Review of body temperature regulating Silk Cot Duvet from The Silk Home

Little ted snuggled up for bed in his
100% silk cot duvet from The Silk Home

My daughter is now 21 months old and I felt it was about time that she had a ‘proper’ duvet/quilt in her cot. I never felt like I was ‘tucking her’ in warm and snug when she just had her holey blankets or she was in her sleeping bag. It was a big decision to make to decide to use a duvet as I really worry about the potential risk of suffocation with a duvet…. but they say it is safe to use a duvet when you child is over 12 months of age and not before that. In the end I decided to go for it! …. and get a quilt for her cot.

I contacted Mark at The Silk Home as I had seen his Silk Cot Duvets advertised and I thought they looked great…very luxurious and super snuggly! I asked him if there would be an opportunity to be sent one out to road-test and it was my lucky day as he said YES!

You can see the beautiful sheen of the 300 thread
count cotton sateen cover.

The Silk Cot Duvet is quite pricey at £45 but that is because it is filled with costly 100% finest mulberry silk and covered in 300 thread count sateen cotton. When it arrived I was gobsmacked! It was really so luxurious…much more than I had imagined it would be! It came in a beautiful blanket bag which you can use for storage of the quilt and there is also a matching 300 count cotton sateen drawstring bag with ‘The Silk Home’ embellished upon it. The quilt itself is so soft because of the high thread count outer and there is a nice weight to the quilt.. For some reason I was expecting it to be quite light but the weight really adds to the snugness of the quilt.

Photo showing one of the many loop details around the
outer edge of the silk cot duvet
The Silk Cot Duvet is 3 tog and as it is silk it can help to regulate body temperature and stop your child from becoming overheated. This is because silk wicks away moisture from the skin unlike cotton which retains moisture. Silk is breathable which means that it will draw away excess heat and this in turn will help to keep your child’s body at a comfortable temperature throughout their night’s sleep. According to The Silk Home, silk is also said to have soothing properties such as it’s reported ability to relieve skin irritation and  poor circulation.

The Silk Cot Duvet measures 120cm x 150cm which is the standard size for a cot duvet. I’ve never seen a cot duvet before but I am quite shocked by the size. If you fold the duvet in half lengthwise then that equals the exact size of the mattress in my daughter’s cot. This means that I have to fold nearly half of the length of the quilt under the bottom of the mattress and then I have to tuck lots of quilt under each side of the mattress.  . .  this then gives me the correct size to cover the mattress and my daughter.

Photo showing the silk filling in the cot duvet from The Silk Home.

I think it is good that the quilt is large as you then know you can use it for many years to come on your child’s junior bed.  The large size does pose a slight worry to me though that it will become untucked from under the mattress and my daughter could get tangled up in it.  Although I like the large size because you can use it for longer I think it would be a good idea for The Silk Home to start selling a quilt just big enough for a standard cot mattress… so about half the size of the one that I received. It would then hopefully cost a bit over half the price of the current cot duvet which would be much more affordable for those of us on a budget.

The cot duvet should be covered with a duvet cover but I haven’t yet bought one or got round to making one…but I must do so soon as it will extend the life of the quilt by caring for it properly and using a cover. As far as I’m aware any ‘cot sized duvet cover’ should fit the silk cot duvet. There is loop detailing on the edges of the duvet and there is a small zip that allows you to see the silk inside the duvet. The duvet is so extremely soft and silky!

The blanket bag that came with the silk cot duvet.
The silk filled cot duvet is machine washable at 30°C and they recommend you use a mild detergent such as the one they sell called Tenestar. After washing the duvet it can be tumble dried on a cool setting.

The Silk Home say that if their products are properly treated (i.e-using a removable, washable cover),  then they should almost never require cleaning. Unlike traditional bedding, the products from The Silk Home are resistant to house-dust mites (Great for allergy sufferers!) and they are naturally hypo-allergenic due to the silk fibre. As the use of the silk bedding should not encourage perspiration it should only be necessary to thoroughly clean the silk bedding once or twice a year. You can do this by hand or machine washing some of the silk products (such as the cot duvet) or by simply hanging them out to air in the sun for a couple of hours. Make sure to double check the care label before you put the bedding in the washing machine though. 🙂

The 300 thread count cotton drawstring bag that
came with the silk cot duvet

The Silk Home charges £7.50 for standard delivery orders weighing under 30kg within UK mainland and N.Ireland. This is quite an expensive P+P charge and I would be reluctant to pay this myself. The website doesn’t state whether this is delivered by post or by courier. It just says it will take 1-2 days after dispatch. Personally I would prefer to see a cheaper P+P charge than this. However I am unsure what each product weighs, such as a standard double or king size duvet or a pair of pillows, etc. It may be that the silk products are very heavy which would explain the high postal charges.

Photo showing the ‘Silk Home’ label on the Cot Duvet.


The Silk Home operates a 14 days return policy and you can get an exchange or full refund as long as the goods that you return to them are unused and in the original condition. To read more about the return policy please click here.
The blanket bag that came with the silk cot duvet


In conclusion I am very impressed with this Silk Cot Duvet and if it was within my budget I would most definitely buy one. Luckily for me …or more importantly my daughter..we get to keep this review product .  The product is luxurious and I love the fact that it can help to keep my daughter warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I think a silk cot duvet , silk blanket or silk sleeping bag would make a fantastic gift for a child…whether as a baby shower gift or as a birthday present. Any parent would love to receive this silk cot duvet for their child as it really snuggles your child up in their bed and with any luck will help to encourage them to want to go to bed and to then go to sleep?…. Here’s hoping! 🙂 Anything that may help my daughter to get a good night’s sleep is welcomed by me. 🙂
Photo shows that when the duvet is folded in half lengthwise
it is exactly the same size as the mattress in my daughter’s cot.

If you would like to visit ‘The Silk Home’ website to buy your own silk cot duvet please click here. I recommend you have a look at the blog for The Silk Home as there lots of interesting posts including the benefits of silk and a comparison between different silks.


“The Silk Home” was established in 2009 by colleagues Mark Pearce and Jane 2009. They both knew first-hand the benefits of using high-quality silk bedding products and they decided that they would start a business selling it! They did lots of research and discovered that there was a lot of silk bedding products available in the UK but there was a lot of variety in the quality of the silk used. They decided that ‘The Silk Home’ would only sell the best quality silk products and they would achieve this by sourcing direct from Chinese farmers. The Silk Home makes sure that all the silk used in their products is ethically sourced and only purchased from a family-run factory. This guarantees that the farmers are getting paid a fair price for their silk. The Silk Home currently has two offices…one in the UK and one in China.

Photo showing the Care Label on the Silk Cot duvet.

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