Review of Benjoy Savoury and Fruit Munchcups. Snacks in an Anti-Spill Munchcup.

Photo showing the Benjoy Wholesome Multigrain Bites – Tomato and Carrot

Jess over at Naturebotts sent my daughter some Benjoy snacks to try out.  Benjoy snacks all come in a unique anti-spill munchcup. In basic terms they come in yogurt pot style tubs with a peel-off lid. Beneath the lid is a cellophane style film which is divided into 4 sections. The sections allow your child to put their hand into the pot to get the food out but it helps to stop your child losing all the snacks if the pot is dropped accidentally.
Photo showing the anti-spill top of the Benjoy munchcups.
I have a refillable plastic snack catcher cup by Munchkin that works on the same principle and I love it. The only problem is that it is quite bulky to carry around and that is why these snacks are so great. The pots are small enough to pop into your changing bag and you don’t have to decant the snacks into a separate snack catcher as they already come in their special anti-spill cup.
 The first pack we opened and tried were the Benjoy Wholesome Multigrain Bites -Tomato and Carrot flavour. My daughter loved these and happily snacked away. The bites are described as being ‘Nutritious and delicious pieces of rise,quinoa,oats and wheat with tomato and carrot juices’. They are little round bites and my daughter seems to love the taste.  The pack of Multigrain Bites contains 4 individual anti-spill munchcups. Each munchcup is 7g and here is the nutritional info for each 7g cup:-

Energy 110 KJ / 26kcal
Protein  0.6g
Carbohydrate 5.5g  of which sugars * 0.8g       *contains only naturally occurring sugars
Fat 0.1g   of which saturates  trace
Fibre  0.3g
Sodium  trace

Equivalent as salt  trace
I am pleased that there is only a trace of salt in these as that is one of the main things I look at when buying my daughter snacks. So many adult snacks have so much salt in and it’s nice to know that these snacks aimed at kids don’t have hardly any in.
Photo showing the Benjoy Wholesome Multigrain Bites – Tomato and Carrot
The ingredients of the Multigrain Bites are :- Multigrains (55%) (rice flour, quinoa flour, whole wheat flour, maize flour, whole oat flour, malted wheat flour), tomato juice concentrate (22%) , carrot juice concentrate (22%), raising agent (calcium carbonate).

Photo showing the Benjoy Wholesome Multigrain Bites – Tomato and Carrot

The packaging says that these are suitable for children from 12 months old who are accustomed to chewing solid food. The product is packed in a factory that handles nuts and the multigrain bites contain wheat gluten.

Photo showing the Benjoy Crunchy Strawberry Slices.
The other pack of Benjoy snacks that Jess sent to me was the Benjoy Crunchy Strawberry Slices. Again the pack contains 4 individual munchcups and this time each one weighs 6g. It says that a 6g serving of the crunchy strawberry slices is equivalent to approximately 55g (about 3) fresh strawberries. It says that this provides 60% of the daily reference value of vitamin C for children up to 36 months. This is great as they are 1 of your child’s 5 a day and if your child likes them then you know that they are eating some much needed fruit. 
Photo showing the Benjoy Crunchy Strawberry Slices.
The problem I had was that my daughter didn’t like them.  She found them really tangy but then again so did my mum,  my dad and me! When we saw her face after trying them we just had to have a go ourselves! They are actually very nice and quite sweet but they are tangy and not something my daughter is used to. With the first pack I found that most of the strawberry slices were wasted as she wouldn’t eat them but when I tried her with another pack of them a few days later I found that she actually nibbled them for a few seconds and then wasted them by chucking them on the floor. She had progressed from not trying them at all to actually trying to eat them. It was as though she had grown to like the tangy taste but she didn’t like the fact that when she tried to eat them they re-hydrated and becomes soft and squishy. I would recommend to you that you buy a pack and give these a go. In my opinion they are so healthy and a great addition to the children’s snack market.  I am going to persevere with giving them to her to try and I’m sure after a few more attempts she will grow to at least like them.

Photo showing the Benjoy Crunchy Strawberry Slices.
Each munchcup of Crunchy strawberry slices contains 100% strawberries and nothing else at all! There are no more ingredients to be seen…just nutritious fresh strawberries that have been freeze-dried. The process of freeze-drying removes the water from the fruit but it doesn’t destroy the nutrients. 

Here is the nutritional info for each 6g cup:-

Energy  89KJ / 21kcal
Protein  0.4g
Carbohydrate   3.9g  of which sugars * 2.3g       *contains only naturally occurring sugars
Fat 0.2g   of which saturates  0.0g
Fibre  1.1g
Sodium  trace
Equivalent as salt  trace
Vitamin C   1.5mg
% Value DRV **  (60%)        ** % of daily reference values for children up to 36 months

These strawberry slices are also packed in a factory that handles nuts.

Photo showing the Benjoy Crunchy Strawberry Slices.
munchcup as it does help to make life that little bit easier. You don’t have to remember to take an empty snack catcher style cup out with you, plus a tub of snacks to empty in to it….all you have to do is take one of these little tubs and away you go. The only thing I would like to see improved about these snacks would be the addition of a lid. I have found that once the pot is opened my daughter doesn’t eat the whole portion all at once and then I have no choice but to let the remains of the munchcup go to waste…unless I’ve remembered to take an empty container with me to put the snacks in to keep them edible.
But needless to say…I don’t remember to do that very often!

Both the snacks sent to me have no artificial flavours , no artificial colours, no preservatives, no added sugar or salt, no hydrogenated fat and they are made from 100% natural ingredients. That is exactly what I like to see written on snacks aimed at children and that definitely encourages me to consider purchasing Benjoy products again.  I also think that these snacks are perfect to take on holiday with you as they weigh hardly anything and because of the fact that they come in a pot they shouldn’t get too damaged in transit..In other words…When squashed into your suitcase amongst everything else you need to take on holiday for a toddler.. they should survive! Yay!

If you would like to buy some Benjoy snacks from the Naturebotts website please click here. The Benjoy Crunchy Strawberry Slices are £2.69 a pack and the Benjoy Wholesome Multigrain Bites -Tomato and Carrot are currently on offer at £1.86 a pack instead of their usual £2.49. Please be aware that the postage and packaging is quite high at £5.35 for orders up to £59.99 so you might be best to stock up on a few essentials while you are there…like nappies, wipes, toiletries etc. If you order by 3pm it is next day delivery though which is very useful.

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In the next few weeks I will also be reviewing some more products from the Naturebotts site. I will be giving my opinion on the ImseVimse Training Pants, the ImseVimse flushable liners, the Naturebotts 100% biodegradable baby wipes, the Naturebotts eco-friendly nappysacks and the Bambo Nature nappies. Please come back and visit my site again to read the reviews.

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