Review of Go Green Board Game by One Earth Games Ltd.


Photo of the Go Green Board Game courtesy of
One Earth Games Ltd.
Back in January I was kindly sent a copy of the Go Green Board Game by One Earth Games. I approached them about reviewing a copy of their game as my mum works in a primary school that is working towards becoming an eco-school and I knew the teachers would love to play this game with the children.  I wasn’t wrong…they are really enjoying playing the game…so much so that I haven’t been able to borrow it back to take photos of the playing pieces and cards, etc…which is something I would normally do with my reviews.  They love the fact that the children are learning interesting facts as they play and it is helping them to think about becoming ‘Green’ individuals as they grow up.
Photo of the Go Green Board Game courtesy of
One Earth Games Ltd.
 I am very aware that I am running late in writing up this review and that is why I have opted to write the review without my own photos and to instead point you to the Go Green Board Game website to see the more detailed photos of the game.
The idea of the game is that you travel around the board with your wheelbarrow and on the way you collect fruit, vegetables, pigs and chickens that you can put in your ‘garden and allotment’. The game has ‘Green Fingers’ cards that can instruct you do things that will make your journey to self-sufficiency that little bit harder…such as  – protect your chickens from foxes and avoid Drought, Bird Flu and livestock escaping. There are also  ‘Natural Selection’ cards which have thought-provoking and educational multiple choice questions on.  When the players answer correctly they can win haybales.
Here is an example of a question on the Natural Selection cards:- How much fruit do we import into the UK each year? A- 33%  B-52%  C-90%         The answer is quite shockingly….C – 90%!!!!
Here is an example of an instruction on the Green Fingers cards:- A high street book shop has asked if they can publish your self sufficient diaries… Take 2 Haybales from Green Bank.
Photo of the Go Green Board Game courtesy of One Earth Games Ltd.
The game is aimed at ages from 7 to 100 and you can play with 2 – 4 players. It is a nice , fun, educational family board game that really makes a change from all the games that make you collect money to become the richest player. I do love those games but I am an adult…it is nice that this game is there to provide some educational fun for your children and they can learn some interesting things throughout the game.
Here is a list of the contents of the box:-
  • 4 wheelbarrows
  • 4 allotment plots
  • 15 pigs
  • 15 chickens
  • 24 fruit tokens
  • 48 vegetable tokens
  • 50 haybales
  • 60 ‘Green Fingers’ cards
  • 60 ‘Natural Selection’ cards
  • Game board
There are some lovely customer testimonials for the game on the website and there is even one from PRINCE CHARLES!!!  You must have a look….If the game is fit for royalty you know it has to be good.
If you would like to watch a video of the game being played by Green.TV you can do so by clicking here.
There is a list of Stockists for the Go Green Board Game on the website but you can buy the game on the Go Green Board Game website itself for £22.99 with £2.99 P+P charge.
Photo of the Go Green Board Game
 courtesy of One Earth Games Ltd.
If you have any questions regarding the game you can contact One Earth Games by emailing them at

The Go Green Board Game is a family game which helps to teach your children about the environment and becoming self sufficient. I think it is very important for children to learn about looking after the environment from a young age. My daughter is only 20 months old but I always take her with me when I go to recycle my Tetra Pak and my glass bottles. I hope when she becomes an adult herself that recycling and being eco-friendly will be second nature to her.
If you would like to buy your own copy of the Go Green Board Game then please click here.

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