly recommend a bouquet from Interflora as an ideal gift. There really is a bouquet to suit everyone’s taste and if you don’t fancy sending flowers you could always choose something else from their selection of gifts. I like the look of the Biscuiteers Shoe Box (you get 10 shoe-shaped, iced chocolate biscuits in a presentation shoes design tin with a mug embellished with a shoe motif) and the Personalised Love Heart Cupcakes (Nine iced Cupcakes in a luxury gift box with ribbon tie. 4 of the cakes are vanilla flavour and 5 of them are chocolate. They will be personalised with your choice of message).
My Mum’s flowers were delivered by the florists themselves but some of the bouquets, flowers and gifts on the Interflora site are delivered by Courier or Post. It tells you in the item description on the website which delivery method will be used. Interflora offers a wide range of delivery services and this includes some bouquets that can be ordered for Same Day Delivery (as long as you order by 3pm Monday-Saturday) and Next Day Delivery


The Vibrant Hand-tied Bouquet with Chocolates that I ordered for Mum was so beautiful. They arrived in the afternoon on March 15th and my Mum was delighted with them. I had included a little personalised note telling her how special she is and saying to get well soon. I think it is great that the personalised note can be added free of charge. It is a finishing touch like this which really makes the bouquet extra special. The card can then be kept as a keepsake for years to come.


Photo of the luxury chocolates that came with the
Vibrant Hand-Tied Bouquet from Interflora
The flowers came wrapped in a pink and white striped cellophane with a pale yellow organza bow tied around it. The bouquet of hand-tied flowers was delivered in a water bubble to help keep the flowers fresh. You are supposed to carefully remove the flowers from the bubble of water and put them in vase with the enclosed flower feed…but my Mum couldn’t bring herself to remove them from the packaging! She didn’t want to spoil their beauty by taking them out of the quintessential bouquet wrapping.
Photo of the luxury chocolates that came with the
Vibrant Hand-Tied Bouquet from Interflora
The box of chocolates that came with the bouquet weighed 105g and came in a luxury gift wrapped box. The ‘Maison Fougère’ chocolate box had 12 chocolates in it and the varieties were chocolate fudge cake, crispy praline, lemon meringue pie, simply chocolate and vanilla latte. They looked expensive in their box and even more importantly…they tasted lovely. My mum loves lemon meringue pie so she ate them ones first!
Photo showing the water bubble that the bouquet came in.

The flowers are still alive at the time of writing this and it has now been 14 days since they were delivered. Approx half of the flowers are alive and the rest are past their best. Even so, they still take pride of place on the kitchen table and my Mum still thinks they still look beautiful.

Here is a photo of the flowers that I took on Sunday when they were 12 days old:-

Photo showing the Vibrant Hand-Tied bouquet from Interflora – 12 days after delivery.
If they had been removed from the water bubble and been given the flower food they would probably look even better now, 14 days on. Please remember that the water has NOT been replaced on this bouquet of flowers (photo above) neither has the flower food been added. Considering this, I think the bouquet looks remarkably good for being nearly 2 weeks old. After this photo was taken my Mum removed the dead flowers and rearranged the remaining ones in a vase.


Here is the description and photo of the Vibrant Hand-tied bouquet with Chocolates taken from the Interflora site:-
There is a real sense of celebration about this flamboyant hand-tied bouquet. With such a rich mix of bright colours and so many favourite flowers, there’s certainly plenty to enjoy. It’s got a really tropical feel, making this one of our most eye-catching gifts.

Featuring orange large-headed roses, alstroemeria and Asiatic lilies, green carnations, pink spray chrysanthemums, pink germinis and pittosporum, finished with gift wrap and ribbon.

This is a Gift Set
Photo courtesy of

Now, up until looking at the photo on the Interflora site again I hadn’t realised that the bouquet that arrived with my Mum looked quite different from the one in the photo on the website. The bouquet my mum received was not as vibrant as the one on the site. This is because the orange roses had been replaced with yellow ones, the orange alstroemeria had been replaced with pink ones, the orange asiatic lilies had been replaced with purple /white ones, the pink germini had been replaced with orange ones and the green carnations had been replaced with yellow ones. The pink spray chrysanthemums were correct and so were the pittosporum (green foliage).

Please don’t get me wrong…My Mum was over the moon with the bouquet. She would never have known what the bouquet was supposed to look like (according to the photo on the web) as it didn’t come with a label saying what the bouquet name was. But as I am writing a 100% honest review I do have to mention the fact that quite a few of the colours of flowers have been replaced with an alternative and this has changed the whole theme / tone of the bouquet. It has gone from being Vibrant as advertised to being more of a Spring bouquet. I understand that Interflora are within their rights to change the colours of the flowers but it just a shame that this impacted on the bright cheery tones of the bouquet. Having said that…the flowers still did their job of cheering my Mum up when she was unwell.  The florists had done a great job of making the bouquet look beautiful though and the colours used in my Mum’s bouquet go well together. My mum was thoroughly impressed with all aspects of the bouquet. She loved the variety and spring colours of the flowers and she thought they were good quality as they lasted well. She liked how the personalised note, luxury wrapping and yummy chocolates all made the bouquet extra special.  At nearly £46 (after delivery costs are added) the Bouquet with chocolates is expensive but they are worth it for how happy they made my Mum. If you want to make your someone you love feel special on their birthday or Mother’s day then I think having a bouquet of flowers delivered to her is a very good way of doing it. My Mum certainly loved having a bouquet of flowers sent to her.

You can actually choose which date to have your bouquet or gifts delivered. The Vibrant hand-tied Bouquet with Chocolates can be ordered for standard delivery for £5.99  but if you preferred to specify a morning  or afternoon delivery then the delivery charge is £9.99.  When I was browsing the website I have found that there are quite a few products on the Interflora site that have free delivery.

Photo of the luxury chocolates that came with the
Vibrant Hand-Tied Bouquet from Interflora

My Mum loved each and every one of the flowers in the bouquet and she was so pleased with my choice. She knows that Interflora kindly sent them to her on my behalf, free of charge, to cheer her up and for me to review on my blog. . . . but that doesn’t bother her one bit. She loves helping me review things for My Mummy Reviews and she takes the job very seriously! She is currently testing out a Tefal ActiFry, Pax Vita Acupressure Mat (A.K.A Bed of Nails), Belle D’Opium perfume and a classy black croc effect wheeled bag by Miracle Bag.  All of those reviews will be published here very soon but she loves each of her current review products so they would all make ideal Mother’s Day Gifts…. along with a gorgeous bouquet of Interflora flowers and a personalised note to really top it all off!

If you would like to visit the Interflora website and take a look at all the stunning bouquets available, please click here.  A beautiful bouquet is not only great for Birthdays and Mother’s Day but also would make a wonderful present for many occasions. Whether it be for an Anniversary, an announcement of Engagement or Pregnancy, to say Congratulations on passing exams, passing a driving test or getting a new job, to celebrate a Wedding, Christening or Birth,  to say ‘Get Well Soon’, ‘Happy Easter’, ‘Happy Christmas’ or just to say ‘Thanks’ or ‘I Love You’. If you have something to say… say it with flowers from Interflora.

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