Review of Mama Jewels…Child-friendly necklaces for Mummies.They are fantastic!

Photo of Ruby Heart Pendant by Mama Jewels
(It is a slightly darker colour in reality)
Amanda over at Mama Jewels has kindly sent me a heart pendant necklace to review and keep and I’ve not stopped wearing it since it arrived…I love it that much! It came beautifully presented on a piece of padding in a natural coloured square box which has Mama Jewels printed on the top in a pretty silver font.  The necklace comes with a card tag attached to it which says ‘Mama Jewels – Jewellery designed for mum with baby in mind’. I like the fact that it comes in a box as it looks really luxurious and special. . . plus it makes it perfectly packaged to be given as a gift.
Photo of the gift box for the Mama Jewels necklace.
My daughter is now 20 months old and I still don’t wear necklaces at all. Before I had my daughter I would tend to wear one when I went out somewhere but since having her I have found it makes life easier to not wear a (non child-friendly) necklace as she tends to try and pull them when I carry her and breastfeed her, etc.  I do miss being able to feel dressed up though as I think a necklace and bracelets can really complete an outfit.

Photo of Ruby Heart Pendant by Mama Jewels
(It is a slightly darker colour in reality)
When Mama Jewels offered me the opportunity to test out and keep one of their pendants I was over the moon. They asked me which one I would like and I straight away knew I wanted to receive one of the heart pendants….but as to which colour…it was a hard choice! My favourites are the Honeysuckle Pink, Amber and Ruby.  In the end I picked the Ruby one and from the moment I opened the box I loved the colour. It is a lovely deep hue and looks really dressy.

I am so pleased that I have been lucky enough to receive one of these necklaces. I can once again wear a necklace but without the worry of my daughter pulling on it…snapping it..and then me having to spend all day trying to pick up tiny POTENTIAL CHOKE-HAZARD beads and then inevitably losing some under the heater or sofa…just where she will probably find them!

Photo of Ruby Heart Pendant by Mama Jewels
(It is a slightly darker colour in reality)
I have longed to be able to wear necklaces again after having my daughter but I have stayed away from them because I’m scared my daughter will break them. Mama Jewels necklaces are designed to look fashionable for Mum but to also be safe when worn with children and babies around.

Photo of Ruby Heart Pendant by Mama Jewels
As I mentioned earlier the main concern I have is that my daughter will tug on a conventional necklace and snap it causing the tiny beads to go flying everywhere. Before I became a Mum I’d never needed to think about what I’d do if my necklace got broken.  Now I do understand how much worry it would cause if you couldn’t find some of tiny beads from the broken necklace. You would be scared that your child finds them and puts them in their mouth. That is why I can say Mama Jewels really are fabulous! They are safe for you to wear around children as the beads are knotted in sets of 3 (dependant on style of necklace) so if the worst thing happens and it breaks in one place then only those 3 beads will fall off (PHEW!) but as the necklace is strength tested to 90N (I’ve no idea what that means but it does sound reassuring) it should be more or less unbreakable by a baby or child. Even I can’t break it and I have pulled on it with all my strength. (Obviously I did this for review purposes. I would have been devastated if it had of actually broken as I love it!)

The necklaces made by Mama Jewels are the first and currently the only brand of jewellery available in the UK that are safety tested. Mama Jewels have their necklaces strength tested by a UKAS Independent test house to comply with BS EN 71 (Toy standards 90N) parts 1, 2 and 3.

Photo of the writing on the gift box for the
Mama Jewels necklace.
I first heard of  Mama Jewels when I saw a piece about the product on the website inafishbowl. I loved the product but I never actually went ahead and bought one. Although now that I am a proud owner of a Mama Jewels necklace I can honestly say that I wish I’d had one from the day my daughter was born. The beads are made from a non-toxic acrylic material that is also used in the production of kid’s toys.

The necklaces are great for breastfeeding mums as the Mama Jewels necklaces are perfect for your child to twiddle and play with when they are feeding. As the beads are so colourful and eye-catching they should help to keep your child’s attention on you and their feed and hopefully distract them from being nosey and trying to look around the room.

Photo of the label from the Mama Jewels necklace.

The necklaces use an exclusive ‘SOFT TOUCH’ knotted design and they are threaded on to a soft, flexible acrylic thread. The necklace has a little acrylic tag/label which says ‘’ and this sits just at the back of your neck. It is comfortable though and doesn’t irritate.

The necklaces are dishwasher and steriliser safe and it says on the website that you can let your child chew on it and use it as a teething necklace . I can’t say that I would actively encourage my daughter to chew or suck the necklace as I’m still scared of the thought of it breaking (even though it shouldn’t) and her choking on a bead but at least I would know that the beads are non-toxic and that I could keep the necklace hygienically clean in case she should try and put it in her mouth. The necklaces do carry a 0-3 years warning as there is a risk of strangulation if a child was left alone with one of the necklaces and there is always the small possibility that a small part (i.e-bead) could become loose and pose a choking hazard. This is why I certainly wouldn’t want my daughter to be sucking on one of these necklaces. I still love the product, would definitely recommend them and I want to buy more of the Mama Jewels jewellery…but I personally don’t think it is ever a good idea to encourage your young child to suck on small items like beads….even if they are non-toxic, sterilised and hopefully, very securely fixed in to a unbreakable (by child) necklace. Having said that I see danger everywhere…even where it probably doesn’t exist. I get that from my Mum. So you can blame her! 🙂  You may be a bit more relaxed than me and be more than happy for your child to use this as a teether, in which case you are potentially getting more for your money! As you’ll be getting a teether and a necklace! Unlike me who would only use it as a necklace.

Mama Jewels have so many wonderful designs available on their website. Click here to go and take a look. My favourites are the Ruby Heart pendant which I received, the Pink Miranda Heart pendant and the Boho String in Tangerine. They also offer a Bespoke design service so if you know the kind of necklace or bracelet you are looking for but can’t find it on the site then they can make one to your specifications.

Photo of Ruby Heart Pendant by Mama Jewels

I love the fact that the jewellery is not just aimed at Mums but at anyone who has contact or works with children. Such as Grandmothers, Nannies, Carers, Teachers, Childminders! The jewellery designs are so modern and on trend that anybody would want to wear them. I know I do!

Mama Jewels would make a wonderful New Mum Gift or a present for a Birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Easter…you name the occasion and you are sure to find a piece of jewellery on Mama Jewels to suit.

All of the Mama Jewels products carry a 1 year no quibble guarantee and they do offer refunds as long as you contact them within 7 days of receiving the item. There are some terms and conditions involved with the refund process and you can read them here.

All of the Mama Jewels jewellery is handmade to order in the UK. The necklaces are designed by Mums for Mums and it is obvious! Who else, other than a Mum, would know how important it is to make your necklace unbreakable by a toddler and child-friendly whilst being fashionable at the same time. Well done Amanda for a wonderful product that really is unique. I will continue wearing mine for years to come and as I don’t see any reason why it should break it should last a lifetime if I look after it properly. I intend to hand it down to my daughter when she is older.  It will make a lovely keepsake.

Photo of Ruby Heart Pendant by Mama Jewels
Standard UK delivery is £3.00 and Special delivery is £6.50. The delivery cost is only shown on the checkout page when you have something added to your basket. I do think it would be better if the delivery costs were also shown on the the Delivery and Returns page.
Photo courtesy of Mama Jewels.
Mama Jewels was launched back in May 2010 by Mumpreneur Amanda Waring.  She had been designing and making jewellery under the name Niche Boutique since 2001 but when she had her first son in 2006 she had to temporarily stop wearing the beautiful items that she lovingly made as she was worried her son would break them or try to pull them, chew them, bite them, etc.  She started to search for some child-friendly jewellery that she could buy so that she could once again accessorise except she found that the only products available looked like toys and not like the stylish necklaces she was used to making herself. So…she decided that she would fill the gap in the market and start to make glamorous, fashionable jewellery that just happened to be child-friendly too! She spent a year doing research and then another year developing the product and then when she was happy with her final designs she started her own website Mama Jewels and launched the products.
Photo of the label from the Mama Jewels necklace.

If you would like to read some customer testimonials please click here.

Mama Jewels have their own blog and if you like you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook. They even have their own You Tube channel.

In conclusion, I think that Mama Jewels are excellent quality and I don’t hesitate in recommending them to you. The necklace prices start at £22.95 but I feel they are worth every penny for the peace of mind that they give you. . . .plus they are such beautiful designs.

If you would like to visit the Mama Jewels website please click here. While you are there don’t forget to look at the other products they sell. This includes Silver   Personalised Jewellery, Pregnancy Bola Pendants and Breastfeeding reminder bracelets.

Photo of Breastfeeding reminder bracelet
courtesy of Mama Jewels.

At the moment Mama Jewels have an offer on the deal website Goodypass.  The website is co-owned by Kate Garraway (Entertainment Editor of Daybreak) and she says that she thinks the necklaces are lovely. The offer is that you can buy a Goody Pass voucher for £12 that allows you to buy a Limited Edition Miranda Pink Heart necklace for £12 plus £3 P+P instead of the usual £25.95 plus £3 P+P. You are saving a massive £13.95! The voucher can only be used against the Miranda Pink necklace and the voucher is only valid until 30 June 2011. I am unsure how long the voucher will be available to buy on the Goodypass website though.

If you would like to contact Amanda at Mama Jewels you can phone her on +44 7720 890552 or email her on

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