Review of Natural and Clean Cat Litter -100% Biodegradable and Non-Toxic

Photo showing a bag of Natural and Clean Cat Litter
I was recently sent two bags of cat litter by a company called Natural and Clean. As I don’t have a cat I gave the bags to one of my friends and my sister-in-law so they could test the litter out with their cats. 

Natural and Clean Cat Litter is 100% natural and so it is safe to be used around children. This is a major selling point if you have children and a cat in the same home.  We all know how important it is to try and use natural products where possible and this product is safe for people, pets and the planet… what more can you ask for. The litter is made from 100% waste vegetable products from sustainable sources. The cat litter is 100% biodegradable and completely non-toxic. Plus the bag can even be recycled. No plastic packaging here!

The Natural and Clean cat litter is a clumping litter, which means that the waste will form into clumps. These clumps can then be flushed down the toilet and the remaining litter can then be composted, if you wish.  The litter has a patented odour control formulation that should remove the smell of the cat urine permanently. That sounds like a good thing. I don’t have a cat but I know that smell!  The ammonia in the cat urine will be broken down into its original components by the Patented natural additive that coats the cat litter. This will remove the smell completely, instead of just masking it, and prevent the growth of bacteria. Natural and Clean say that you should not suffer with any sneezing or skin reactions from the cat litter (something you may have encountered with the use of other brands of cat litter) as it does not contain any artificial additives or scents. Also the lack of artificial scents and additives means that your cat should like the litter and want to use it.

The natural soil like texture is supposed to be kind on paws and the natural soil like smell should appeal to cats and kittens alike. Here is a photo of the product so you can see the texture for yourself…….

Photo showing a handful of Natural and Clean Cat Litter

The cat litter comes in a 6 litre bag with a carry handle and as it is a lightweight formulation the bag only weighs 2.6kg. This makes it easy to carry which is always a bonus. Natural and Clean say that the 6 litre bag should last 1 cat approximately 4 weeks (find out how long it lasted my reviewers in a moment).  The bag of litter can absorb 300% of it’s weight in liquid.

The litter is silica free and low tracking. I believe that low tracking means that the granules are bigger than usual so that it tracks less when your cat leaves the litter tray and it shouldn’t get stuck in their paws and fur. (As I mentioned earlier, I don’t have a cat so I am not very sure about things like low tracking and clumping?!)

Photo showing a bag of Natural and Clean Cat Litter

Natural & Clean Cat Litter cannot sustain life which means that it should not attract pests like insects and rodents. The cat litter can also be used a bedding material for rodents, birds and small animals as it is natural and hygienic.

According to the bag you should pour 5-7cm of Natural and Clean Cat Litter into a dry tray and keep it  at this level for long lasting odour control. You should scoop the clumps and solids from the litter on a daily basis and replace the cat litter when necessary. 

If you are pregnant they do advise that you are careful when handling soiled litter or pet waste as cat faeces can transmit toxoplasmosis.

Photo showing a bag of Natural and Clean Cat Litter

Natural and Clean Cat litter is available to buy on the Ocado website and it retails for £6.65 for a 6 Litre bag. It is also available to buy on the Natural and Clean website but it says to call for pricing. According to my testers £6.65 is a lot more than they pay for their usual brand of cat litter. . . so they were hoping for good things when they tested it out.

Now, the bit you have been waiting for, the opinions of my two testers:-

My sister in law said that she liked the fact that the cat litter was lightweight as it didn’t scatter as much when the cat used the litter tray. She wasn’t very happy though that there was a pool of urine which didn’t get soaked up in two days. This then meant she then had to dispose of the litter. She mentioned that the litter was also quite difficult to clean out as it kept sticking to the tray. She managed to get the 6 litre bag of litter to last nearly 2 weeks and she cleaned it out twice a week as she normally would do. She says that she will be sticking with the normal cat litter she buys as that also lasts 2 weeks but only costs £1.90 a bag. She feels that the Natural and Clean one would work out too expensive to use with her cat.  The main thing she did like about the product was the fact that it is safe for use around children. As she has a young child herself she can appreciate how important it is that the Natural and Clean product is 100% natural and non-toxic.

My friend said that she found the Natural and Clean cat litter clumped well but she only managed to get the 6 litre bag to last 6 days! This is a big difference to the approx. 4 weeks as stated on the packet.  She did have a slight issue in that her cat tried to eat the litter which is not something he normally does. She too felt that the product was too expensive for her to use with her cat as she would need 4 or 5 bags a month and that could end up costing her over £30 a month! She said that she normally uses a biodegradable cat litter but it is cheaper per bag than the Natural and Clean one.  She said that she would consider buying the product again but she would only do so if it was cheaper than the current price of £6.65 a bag.
Photo showing a bag of Natural and Clean Cat Litter
The opinions above are 100% honest reviews from my two testers. Obviously everyone will have different experiences with a product and some people will like one product whereas others will not like it very much. An example being that if you look on the Ocado website you will see there are 4 reviews of the Natural and Clean Cat Litter and they are all 5 star positive reviews.  

Although I do not have a cat and cannot comment on the performance of the product, I do feel as though I can comment on the safety and eco-credentials of the cat litter. I think it is wonderful that Natural and Clean have made a litter that is safe to be used around children and as I try my best to be eco-friendly I applaud them for making the product biodegradable and from natural sources.  I think the only way to know for sure whether or not this Natural and Clean cat litter is suited to your cat is to take the plunge and buy a bag. It seems to be more expensive than other brands out there but unless you try it personally, you will not know if it is worth it or not. I don’t have a cat but if I did and felt that I wanted to buy an eco-friendly compostable cat litter then I think this would be a good choice. Plus I am pleased that none of the products from Natural and Clean are tested on animals in either the manufacturing or testing stages and also the products do not contain animal ingredients or animal derived products.

Photo is courtesy of Natural and Clean.
If you take a look at the Natural and Clean website you will see that they sell natural products for all around the home. Some of the products which sound really good are the Dry Carpet Cleaner, Whoops-A-Daisy – fine crystal powder that turns liquid spills (such as potty training accidents, according to the website) into a gel that is easily scraped up,  (I love the name! That alone makes me want to buy it. ) and the Spot Remover Wipes– a convenient way to remove stains and spills from most surfaces. (Sounds like a good product to carry around in the changing bag – especially if you are visiting someone else’s house! I don’t know about you but I live in fear that my daughter will get her chocolatey hands on someone’s furniture or white carpet.)

If you would like to visit the Natural and Clean website please click here and if you want to hear the latest news on Natural and Clean products why not follow them on Twitter.

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