Review of Sheer Cover Mineral Makeup

Photo of Sheer Cover Introductory Kit.
The wonderful Aaron over at the PR company Publicasity kindly sorted it for me to be sent out a Introductory Make-Up kit by Sheer Cover. The Sheer Cover kit was so gorgeous that the minute it arrived in the post my sister nabbed it! She had seen mineral make up advertised before and really wanted to try it out and so I decided to be nice and let her keep the kit.

Sheer Cover is brought to you by a company called Guthy-Renker. You can read all about them here. I had never heard of Sheer Cover nor Guthy-Renker before receiving the review products. I’m pleased that we have had the opportunity to test out the Sheer Cover products as my sister loves them and has already started recommending them to her friends. One of them even went ahead and bought a mineral foundation from the Sheer Cover website on her recommendation.

Photo of Sheer Cover Tips and Tricks Booklet

Sheer Cover sells a wonderful range of mineral makeup. I didn’t know much about mineral makeup until I read the info on the Sheer Cover website. It says that Hollywood make-up artists love to use mineral make-up as it gives a natural, radiant coverage on the skin. Judging by the results by sister has achieved with this set..that statement is quite true. My sister looks so fresh faced when she is wearing the Sheer Cover products. She looks like she has spent hours perfecting that much sought-after ‘natural’ look but in actual fact she has only spent a very short time.

The mineral foundation by Sheer Cover is easy to apply as it is so finely ground up. My sister found it covered her skin really well and it just looks so natural and perfect! There are no oils, perfumes, dyes or talc in the Sheer Cover® mineral makeup. I would think that has to be better for your skin.

According to the Sheer Cover website the benefits of mineral make-up are as follows:-

  • You can achieve a luminescent, flawless finish because the pure mineral pigments mix with the natural oils in your skin. This will allow the foundation to cover up any skin flaws but without making you look like you have lots of heavy make-up on. Due to the fact that the mineral foundation is so finely ground you will find the product is comfortable to wear.
  • The mineral foundation is sweat and tear proof. This is great as you will not have the worry of your skin imperfections revealing themselves during the day and you will not need to constantly re-touch your make-up.
  • The Sheer Cover mineral powder makeup can help to protect your skin from the premature ageing effects of the sun’s harmful rays as it is rated SPF15.

Sheer Cover are so confident that you will love the products that they offer a 60-day money back guarantee!!  They say that you can try out any product at home for a full 60 days and if you are not entirely happy or you change your mind, then all you have to do is contact you Beauty Consultant and they will arrange for you to get your money back. I really don’t think you can say any fairer than that! Judging by the fact that my sister wouldn’t even let me bring the products home to photograph I think you can safely say that she loved them and had she actually bought and paid for them I don’t think there would be any chance of her taking advantage of the money back guarantee that Sheer Cover offer.

The Sheer Cover website is a treasure trove of information on mineral make-up, make-up techniques and information about Sheer Cover products. I really urge you to visit the website to take a look at all the topics the site covers. I have included a few links for you here:-

  • Beauty tips for Mums – including ‘How to get the natural look in only 10 minutes’ and ‘How to cover under-eye bags.’
  • Videos showing you how to apply Sheer Cover products and get the most from them.
  • Before and After photos of people using Sheer Cover products.
  • Information about mineral make-up products.
  • Sheer Cover product ingredients lists.
  • Details about the Sheer Cover Perfect Skin Plan. (Read more about this later on in the review)

The Introductory Kit that my sister received contained the following products:-
• 2 x Mineral Foundation in two shades (1.5g each)
• Duo Concealer in two shades (1.5g)
• Extra-Length Mascara (4ml)
• Base Perfector (15ml)

The kit also contained 4 free gifts worth over £50:

• Sheer Cover Studio Foundation Brush
• Sheer Cover Concealer Brush
• Sheer Colour® Compact
• Sheer Cover Vanity Case (Black)

PLUS the Sheer Cover® Application Tips & Tricks DVD

Photo showing the two Sheer Cover mineral foundations

The mineral foundations my sister received were in Bisque and Nude. She loves the foundations and uses both colours individually. She doesn’t tend to mix the colours together, which is something that you can do if you are trying to achieve the perfect shade for your skin. She has used the foundations nearly every day for the last 4 months and she still has some product left in each pot!
Photo of mineral foundation colours courtesy of Sheer Cover.
She has found that the product stays on her face for at least 12 hours and it is easily removed with facial cleansing wipes. She says that she gets great coverage from the product and it even covers some of her freckles. It is comfortable to wear and not at all cakey, like some liquid foundations. She would definitely buy this product again and she says she will even be trying to re-fill the empty pots with face powder as they are such a handy size.

Photo showing the two Sheer Cover mineral foundations

Unfortunately my sister wasn’t too keen on the duo concealer in the set. She received the concealer in the light/ medium colourway but she didn’t feel as though she could find the right match for her skin tone. She didn’t like the way the product felt on her skin and she couldn’t make the product blend very easily but she was pleased with how well it covered her freckles. If she thought she could get the correct shade for her skin she would consider using this product again as it did cover her freckles.

Photo of concealer colours courtesy of Sheer Cover.

The mascara is a black /brown colour and it gives the appearance of natural looking lashes. It is not too over the top which is what I like about it. My sister on the other hand prefers the fake eyelash look…which is good for me as she generously gave me back the Sheer Cover mascara!
Photo of Sheer Cover products
My sister is highly impressed with the base perfector and this too, like the mineral foundations, has been used on a daily basis.  You apply a thin layer of the silky base perfector cream to your face after you have moisturised and it should make your pores appear smaller and the lines on your face les visible. My sister is still young and doesn’t have any lines on her face so I can’t vouch for it making them less visible but she does say that it makes her face very smooth and it gives you the perfect base onto which you can then apply your mineral foundation. She says it rubs in very easily and she has used it under other well known brands of liquid foundation and she still gets the same flawless effect. She would definitely recommend this product to you and she would love to buy it again in the future when it finally runs out. 
Photo of Sheer Cover Colour Compact

The Sheer Colour Compact is a nice handy sized set which contains a cream black eyeliner, cream highlighters, a lipgloss, an application brush and a mirror. My sister likes this product and she has used all of the products within the set. The lipglosses are nice and glossy and the highlighters have a lovely sheen to them. My sister hadn’t realised at first that the set contained both highlighters and lipglosses….she thought they were all for your lips. Thus the highlighters have been used successfully as lipglosses too! 🙂  And they looked lovely, I might add. The colours in the set all work together nicely to help you achieve a natural look.   

Photo of Sheer Cover Colour Compact.
My sister says that the two brushes that came with the set do a good job of applying the make-up. The brushes she received were a Concealer brush and a Foundation brush. She did have an issue with the handle breaking on one of them but I contacted Aaron who in turn contacted Sheer Cover and they sent out a replacement brush straight away. That is a great example of good customer service. You can read more about the cosmetic brushes that came with the set by clicking here.
Photo of Sheer Cover Vanity Case

The products that I have discussed above all came nicely presented in a shiny black zip up make-up bag. There is plenty of room for all the products plus some more of your own collection. You will see from the photo that the make-up case has had lots of use…it is covered in fingerprints and make-up ! The case is very chic and I think it is great that you get a case to keep all the products in. It helps you to be organised with your make-up….plus it looks classy!

Photo of Sheer Cover Tips and Tricks DVD
There is also a Tips and Tricks DVD and a booklet showing you how to use the make-up. I will be honest here and say we have neither watched the DVD nor read the leaflet fully. However it is nice to know that we have a reference book and DVD to refer to when we need some inspiration or some guidance. The 60 minute DVD shows you how to custom blend your foundation, camouflage blemishes and dark circles and create luminous,sultry day-to-night looks.
Photo of Sheer Cover Tips and Tricks DVD
The Sheer Cover Introductory kit is available to buy for a one-off payment of £29.99 plus a P+P charge of £5.95. I think this is a fantastic price for what you get. The items in the set have been used very frequently and there is still some left product left after 4 months!
Photo of Sheer Cover Tips and Tricks Booklet
Sheer Cover also offer a Perfect Skin Plan. This type of plan is something I would never have associated with make-up…but it really does make sense!  Basically you order a Sheer Cover Deluxe Kit and you then pay for it in 3 monthly instalments of £19.95. After you have paid the 3 monthly amounts of £19.95 plus a P+P charge of £5.95 they will then send you a repeat Deluxe Kit (minus the listed free gifts) and you continue to pay for that second kit by paying another 3 monthly instalments of £19.95. What this means is that the Deluxe Kit ends up costing you £59.85 plus a P+P charge of £5.95 and the intention is that the kit will last you for 3 months. The Deluxe Kit contains exactly the same products as the Introductory kit the only difference is the sizes of the foundations, concealer and the mascara. In the Deluxe kit you receive 2 x 4g pots of foundation instead of 2 x 1.5g, you receive a 3g duo concealer instead of a 1.5g one and the mascara is 9ml instead of 4ml.  There are some additional benefits if you join the Perfect Skin Plan , such as you can get a discount on any individual products you buy from Sheer Cover. You can read about more of the benefits of the Perfect Skin Plan by clicking here and if you visit the FAQ page you you can read some questions and answers regarding the VIP plan.
Photo of Sheer Cover Tips and Tricks Booklet
I must admit I do find the details about how to join the plan quite confusing. I can’t quite work out if you only join the VIP plan by ordering the Deluxe Kit or if indeed you also join by just ordering the Introductory kit? I had assumed that you only join by opting for the Deluxe Kit to be payed by 3 monthy instalments but then I read the FAQ ‘What is the VIP Beauty Plan and how does it work?’ and that confused me.
It says the following:-
When you order a TV offer kit, you automatically qualify for the the VIP membership.
Here’s a peek at what you can expect:
  • New collection ready when you are, delivered straight to your door every 90 days (one month after your Introductory kit and 3 months after your Deluxe upgrade)
Photo of Sheer Cover Tips and Tricks Booklet
On first reading the details of the Perfect Skin Plan here I thought you had to OPT IN to the VIP Plan but when I read the statement I mentioned above about getting a new set every 90 days but one month after your introductory kit I just got confused.  I had previously thought that by buying the Introductory kit you were just buying it as a one-off, not actually agreeing to be sent any more kits on a 3 monthly basis(?). I think the best thing I can suggest is that if you are thinking of ordering a Sheer Cover set then maybe it would be a good idea to phone up and speak to someone to just discuss whether or not you wish to join the Perfect Skin Plan. It does say that there is no obligation, no minimum deliviries or membership charges and it says that you can make changes or cancel at any time.  This is reassuring as you can at least cancel if you change your mind or accidentally join the plan when you didn’t originally want to.  I think the idea of having the set delivered to your door every 3 months is great. All mums have so much to worry about and organise and if they know that they can have their supply of make-up delivered to their door on a regular basis it could be a weight off of their minds.  If you wish to phone Sheer Cover the number is 0800 988 7858 UK or 1800 805 414 Ireland (Mon-Fri, 8am-7pm) & Saturday (9am-1pm).

Sheer Cover recently commisioned a survey polling women from across the UK and here are some of the results. It makes for interesting reading:-
  • 50% of mums feel pressure to look good from other mums versus only 10% from celebrities
  • 1/3 of mums spend less than 5 minutes in the morning doing their make-up compared to 1/5 of non-mums.
  • Only 2% of women selected their mums as their beauty role models.
  • 1 in 10 mums have avoided social situations because they are unhappy with their appearance
  • 40% of mums felt better about themselves before children

Reading those survey results makes me realise I am not alone in the fact that I spend less than 5 minute a day in doing my make-up. I wish I did have more time to spend doing my hair and make-up as it does wonders for a girl’s self-esteem. Maybe when my daughter is a bit older I will be able to spend a little more time on looking after myself. Who knows, I may even be lucky and she might consider me as her beauty role model? I doubt it though! 🙂

You can read more results from the survey here on the Publicasity website.

In conclusion, my sister is extremely happy with the products from Sheer Cover and she highly recommends the mineral foundations and base perfector to you. She loves the Introductory kit as you get an opportunity to test out the Sheer Cover products without having to spend too much money. She has had so many comments from friends on how wonderful the Sheer Cover make-up looks on her skin. You could either opt to buy one of the Introductory or Deluxe kits but if you prefer to just by a single product then Sheer Cover also sell the items individually. Sheer Cover products do cost more money than the normal cosmetics that my sister and I buy but they do seem to last a long time and provide fantastic results. Therefore we would say that they are worth the higher price tag.

Photo of Sheer Cover Tips and Tricks Booklet
If you would like to visit the Sheer Cover site please click here.

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