Review of Katpak – The Disposable and Biodegradable Cat Litter Tray

Photo showing a Katpak disposable cat litter tray folded up.
I saw Katpak advertised and I approached the company to see if both my sister-in-law and my friend could review the product with their cats. Katpak kindly agreed and sent me a pack of 5 which I divided up between the two of them.  At the same time as reviewing the Katpak, they both reviewed the Natural and Clean Biodegradable Cat Litter. If you would like to read that review please click here.
Katpak is a disposable hooded cat litter tray and it is said to be the only one on the market. Each Katpak is made from a biodegradable paper and when it is finished with it can be composted as it is 100% biodegradable. The Katpak is concertina folded so that it can easily be expanded out to form a hooded cat litter tray with a hole for the cat to walk in through.
Photo showing a Katpak disposable cat litter tray folded up.
The Katpak is designed to be easy to use. It is very easy to construct the tray and once it has been filled with cat litter after up to a week of use all you have to do is pick it up and put it in the bin. If you are going to compost the product then you would need to empty out the cat litter into the bin.
Katpak say that the product eliminates the need to mess around scrubbing out cat litter trays and they say that Katpak helps to reduce the risk of infections and diseases as each Katpak is effectively a new and clean litter tray. They say that you will also be protecting yourself from diseases that are carried in cat faeces such as toxoplasmosis, as you will not need to touch any soiled cat litter. This would make the product very suitable for pregnant ladies to use with their cats as it is very important for you to avoid the risk of toxoplasmosis when pregnant as it can damage your unborn child or even worse cause miscarriage or stillbirth. You can read more about Toxoplasmosis on the Tommy’s Charity (Let’s talk baby) website.
If you would like to see some animated instructions of how to use the Katpak please click here. There is a long list of FAQ on the website with lots of answers to questions you may have about Katpak.
Photo showing a Katpak disposable cat litter tray.

The product sounds like a great idea but only if you can get your cat to use it! I’m afraid to say that my two reviewers were not very impressed with the product. My sister-in-law found the Katpak to be quite flimsy and the cat did use it but once he had soiled it he would no longer return to the Katpak tray to use it again.  She said she thought Katpak was a great idea as it eliminates the need to clean out dirty litter trays but unfortunately the product was not suited to her cat. My sister-in-law has a young child and we wondered if using the Katpak would be more hygienic around children but she felt that it was equally as unhygienic as a normal cat litter tray as the child could still access the litter and could possibly get their head stuck trying to get in the box. Obviously you should keep children away from cat litter trays but as I’m sure you know, young kids can crawl very fast and get into mischief even faster!!!

My friend tried to test out the Katpak with her cat but found that he point blank refused to use it. After waiting as long as she could for him to attempt to use it she decided to cut the top off of it to see if that would entice him in…but nothing! In the end she had to bin it and get out the normal cat litter tray for him. She doesn’t think that Katpak is worth the money at around £1.70 each and it is not something she would buy again.
Both of my reviewers didn’t like the idea of leaving any cat faeces in the litter tray for up to one week. They both said that when they use their usual open topped cat litter tray they remove any cat faeces daily and any clumps of cat litter. They both said their cats liked a clean tray and so if they left the Katpak tray dirty for up to one week the cats would refuse to use it.They found that if was too fiddly and too dark to see to attempt to remove the faeces and clumps of litter as they normally would do. this is why neither of them would personally buy the katpak…plus the cats didn’t like it.
Photo of Katpak disposable cat litter tray courtesy of
As I don’t have a cat I really can’t give much of an opinion on the Katpak. I must say that I too was surprised at how flimsy they were when I took them out of the pack to photograph. I am however very impressed that the Katpak are 100% biodegradable and compostable plus the plastic packaging that the packs come in is 100% biodegradable too.   I am unsure how eco-friendly it is though to be using a disposable product like this on a weekly basis though. I can see some occasions when the product would be invaluable and make them worth their price. It sounds like Katpak would make taking care of a cat when you are pregnant much less riskier. I also think if you were going on holiday for a couple of weeks and leaving your cat in someone else’s care then the Katpak would be an ideal alternative to a normal cat litter tray. It would be very little hassle for the cat sitter to use the Katpak when they are looking after your cat  All they have to do is extend the Katpak, put the litter in, leave it for up to a week, bin it and then repeat. You can’t get easier than that!  I think that another good thing about the Katpak is the fact that the mess of the litter tray cannot be seen by everyone…it is all contained inside the hooded tray. No more dirty cat litter trays to look at!
Photo showing a Katpak disposable cat litter tray.
I know that my two reviewers didn’t have very good experiences of the Katpak but I think a lot of this is because their cats are accustomed to the usual ‘open top’ cat litter tray. It might be that Katpaks are more successful when used from an early age with your cat. My best suggestion would be if you are keen to start using Katpak then buy a pack of 5 for £ 8.70 and give them a go. You won’t know if your cat likes Katpak unless you try them with one.
There are lots of customer testimonials on the Katpak website and you can read them here. There seems to be a lot of happy customers.
The Katpak has won several awards and this includes being a Gold Medal Winner at the British Invention Show.
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You can buy your Katpaks from various online distributors or on the Katpak website. If you would like to visit the Katpak website to buy a pack please click here. They have 4 different pack sizes available. A pack of 5 Katpaks is £8.70, a pack of 10 Katpaks is £16.40, a pack of 30 Katpaks is £49.20 and a pack of 50 Katpaks is £82.00. I am assuming that P+P is free as when you add the products to your basket and click ‘Go to checkout’ it just says you need to pay via Paypal for the cost of the packs. To find out any more I would have had to fill in all my details, etc which I didn’t want to do. Each Katpak works out at £1.70 when you buy a pack of 5 but if you buy a bigger pack size each Katpak works out at £1.64.
You can keep up to date with any news from Katpak by following them on Facebook.  

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