Review of Choc/Pink Dotty Fur Buggysnuggle! My favourite cosy toes ever!

Photo of my beautiful Choc / Pink Dotty Fur
Buggysnuggle in the packaging.

I had looked at Buggysnuggles on the net many times and I  thought they looked so cosy. As I already had a few cosy toes I couldn’t really warrant buying a Buggysnuggle when it would cost over £55. Therefore you can imagine how pleased I was when I was given the opportunity to review and keep a Choc / Pink Dotty Fur Buggysnuggle!!! I was over the moon and  I was so happy to get a stunning polka dot design one. As you’ll know from reading my blog I love polka dots and so this cosy toes really is right up my street. 🙂

Photo of Choc / Pink Dotty
Fur Buggysnuggle.

When the Buggysnuggle arrived I was delighted! It is gorgeous! Now that I’ve actually seen a Buggysnuggle with my own eyes I can truly say that they are worth the money. They are amazing quality, so soft and cuddly and the designs really stand out from the crowds. I have had so many comments from people saying that they like the footmuff and they think my daughter looks so snuggled up and warm in it.

The BuggySnuggles are available in a more than 40 + fabric designs.  There are the Simple ones that are £35.75, the Textured ones that start from £45.96, the Fur fabric ones that start from £56.17 and the Explorer ones that start from £45.96.

An example of a Simple Buggysnuggle is the Bright Flower Fleece.

Photo courtesy of

An example of a Textured BuggySnuggle is the Ink / Cream Pom Pom.

Photo courtesy of

An example of a Fur BuggySnuggle is of course the Choc / Pink Dotty fur that I received and also The Flower Garden Fur.

Photo courtesy of

An example of a waterproof Explorer BuggySnuggle is the WP Purple / Pink Flower Fur.

Photo courtesy of

The Buggysnuggle is really thick so it is perfect for when it is cold outside and you want your child to stay warm in their pushchair. It is much thicker and better quality than any cosy toes I have seen before. According to the website the Fur Buggysnuggles, like mine, are around 4 tog. They say the Simple ones are around 4 tog and the Luxury Fur ones are around 5 tog.

Photo of Choc / Pink Dotty Fur
Buggysnuggle .
The majority of the Buggysnuggles are machine washable at either 30 or 40 degrees (except for the Luxury Fur). If you look at the descriptions on the website it gives you the care instructions and there will also be a label on the Buggysnuggle itself.  Although my lovely spotty cosy toes can be machine washed I have avoided doing it all costs through fear that I may ruin it.  I’m sure I wouldn’t and I’m sure there would be no problem with it at all after washing but just in case I have only wiped off any dirty marks with a wet cloth. This has been fine and there is no need for me to wash it as it hasn’t got very dirty anyway. But it is good for peace of mind to know that if the need arrives then I can just pop the Buggysnuggle in the washing machine. Some of the Buggysnuggles can also be tumble dried and some are dry flat. Again, take a look at the website or care label for more info.

Photo showing the Choc / Pink
Dotty Fur Buggysnuggle.

The Buggysnuggles fit nearly all pushchairs as the top of the cosy toes can either be hooked over the back of the pushchair or you can use the ties to attach the Buggysnuggle to the handles or frame. In my case I can use both ways of attaching it but I have opted to have it hooked over the back as I can then recline the seat without having to undo the ties. The Buggysnuggles have two vertical slits that let you pull the shoulder straps through without having to undo them or unclip them from the waist strap. This is great as it saves loads of time and you don’t have to fiddle around trying to fit the cosytoes to the pushchair with one hand while trying to hold on to a screaming toddler with the other one. It is so quick and easy! The slits then fasten closed with velcro. There is also a hole that you can pull a floating harness through, if your pushchair has one of those.
Photo showing the Choc / Pink Dotty Fur

The panel of material that stretches over the back of your pushchair to keep it in place is excellent! All 3 of the previous cosy toes I have owned have never had this (or the ties) and I am so pleased that Buggysnuggle have now solved the problem I always had of not being able to get my daughter into her cosy toes as it kept slipping down. It was so annoying and life is much simpler now I have the Buggysnuggle on my pushchair.

Photo showing the ties on the Choc / Pink
Dotty Fur Buggysnuggle .
The Buggysnuggles are all 100cm long and 46cm wide which makes them one of the largest cosytoes available to buy. This is great as your little one has lots of room in the Buggysnuggle plus it should last them longer than one of the smaller ones widely available. Plus even when they do outgrow it you can undo the two-way zip at the bottom and allow their feet to hang out. The two-way zip is really designed to allow you to keep their muddy shoes or boots outside of the cosy toes but with a cosy toes as pretty as this you’ll want to be able to use it as long as possible! They say that the Buggysnuggle should fit a child up to the age of at least 3 years but they do mention that their own kids have fitted in them until the age of almost 4 years.  In the summer months or when your child has outgrown the Buggysnuggle you can completely unzip the top ‘blanket’ half of the cosytoes and just leave the bottom half in as a pushchair liner.
Photo showing the two way zip on the Choc / Pink Dotty
Fur Buggysnuggle.
It is good to know that Buggysnuggle have a ‘No Problemo’ guarantee. If you decide after you have bought the Buggysnuggle that it isn’t quite what you were hoping for or it doesn’t fit your pushchair (which shouldn’t be the case as they say it should fit 99.9% of pushchairs) then all you have to do is pay the return postage and send it back within 14 days. They will then sort out a full refund or an exchange for you. The item does have to be returned unwashed and in it’s original packaging and they don’t refund the return postage costs unless the item you are sending back is faulty.
Photo showing the bottom of the Choc / Pink
Dotty Fur Buggysnuggle.

All of the Buggysnuggles have a cute little teddy pocket on the front which I have found so useful for storing my daughter’s dummy in. The top blanket half of the cosytoes comes really high up your child so that you can really snuggle them in and keep them warm and cosy. 

Photo showing the panel of material that goes over the back of
 your pushchair to keep your Buggysnuggle in place. 
All in all I absolutely love the Buggysnuggle and I wouldn’t part with it …even if you offered to give me the £56.17 that it costs! I’d be too scared that I’d take your money and then when I go to buy a replacement they’d sold out!!!!! It is so gorgeous and eye-catching. I highly recommend the Fur Buggysnuggles to you. What I like is the fact that they really brighten up your pushchair and if you have a pushchair that has seen better days then no-one will know when you have the Buggysnuggle on it.  It will revamp it in an instant!
Photo showing the slits in the Buggysnuggle that

allow your harness to pull straight through.

Buggysnuggle also have a product called a Babysnuggle and it available in ages 0-6 mnth and 6-12 mnth. It is kind of like a baby sleeping bag but with sleeves and a hood. They are designed to be used in pushchairs as they have a slit that you can put a crotch strap from a 3 point harness through.
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 If you are looking for a mini cosy toes or car seat liner for your child’s first infant car seat they sell them too and they are called Dinkysnuggles. 
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If you order on the website then Standard delivery is £4.95 by First Class Royal Mail. If you would like to avoid paying P+P charge then why not take a look at their list of Stockists instead in case there is one close to you.
If you make a UK order during March 2011 and use the code SPR11 you will get free delivery and 10% off! What’s stopping you? Click here to visit the Buggysnuggle website. But have your purse ready as your sure to love one or more of their many designs! 🙂 My absolute favourites are the Choc/Pink Dotty Fur, Choc/Lime Dotty Fur (Same as my one but the pink areas are lime green) and the Retro Spotty Fur.  Don’t forget to look in their Sale section for some bargains.

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