Review of ‘How Loud Is A Lion?’ and ‘One Moose, Twenty Mice’ by Barefoot Books

Photo of the front cover of ‘How Loud Is A Lion?’
by Barefoot Books.
Barefoot Books’s Ambassador Ruth Humphreys kindly sent two Barefoot Books to my daughter. I was allowed to take my pick off the website to the value of £10. I spent ages deciding which ones I’d most like as there is so many books to choose from.  Ruth knew I liked Polka Dots (after having read my blog) and she suggested that I may like the books by Claire Beeton as they feature illustrations that have originally been done in felt and fabric. She wasn’t sure if there was any polka dots in them but she thought that I’d like them anyway. She was quite right! I opted for the board books ‘How Loud Is A Lion?’ and ‘One Moose, Twenty Mice’ which are both illustrated by Claire Beaton and written by Stella Blackstone. They both cost £4.99 each which is a bargain for such beautiful books.  I was honestly surprised they were only £4.99 each as they are such good quality books and they are so nice and chunky…just perfect for little hands.
Photo of an inner page of ‘How Loud Is A Lion?’
by Barefoot Books.
The book ‘How Loud Is A Lion?‘ has 24 pages and each 2 page spread features two different animals. How Loud Is A Lion will introduce your child to the following animals:- Parrots, Porcupines,Giraffes, Gazelles, Cheetahs, Zebras, Hoopoes,Chimpanzees,Chameleons,Snakes,Antelopes,Elephants,Crocodiles,Monkeys, Gorillas,Zorillas,Hippos and Rhinos…….and of course the LION!

Photo of the back cover of ‘How Loud Is A Lion?’
by Barefoot Books.
On the website it says that the simple text and repeated refrain of ‘But how loud is a lion? Shhh! Listen!’ will help your child develop memory skills and build their vocabulary. Each two page spread shows the lion hiding and all you will see is a part of his body, like his mane or his tail, until the very last page when he is revealed.  My daughter enjoys the fun game of trying to find the lion hidden on the page.
Photo of the front cover of ‘One Moose , Twenty Mice’
by Barefoot Books.
The book ‘One Moose, Twenty Mice’ has 32 pages and it covers the numbers 1-20, which is unusual for a children’s book. Most of them only help your child count to 10. Some of the numbers are covered on one individual page and some are covered on a two page spread.  ‘One Moose,Twenty Mice’ will introduce your child to the following animals:-Moose, Crabs, Ladybirds, Whales, Horses, Ducks, Snakes, Frogs, Parrots, Tigers, Owls, Fish, Monkeys, Dogs, Dolphins, Spiders, Hens, Butterflies, Elephants and Mice.

Photo of an inner page of  ‘One Moose , Twenty Mice’
by Barefoot Books.
The book ‘One Moose, Twenty Mice’ also has a repeated refrain and it is ‘But where’s the cat?’. Just like ‘How Loud Is A Lion?’ there is a cat hidden on each number / page. You only see a part of his body each time up until the very last page when you see him in full.
Photo of the back cover of ‘One Moose , Twenty Mice’
by Barefoot Books.

The illustrations in both books are so colourful and fun. Claire Beaton must have spent a very long time stitching each page’s artwork. These books are made to be treasured and I’m sure any child would love reading and looking at them, just like my daughter does. I love the fact that your child will learn to recognise so many different animals by reading this book…I’ll be honest here…I’ve never heard of a Hoopoe or a Zorilla…have you? Even I have learnt something by reading these books! 🙂

Ruth Humphreys is a qualified Information Professional …A.K.A –  librarian and for years she worked as a children’s librarian specialising in books for babies and toddlers. Ruth became a Barefoot Ambassador as she is very passionate about books and reading. If you too would like to become a Barefoot Ambassador she can help and support you in setting up your own home based business selling Barefoot books. Ruth can be contacted on 07813047351 or you can send her a message here. 

The delivery charge for buying books from Ruth’s website is £2.49 plus 50p per additional item (capped at £4.99).

There are so many different kinds of books available on the website. The books are categorised by subject or suitable age range.  There is even a Sale section. I do love a bargain!
Photo courtesy of Barefoot Books.

Two mums started Barefoot Books back in 1992 when they wanted their children to have imaginative books that would teach their children to love the planet and to understand that the world is full of diversity and that they should respect that. According to the website ‘Barefoot Books is now a world-wide community of writers, artists, storytellers, musicians, and others who are committed to providing timeless stories and captivating art that can help children become happy, engaged members of a global society.’ If you would like to read more about Barefoot Books and the story behind how they first started then please click here.

If you would like to visit Ruth’s Barefoot Books Market Place to buy some gorgeous Barefoot Books for your children then please click here.  If you are looking to buy a Birthday or Christmas gift for a child then I think a Barefoot Book would be a wonderful idea.

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