Review of Sleeved Wonder Bib by Mum 2 Mum

Photo showing the front of the Sleeved
Wonder Bib by Mum 2 Mum.
I approached Katie at Baby And More to see if she would consider sending me out a Sleeved Wonder Bib to review on My Mummy Reviews as I was well and truly fed up of all the bibs for my daughter not doing their job of protecting her clothes during meals. I am pleased to tell you she said Yes and sent me a bib to review!

I have now been trialling the  Sleeved Wonder Bib for a month and I have to say that it is the best bib I have ever had for my daughter…and I’ve tried lots of them!
Photo showing the soft absorbent velour towelling
of the Sleeved Wonder Bib by Mum 2 Mum.
The Wonder Bib was developed by a New Zealand company called Mum 2 Mum. The two ladies behind the company are both Mums and they started the business back in 2004 because they were frustrated at never being able to buy quality products for their children. Mum 2 Mum products are now available in 10 different countries and Baby And More are the exclusive importers and distributors for Mum 2 Mum products for the whole of the UK and Ireland.
The Wonder Bibs are made from 100% cotton, velour towelling which is super-absorbent. The bibs are backed with a water resistant nylon so that if the bib gets wet your child’s clothes stay dry. Each bib can hold 1/4 cup of liquid. If you would like to see a video of the bib absorbing this amount of liquid please click here to watch it on the Baby And More website.
Photo showing the back of the Sleeved
Wonder Bib by Mum 2 Mum.
The sleeved Wonder Bib is available in sizes Small (6-18 months) and Large (18months -3 years).  They are £7.00 for the Small and £8.50 for the Large. They are available in Orange, Navy, Red, Lime and Cerise. The large is also available in Teal. I was sent the Red in a size Large and I absolutely love it! It keeps my daughter’s clothes clean when she is eating and has saved lots of her pretty outfits from getting stained with tomato pasta sauce and chocolate! Those stains just never seem to wash out properly so if this bib can help stop the stains getting on her clothes in the first place it is worth it’s weight in gold…or to be is worth the £8.50!  The price does seem quite expensive for a bib when you consider you can buy plastic sleeved bibs in the discount stores for just over a pound. I have a few of those cheap and cheerful bibs and there is nothing majorly wrong with them. However …they are not as good as this one!

Photo showing the velcro tabs on the
 Sleeved Wonder Bib by Mum 2 Mum.
Here are the reasons why I love the Sleeved Wonder Bib:-
  • It is machine washable and you can tumble dry it if you need to. I have found it dries quite quickly though just hung over the edge of a chair or something.
  • It is available in lots of lovely bright colours. I was sent the Red one and it is such a vibrant colour. There has been no fading or stains on the bib and she has used it daily for the last month. It still looks as good as new.
  • I love the fact that the sleeves are elasticated and for once the elastic is the right size!! Thank you Mum 2 Mum. I have had to cut the elastic on every other long sleeved bib that I have for my daughter as the elastic digs in to her wrists too much. The elastic on this Wonder Bib is exactly the right size and there is still room for her to grow. Plus, the elastic does it’s job and stops stains getting on my daughters sleeves.
  • The velcro on the bib is strong enough to stop my daughter pulling the bib off herself. All the other bibs I had were too easy for her to pull off and so in the end I just gave up using them as she’d pull them off straight away. She seems to love wearing the Wonder Bib and I have no problems getting her to wear it and she even keeps it on until I take it off her at the end of the meal. Therefore I’m assuming it must be comfortable.
  • I really like the fact that the sleeves are made from a thin nylon material that is easy to wear. It makes life that little bit easier that it is easy to get on her and she can still move her arms around when wearing it.
  • The bib has a high neckline which means that the necklines of her clothes are protected beneath the bib.
Photo showing the elasticated cuffs on
 the Sleeved Wonder Bib by Mum 2 Mum.
Wonder Bibs are said to protect against dribble rash and eczema plus they highly recommend them for children with reflux. As the bib keeps your child’s skin and clothes dry you don’t have to worry about a horrible, wet bib against your child’s skin.

I think that one of these bibs would make a wonderful new baby gift or even as a birthday present…mum will certainly be pleased with it!  If you visit the Baby and More site there is even a link to a website where you can buy Wonder Bibs personalised with a name or slogan, etc.

Photo showing the logo on the Sleeved
Wonder Bib by Mum 2 Mum.

Mum 2 Mum makes lots of other wonderful products. Here is the list of the products stocked by Baby And More. Infant Wonder Bib – The smallest Wonder Bib available. It is suitable for premature babies and newborns. It fastens at the side to make life easier for Mum, Standard Wonder Bib – The original Wonder Bib. This is available in lots of lovely colours, Bandana Wonder Bib – This is a bandana style dribble bib that will help to keep the necklines dry on teething, dribbling children, Sleeved Wonder Bib – This is the one I received and I love it! It is a bib with sleeves that keeps your child’s clothes covered up when they are eating. Excellent!, Youth Sized Bandana Wonder Bib –  A bandana style bib in a size that will fit young children and young people aged from 5 years to 15 years, Hooded Towel – Nice and cosy hooded bath towel for little ones, Face Washers –  Set of 6 square flannels to use to wash your child and Play ‘n’ Change Mat – A lovely square mat that can be used as a changing mat and as a clean area where you can lay your child down to play when you are out and about.

I would highly recommend these bibs to you as they are such great quality and so practical. If you decide you want to buy two of the sleeved bibs then Katie does then in a multi-buy offer where you can buy two small bibs for £12.75 or two large bibs for £15.50.  I think it would be great to have two of these bibs as you could either put one in your changing bag or use one and have one in the wash.
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Baby and More also stocks the brilliant range of  B Sensible For Babies waterproof sheets. They are fitted sheets that are soft enough to sleep on but are also waterproof. They don’t make that horrible crinkling sound and the material is thermo-regulating so it helps to stop your child overheating.  I have reviewed the B Sensible Cot sheet on my blog and I loved the product. If you would like to read my review please click here.
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Baby And More is a family run business and as they have young kiddies they understand what parents are looking for in a product. Baby And More are the exclusive importers and distributors for the UK and Ireland for ‘Mum 2 Mum’ and also for ‘Lots To Say Baby’– a company who make BPA, PVC and Phthalate free dummies / soothers with funny slogans on. 

If you would like to visit Katie’s store to purchase a Wonder Bib or B Sensible sheet please click here.  Standard delivery to UK and Irish addresses is £3.95.

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