Review of Gathered Ruffles Fleece by Chateau De Sable

Photo showing the gift box for the Gathered Ruffles
Fleece by Chateau de Sable.

If you are looking to buy a special gift for a child then you can’t go wrong with an item of clothing from Chateau de Sable. I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to browse the Chateau de Sable website and to¬†pick an item to be sent to review…I know, I couldn’t believe my luck either. ūüôā

It took me ages of browsing to finally decide on which garment I wanted.¬† I knew that I wanted something that my daughter would get a lot of use out of and in the end I opted for the Gathered Ruffles Fleece in a deep red colour. I decided that she would be able to wear a jacket like this over many of the current items in her wardrobe. Plus…the fleece just sounded so lovely in the description on the website…
‘Elegant and cosy? This cardigan is both! Made from fleece it is warm and practical yet the fine needlecord gathered ruffles at the neck, cuffs and on the pockets really set this apart. ‘.

I LOVE RUFFLES…they are so Girly!

When the fleece arrived it was luxuriously packaged in a gift box which was tied up with a ribbon in the¬†signature Chateau De Sable colour….pale grey.¬† I love the way that the fleece was presented nestled within the box, set against the wavy lines that you see in the photo. It was like the fleece had been framed for my viewing. It is these little touches that really make the difference to a gift and if you bought someone a present from Chateau de Sable and it came packaged like this then you know that the recipient will feel very special when they open it….just like I did!

Photo showing the Gathered Ruffles Fleece by Chateau de Sable.
I ordered the¬†fleece in age 3 as I normally tend to buy bigger sizes to get a good fit on my daughter who is 20 months old and tall for her age. It never bothers me if the items comes up a little too big for now as I know that I can put it away for her to grow into. The age 3 is a perfect fit although it is currently too long in the arms. There is loads of room for growth and it will fit her for ages …which I am so happy about as it is such a beautiful garment! One of the things that I love is that I have folded back the needlecord ruffles on the cuffs and as the ruffles are on the inside as well as the outside you wouldn’t even know that I had folded the cuffs back. This¬†is great as it means that my daughter doesn’t look like she is walking around in a fleece that is too big for her but instead she looks like it was made to fit. I have some cardigans¬†and tops that she wears and when you fold back the cuffs it just looks so blindingly obvious that the cuffs were not meant to be folded back. I always feel like people must think I’m too stingy to buy clothes to fit her…but that isn’t the case!¬†I just find that to get the right length in the body the arms end up being too long…thus ending up with¬†the folded back cuff.¬†¬†Do any of you have the same problem?

The gathered ruffle fleece has been worn and washed loads of times since I received it in the middle of March. It washes so well and due to the nature of the fleece fabric it comes out of the washing machine nearly dry!  The fleece is a cross between a cardigan and a jacket really. It could easily be worn inside the house as a cardigan or outside the house as a light jacket.  I like the fact that it is really quite dressy and it makes any outfit look classy.. . .but all the while it is still easy for my daughter to wear and most importantly comfortable.

Photo showing the Gathered Ruffles Fleece by Chateau de Sable.
The fleece is double fronted and it fastens with four ‘Chateau De Sable’ embossed red buttons. There is¬†a needlecord ruffle trim on the neckline, cuffs and pockets. The needlecord ruffles are so pretty. The jacket is made from 100% polyester fleece and the ruffles are made from 93% cotton and 7% elastane. The garment can be machine washed at 30 degrees and as I mentioned earlier I have washed this lots of times and each time it comes up as good as new. I even managed to wash raw egg out of it. I had the coat in the laundry basket ready to wash and I cracked an egg at the cooker and on it’s journey to the pan, don’t ask me how, I managed to crack the egg straight over the basket and onto¬†the jacket instead! I could have cried!!! I thought that it wouldn’t wash out but thankfully it did. Phew!

Photo showing the Gathered Ruffles Fleece by Chateau de Sable.

The coat has a very full shape to it and there is a fixed strip of ruffled needlecord fabric with buttons at the back of the coat to gather in the fullness. To see what I mean please take a look at the photo below:-

Photo showing the Gathered ruffles fleece by
Chateau de Sable.


The coat costs £26.99 which is much more than I would ever normally consider paying on a cardigan / coat for my daughter , as she grows so quickly, but I can say that if I was in the market to buy a key wardrobe item for her then I would definitely consider paying a higher price than normal and buying this fleece. It is made to a very high standard and the fleece fabric is such good quality. It has lovely detailing, such as the embossed buttons and elegant packaging, and you can tell just by looking at it that it is a designer piece of clothing.

Chateau De Sable also stock the Gathered Ruffle Fleece in a warm grey colour and a pale pink. All of the colours of the fleece co-ordinate superbly with the clothing collections available from Chateau De Sable. The deep red colour I ordered would be perfect to wear over a fancy party dress but I think the subdued colour of the pale pink and warm grey fleece would be perfect to wear casually over summer dresses.

Chateau De Sable sell some beautiful items to match all 3 colours of the gathered ruffle fleece. They have the Bodysuit with gathered ruffles, the Dungarees with gathered ruffles and the dress with gathered ruffles.  I love all of the gathered ruffles range and I would happily dress my daughter in anything from the Chateau De Sable website.
Photo showing the catalogue from Chateau de Sable
Chateau de Sable sells designer French clothes for children and the garments are aimed at newborn though to 12 years. Janice Atlay¬†opened the¬†children’s clothing boutique in Chester back in December 2009 and she then progressed to offering an online clothing collection at back in March 2010.

Janice says that she discovered ‘Chateau De Sable’ clothing when she lived overseas and she is so pleased that she has been able to introduce the UK to the brand.¬†

According to the About Us page on the website:- ¬†“The inspiration for Ch√Ęteau de Sable is the innocence and vitality of children at play and a belief that children should look like children. Styling is a unique blend of traditional and contemporary children’s clothing with specially selected fabrics to ensure the highest possible quality for each item of clothes. The fine attention to detail is demonstrated by the exquisite finish of each piece of children’s designer clothing in the collection.”.

Photo showing the bound seams inside the garment.
The photo is darker than the actual item.
I love Janice’s down to earth description of the¬†P+P costs and delivery method, etc. She says that standard delivery can take a few days and costs ¬£3.99 but if you would like your delivery within 48 hours then the cost is ¬£5.99. She explains her delivery,¬†returns and exchanges policy in more details on the website.¬†¬†
Photo showing the catalogue for Chateau de Sable.
You can join the Chateau De Sable mailing list by clicking here and if you want to keep up to date with news and offers you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

In conclusion I highly recommend that you take a look at the Chateau de Sable website and treat your little prince or princess to a classy little designer outfit. They will look so adorable!

If you would like to visit the Chateau de Sable website please click here.


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