Review of Bliss Summer Shoes in Damson by Hotter.

Photo showing the detail on the ‘Bliss’
shoes in Damson by Hotter.
When I was given the opportunity to road-test a pair of Hotter shoes I jumped at the chance…well, my mum did! She had seen the Hotter advert with women jumping around and dancing in them and she wanted to own a pair to see if they really are that comfy. I actually think she wanted to re-enact the advert…but don’t tell her I told you! 🙂   If you would like to see the advert I am talking about please click here.
Photo of ‘Bliss’ shoes in Damson by Hotter 

I let her loose on the Hotter website and after she had spent ages trying to pick from all the gorgeous styles, in the end she opted for Bliss in an extra wide size 7. She chose to have the Bliss shoes in a Damson colourway but they are also available in Raspberry, Sand, Khaki and Caramel.

Photo of Bliss shoe in Raspberry by Hotter.
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Photo of Bliss shoe in Sand by Hotter.
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Photo of Bliss shoe in Khaki by Hotter.
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Photo of Bliss shoe in Caramel by Hotter.
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My Mum’s feet are wide and in between sizes really. Sometimes she wears a 6 and other times a 7. It is hard to find extra wide shoes on the high street so this doesn’t help in her quest to find a comfy pair of shoes. In the end she opted to order the Bliss shoes from Hotter in a size 7 extra wide because she will be wearing them mainly in the Summer so her feet will inevitably swell up.  When the size 7 arrived they were a teeny bit too big for her at the moment but she had expected this. She is now hoping that when her feet start to swell in the the hot summer months that the shoes will fit perfectly and she will be able to walk in comfort. . . . she very much looks forward to that!  She is still able to comfortably wear the shoes at the moment even though they are slightly too big. She has worn them out to work and to the supermarket, etc and she is very pleased with the shoes. She has found that since receiving the shoes 6 weeks ago her feet have already started to swell a little and the shoes fit better already.

Photo showing the flexible sole on the ‘Bliss’
shoes in Damson by Hotter.

The quality of the Hotter shoes is amazing and they have paid a lot of attention to detail on the design of the shoe. The soles of the shoes have a beautiful flower design, the soft cushioned insoles are removable so you can take them out to lay them in the fresh air for a while, the asymmetrical front strap fastens with hook and loop tape and is adjustable so you can get the right fit on your foot and the shoe has a pretty cut out design on the body of the shoe with the addition of a delicate flower applique and stitch work. I have taken lots of photos for you so you can see every aspect of the Bliss shoes.

Photo showing the detail on the soles of the ‘Bliss’
shoes in Damson by Hotter.

The Bliss shoes my Mum chose are made from a stunning damson coloured leather with a mauve coloured flower applique. The stitch detail is done in a brown thread. These shoes are very modern and summery. They would look beautiful worn to a wedding or on a day out. The would be the perfect shoe to wear when you are going on shopping trips or on your holidays as they are supportive to your feet and easy to walk in.

Photo of ‘Bliss’ shoes in Damson by Hotter. Photo
shows the insole removed from the shoe.
I do not have any negatives to say about these shoes…they could be considered slightly expensive at £57.00 but for a pair of shoes made in the UK to such a high standard I do feel they are worth the money.  The leather is so soft and the shoes come luxuriously packaged in a shoe box with Hotter printed tissue wrapping. My Mum said that the fact the shoes were all nicely wrapped in tissue paper definitely added to the excitement and anticipation of unwrapping the shoes and seeing them for the first time.

Photo of the removable insole from
‘Bliss’ shoes by Hotter 

My Mum is delighted with her pair of Hotter shoes and she looks forward to wearing them for years to come. They are a classic shoe that will not date so she should be able to wear them with many outfits and on many different occasions

Photo of  the removable insole from ‘Bliss’ shoes by Hotter 

If you would like to try and work out your shoe size before ordering you can download and print this innovative shoe size chart from the Hotter Shoes website. If you would like to go to the website to download the chart please click here. My mum didn’t actually try the chart so I cannot say whether or not it works but it is worth a go because it would be good if it saved you the time of having to send your shoes back to exchange sizes.

Photo of the removable insole from the ‘Bliss’ shoes by Hotter

I have spoken to the customer service team at Hotter and the lady I spoke to was so friendly.  Good customer service always makes me more keen to buy from a brand but excellent customer service like I received from Hotter would definitely encourage me to return and buy again in the future.  Hotter have a 100%  Happy Guarantee and they say ‘they are not happy until you’re delighted’. I love that motto. In instills a sense of confidence in the brand and I feel it enhances the shopping experience as you know that they will do whatever they can to make sure you are happy with your Hotter shoes. If you would like to read more about the 100% Happy Guarantee please click here.

Photo showing the detail on the ‘Bliss’ shoes in
Damson by Hotter.

Hotter have an extensive choice of shoes for not only Women, like I originally thought, but Men too. Plus they sell a selection of handbags, gifts and shoe care items. Now all they need to do is to start making some kid’s shoes and I’ll be over the moon. (Please Hotter…make some cute little kiddies shoes that will fit my daughter. 🙂 I really struggle to get shoes to fit her as she has a high instep. I’d love to buy her some comfortable shoes from you)

Photo showing the flower and stitch detail on the
 ‘Bliss’ shoes in Damson by Hotter.

I have had a quick browse through the Hotter website and some of my favourite shoes are the elegant Grace shoe in sugar pink and the Kiwi comfort sandle in bright red. Hotter don’t only sell the typically comfortable shoe like a sandle…they actually sell evening shoes, sporty shoes, boots, slippers and much more.

Photo showing the cut-out detail on the ‘Bliss’
shoes in Damson by Hotter.

If you would like to request a Hotter Shoes catalogue please click here to be taken to the form to fill out your address details. But be warned…there are so many lovely shoes to pick from. If I could afford it I would buy a different pair for every day of the week. Not only are Hotter shoes comfortable but they are so stylish too. My mum is in her mid fifties and I am in my late twenties and we could both find lots of shoes that we like on the Hotter webste. That must mean there is something to suit everyone’s tasdte. I have a couple of pairs of Hotter shoes myself and I wear them daily.  They have lasted me years and they are the shoes I choose to wear over and over again because of the fact they don’t make my feet hurt after a lot of walking.

Photo showing the sole on the ‘Bliss’ shoes
in Damson by Hotter.

Hotter have released a limited edition Etna shoe in the British colourway to celebrate the forthcoming marriage of Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton. It is a ‘penny loafer’ style of Mocassin shoe called ‘Royal Shoe’ and it even has a Union Jack insole. There have only been 1400 pairs of ‘Royal Shoe’ made and each one comes in a keepsake shoe box embellished with a Union Jack design and with an accompanying certificate of Authenticity for the shoes. What a wonderful way to commemorate William and Kate’s big day!  I think these would make a wonderful gift for yourself or a friend who is getting married this year as the Royal Shoes could be kept as a momento to remind that the year of your (or their) wedding is shared with the year of marriage of our future king.  Plus , you never know, these shoes might be worth loads of money in years to come!!! So you could consider them an investment.

The Royal Shoes by Hotter. They are made to celebrate

the wedding of Prince William of Wales and
Miss Catherine Middleton. Photo courtesy of

Hotter shoes can be bought online from the Hotter website but if you would prefer to go into a Hotter store to try on your shoes before purchasing them then you will find the list of store locations here.  If you find that there isn’t a Hotter store near you then you can email with the subject line as Hotter Stockists and stating your nearest town. They will then reply with the details of your local independent retailers who stock Hotter Shoes.

Photo showing the ‘Bliss’ shoes in Damson by Hotter
 in their shoe box and packaging

I am unsure how much postage and packaging is on the Hotter Shoes website. To find out you have to add an item to your basket, proceed through checkout and then either create a new account or log in to an exixting one. I’m sure if you contact Hotter on 0800 306406 they will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Photo showing the detail on the ‘Bliss’ shoes
 in Damson by Hotter.

In conclusion I highly recommend the Hotter brand of shoes to you. They are a well made brand of shoe that will allow you to walk for miles and miles in comfort. That alone makes them well worth the money in my opinion. . . . not forgetting they are really pretty shoes that should last years with the right care.

Photo showing the velcro tabs on the
‘Bliss’ shoes in Damson by Hotter.

If you would like to purchase a pair of standard width Bliss shoes please click here and to purchase a pair of extra wide Bliss shoes please click here.

If you would like to keep up to date with news and offers from Hotter you can choose to follow them on Facebook, Twitter or receive their Newsletter by email.

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