Review of Beaming Baby Wipes, Nappies and Skincare products.

Photo showing a selection of Beaming Baby products.
For this review I have been testing out products by Beaming Baby. Jenny over at Baby-Natural sent me a selection of items to try out with my little girl.  I was sent Beaming Baby Organic Shampoo Bodywash , Beaming Baby Organic Bubble Bath, Beaming Baby Organic  Baby Lotion, Beaming Baby Organic Baby Wipes and one Beaming Baby Biodegradable Junior Nappy – Size 5.
I was keen to test out the Beaming Baby Bio-Degradable Nappy as I had never used biodegradable nappies before. I used the nappy over night to see if it was suitable for night use and it was perfect. I have no complaints about the nappy at all. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised at how soft and padded it was.  I know that sounds dreadful but I thought that in return for it being biodegradable that it would probably be poor quality. I’m pleased to say I was wrong. It is so much softer than the main non-biodegradable brands and it works just as well as any other non-biodegradable brand that I’ve tried.  I found the nappy to be quite bulky but that didn’t bother me. I’m really pleased to see that the sizing is really generous. The size 5 fitted my daughter of 19 months just fine. Jenny doesn’t yet have size 5 listed on her website but I’m sure if you contact her she will be happy to help you. She sells a pack of 38 Size 4 nappies for £9.00 which makes each Size 4 nappy nearly 24p each. That is more money than I normally pay per nappy but the fact that they will bio-degrade within 4 years instead of 400 years (like a standard disposable nappy) makes them worth every penny! That is amazing and it proves that by swapping to a biodegradable nappy you really can do your bit to save the planet.
Photo showing a  Beaming Baby nappy.
Here is some important information about the nappies:-
  • The nappies have 30% less chemicals than standard disposable nappies.
  • They are over 65% biodegradable (including the packaging) which is 40% more biodegradable than standard disposable nappies. According to Beaming Baby they are currently the most biodegradable disposable nappy available in the UK. 
  • Due to the reduced amount of chemicals in the nappies they are especially kind to children who have sensitive skin or eczema. The nappy is infused with oils of ylang-ylang and chamomile to help look after little one’s sensitive skin.
  • The top sheet and back sheet of the nappy are made from a mixture of natural cotton and cornstarch fibres.
  • The water resistant outer is biodegradable and made with natural cotton and cornstarch paper.
  • The absorbent layer of the nappy is made from very finely shredded paper (which looks a bit like cotton wool) and tiny balls of biodegradable gel. The gel is made from GM Free Cornstarch and standard gel. 
  • The Velcro-style tabs on the nappy are made from a ‘clean plastic’ called Polypropelene.
  • The nappies have stretchy panels on the sides, back and legs. This helps to stop any leaks from the nappy.
  • The nappies are chlorine free.
  • The nappies are designed to last up to 12 hours
Photo showing a pack of Beaming Baby wipes.

I also tested out the Organic Baby Wipes and had no problems with them whatsoever. I found they were moist and worked just the same as the normal non bio-degradable baby wipes that I normally use. The wipes cost £3.00 a pack which is much more than I would normally pay for a pack of wipes. I tend to only pay just over £1 a pack for the major brand non bio-degradable wipes when they are on offer. I think the fact that the wipes are bio-degradable and organic is super and I think if you can afford to pay that little extra for wipes then I would recommend these to you.  They are the UK’s No 1 best selling Organic baby wipe and each pack contains over 70mls of Organic Aloe Vera. They say that this is 20 times more than any other wipe! Aloe Vera is healing and moisturising so it is great for use on children who have eczema and sensitive skin.

Here is some information about the Organic Baby Wipes:-
  • They do not contain Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Alcohol, Chlorine or Paraben Preservatives
  • They come in a resealable pack.
  • They are flushable and 100% biodegradable. They will biodegrade in normal waste disposal conditions within 2 years. (It does say not to flush them when a macerator, septic tank or narrow waste pipe is in use.)
  • They are in packaging that is made from 50% chalk. The packaging has half the carbon footprint of standard wipes.
  • The wipes are made from a material that comes from sustainable forests in Europe.
  • The wipes are Hypoallergenic, Consultant dermatologist approved and PH balanced.
  • The wipes are Vegan Society approved and thankfully they are not tested on animals
Photo showing a selection of Beaming Baby products.
My friend tested out the Beaming Baby Bubble Bath for me but she found that although it made bubbles they didn’t last very long. She said that she needed to use quite a lot of the product to make a nice bubbly bath and at £4.00 for a 250ml bottle she felt it was a bit expensive.

I tested out the Beaming Baby Shampoo Bodywash and Beaming Baby Lotion. I too feel that the prices are a bit more expensive than the normal bath time products you find on the high street. They are both 250ml bottles and the shampoo bodywash is £4.00 whereas the lotion is £5.00.

Jenny has an offer on her site Baby-Natural where you can buy all 3 bottles for £11.00. This sounds like a good deal to me as it means each bottle then works out at around £3.67. I do think the products are worth the higher price as they don’t contain any chemical nasties, they are Organic and they are made by an ethical company.  I try my best to avoid using products containing SLS on my daughter so the Beaming Baby range of products does appeal to me.  I did find that the shampoo and lotion are a bit too watery for my liking and I would have preferred a thicker consistency. Also I would have liked it if the products had slightly more fragrance but I do understand that this is personal preference. In a way they have got it right only having a delicate fragrance as you don’t want too overpowering a scent on young children’s skin.

The lotion is very easily absorbed into the skin and makes the skin nice and soft. The shampoo does a good job of  washing the hair but do be aware you only need a tiny amount of the product as if you use too much you end up with masses of suds. 
All 3 of the skincare products are Hypoallergenic, Consultant dermatologist approved and PH balanced. They are all Vegan society approved, not tested on animals and made in the UK. The Bubble Bath contains over 70% Organic ingredients, the Shampoo Bodywash contains over 80% Organic ingredients and the Body Lotion contains over 90% Organic ingredients.  Beaming Baby are committed to being carbon neutral and they sponsor reforestation projects in the third world. All the bottles they use are made from 100% recycled plastic and all of their products are certified by the Organic Food Federation. The lotion they use in their baby wipes is the first in the world to use more than 95% Organic ingredients. On top of all this….They give away 10% of their profits to charity.  Beaming Baby sound like a very ethical company and I would be happy to buy their products again in the future.

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When I asked Jenny at Baby-Natural why she started the business she told me that she had been keen to work from home as she wanted to look after her young daughter herself and not have to put her into childcare. She said that she chose to sell eco-friendly products as she was passionate about looking after the planet and doing what she can to reduce waste and recycle. She told me that she had thought it would be a good idea to create a website that sells items that are great for baby and better for the planet than the things usually available on the high street. I completely agree with her and wish her lots of success with the site. I’m pleased to hear that Baby-Natural do their best to be eco-friendly by using minimal, bio-degradable, recycled and /or FSC packaging. They also try to operate as a paper free office and avoid printing things out.  If they do need to print they use FSC 100% recycled uncoated paper. It is little things like this that can make a real difference. I hope you will support Jenny and her business by buying your Beaming Baby products from her site.  
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If you would like to visit the Baby-Natural website please click here. The site sells a variety of Beaming Baby nappies and skincare products, clothes by Little Green Radicals and Bamboo Baby, toys by Little Green Radicals and nappies by Bambo.  Orders are posted using Royal Mail and the delivery charge is £3.95 on orders under £60 and free on orders over this amount. They only deliver to UK Mainland at the moment


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