Review of Clevamama Splash And Wrap – The Original Apron Baby Bath Towel. A Baby Essential!

Photo of  the box for the Clevamama Splash and Wrap
Apron Baby Bath Towel

I was kindly sent a selection of items to review from Clevamama and one of the items I received was the lovely Splash And Wrap Apron Baby Bath Towel. It is the ORIGINAL apron baby towel and I think it is such a wonderful idea. Now that I have road-tested the towel I really wish I’d bought one of these when my daughter was a newborn as it would have made bathing her so much easier.

Photo showing the box for the Clevamama Splash
And Wrap Apron Towel.

The towel is a large square shape and one corner has the hooded part and the other corner has the cut out section that allows you to fasten the towel behind your neck, like an apron.  The hood of the towel is embellished with a delicate white embroidery of a duck splashing.  On the opposite corner of the towel to the hooded corner is where you will find a circle of towel cut out and bias bound to form the neck fastening with the help of plastic poppers. There are two sets of poppers so you can adjust the neck size but you only fasten one popper , not both, as you can then easily pull the poppers around your neck undone with only one hand whilst still using the other hand to hold your child wrapped up in the towel against your chest.
The two remaining corners of the towel each have a short tie sewn on which you can use to tie the apron behind your back if you are only using the towel as a splash guard with a toddler in the bath.

Photo showing the poppers on the Clevamama Splash
And Wrap Apron Towel.

There is a great video showing the Splash and Wrap Apron Bath Towel and how to wear it on the Clevamama website. If you would like to view it please click here.

Photo showing the twisted loop pile on the  Clevamama Splash
And Wrap Apron Towel.

The towel is designed so that you put the towel around you neck before you bathe your child, then you remove them from the bath with two hands and then snuggle them into your chest whilst using one hand to put the hood on their head, fold in the towel around their body and then pull the towel to remove it from around your neck.  When my daughter was little I only had a normal hooded baby towel and I always ended up laying it on the bathroom floor so that I could have 2 hands free to get her safely out of the bath. In the process I would always end up getting my clothes soaking wet as I inevitably layed her on my chest in an effort to try and keep hold of her securely. Bathing my daughter when she was little was always a task I dreaded as I was always so worried about dropping her when she was wet and slippery. This towel would have helped a lot in making my daughter’s bath times safer, easier and more enjoyable a task. When I received the Clevamama Splash and Wrap towel my daughter was about 19 months old and unfortunately she was too tall to be able to hold her against my chest to wrap her up and put her head under the hood, but this doesn’t surprise me as using the hood whilst still having the towel attached around your neck is more aimed at younger children. I mainly use the towel to protect my from clothes from getting wet when she is splashing in the bath and when I get her out of the bath. The towel is toddler sized though so once I have removed it from around my neck it is perfect for wrapping her up in to get her warm and dry.

Photo showing the open ended pile on the Clevamama
Splash and Wrap Apron Towel.

The towel measures 104 cm from neck to bottom of hood  and the length of the towel from one corner to another along an edge is 98 cm. This is a nice large size and it means that you should be able to use it with your child for a few years.

Photo showing the Clevamama Splash and Wrap Apron Bath Towel.

The label on the towel says it is made from 96% cotton and 4 % polyester but the website says the towel is made from 100% cotton. I’m assuming that the label on the towel is taking in to account the satin bias binding that edges the towel and that the towel itself is in actual fact 100% cotton and super absorbent as stated on the website. The towel can be machine washed and tumble dried if required. I have washed the towel and had no problems. I live in a hard water area so that does make all my bath towels a little scratchy after they are washed a few times but the Clevamama towel still seems lovely and soft at the moment.

Photo showing the  duck embroidery on the hood of the
Clevamama Splash and Wrap Apron Bath Towel.

The towel is said to have a ‘special weave’ which is perfect for drying between fingers and toes. What this means is that the pile on each side of the towel is different.  The back of the towel has a tightly looped pile, like most of my normal bath towels, whereas the side of the towel which you use to dry your child has an open end pile which makes it easier to dry between the gaps of your little one’s fingers and toes.

Photo showing the Clevamama Splash and Wrap Apron Bath Towel.

The Clevamama Splash and Wrap Apron Baby Bath Towel came to market in 2005 and since then the product has grown in popularity and it is now loved by parents everywhere. It has recently won Gold for the Best In Bathtime Award in the Mother And Baby Awards 2010/11. Well done Clevamama! If you would like to see a list of all the awards Clevamama have won for their products please click here. 

The Clevamama Splash and Wrap towel is available in White, Cream, Pink and Blue.  The towel can be bought from many stockists both online and on the high street. If you would like to see the list of online Clevamama stockists please click here. If you would prefer to save on postage costs and see the list of local stockists instead please click here.

The price of the towel varies from shop to shop so it is worth having a quick look to see where you can find it cheapest. Boots sell the towel for £16.50 with a P+P charge of £2.95  for delivery within the UK. However you can order the towel and collect it from store for free (only certain stores) and it is currently (April 2011) in the Boots 3 for 2 mix and match offer. If you would like to purchase it from Boots please click here.  Kiddicare sell the towel for £13.49 with a £4.95  P+P charge for delivery within the UK.  If you would like to purchase it from Kiddicare please click here.

In conclusion, I think this towel has to be a must-have baby essential! It is an affordable price and because of the large size you will get a good couple of years use out of it.  This is the kind of baby product that you will wonder how you did without it and if you go ahead and buy one I’m sure you will get your money’s worth of use from it. I like the fact that  it comes in a box as it makes it very suitable to be given as a gift.  It would be perfect as a baby shower or new baby gift.

Photo of Transparent Oven Door Guard
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Sisters Martina Delaney and Suzanne Browne are the two working mums behind the brand ‘Clevamama’.  They design products to make life with a child that little bit easier. As Mums themselves they know all about the things you have to go through when you have children… the sleepless nights with night feeds, the constant crying that comes with teething, the endless battle of trying to safety proof your home and the stress of worrying about which products work and which products are, in actual fact, a waste of money. Their slogan is ‘Designed by Mums for Mums’ and it is noticeably true!   In each of their products you can see that they have spent a lot of time researching what would make their own lives as mums that little bit less stressful.  In turn….they have then designed the products and thankfully made them available for all of us parents to buy.  They have a wide range of products available and these include the ClevaScoop and the Transparent Oven Door Guard.  As well as the Splash and Wrap Towel I have also been testing out the Fantastic (Dummy) Soother Tree and the Oven Door Lock and I’ll be writing up the reviews for these products in the near future.

If you would like to visit the Clevamama website to see all of their innovative products …please click here.

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