Review of ‘Boost Your Wash’ In-Wash Stain Remover.

Photo of Boost Your Wash Stain Remover

They say ‘Don’t air your dirty laundry in public’….but look what my latest review product has got me doing…….

Photo of a dirty sock for the ‘Boost Your Wash’ Road Test.
Photo of a dirty top for the ‘Boost Your Wash’ Road Test.

Yep, that’s right! Airing my dirty laundry in public! But I do hope you will believe me when I say the sock is only that dirty for review purposes! I don’t normally walk around in the mud wearing white socks..only when I have to for this blog.  The top however is genuinely dirty after my daughter ate her meal without a bib! You know how messy kids get at meal times!  That is exactly the reason I jumped at the chance to road test the new in-wash stain remover called ‘Boost Your Wash’.

I was getting very fed up with so many of my daughter’s clothes being ruined from food stains. I had tried lots of things to get the stains out but nothing really seemed to work. My sister-in-law was experiencing the same problem with her daughter’s clothes and so she too was eager to test out the product. 

Photo of Boost Your Wash Stain Remover
Aaron at Publicasity kindly arranged for me to be sent 3 bottles of Boost – one for me, one for my sister-in-law and one for my mum. We would all be putting it to the test.
‘Boost Your Wash is a laundry enhancer that it supposed to transform your usual washing detergent into a power cleaner. All you have to do is add 1 or 2 capfuls of ‘Boost’to your usual washing detergent and then hey presto….your detergent should now power clean through stains such as food, mud, grease, sweat marks, grass, blood, etc. At the same time it should eliminate lingering odours and because it has antibacterial properties it should kill germs on your clothes, even when washed at low temperatures.

‘Boost Your Wash’ comes in a screw top bottle and it has the most cheerful packaging I have ever seen on a stain remover.  The bottle has an image of the word ‘Boost’ hanging on a clothes line. Each letter is designed to look like a piece of clothing. The ‘B’ is a towel, the ‘ O’ some jeans, etc. My favourite is the polka dot ‘S’ !!  Talking about my beloved polka dots . . . along with our bottles of Boost we were also sent a  red spotty peg bag each for when we peg out our washing.  Thanks ‘Boost’ they are lovely.  I really like the cloudy sky background and the summery green grass on the packaging. All the design elements on the packaging conjures up in my mind the scent of clean laundry blowing in the wind.  If I saw this vibrant and fun bottle of ‘Boost’ on the shelves at my local supermarket shelf I would definitely consider purchasing it over any other brand . . .  just because I like the packaging!
Each 500g bottle of ‘Boost’ should contain enough powder for 16 washes….I’m not sure if this is 16 washes with one scoop or with two?  Normally I am very stingy with my washing powder and I only use half the recommended dose of fabric conditioner, detergent , etc. I blame my mum for this as she has conditioned me to the idea that you don’t need as much as they say you do on the packaging.  Although for the purposes of this review I have done all my washing using the recommended doses. So I used 2 tablets of my current detergent which is BOLD 2 in 1 and 2 capfuls of ‘Boost’. 

Photo of Boost Your Wash Stain Remover
along with my Bold 2 in 1 tablets
It pains me to say this but I didn’t notice any difference in the removal of stains during the wash when I used Boost.  The problem with reviewing a product like this is that I may have had a worse result from just using the Bold 2 in 1 without ‘Boost’ . . . but I’ll never know. I have discovered that In-Wash Stain removers are a hard product to review. If it was a detergent I was reviewing I could say yes or no it worked but with a in-wash stain remover you can’t tell if it was the stain remover doing the job of removing the stains or actually your original detergent.   In this case though, I washed some clothes with some really stubborn stains and ‘Boost’ didn’t have any affect on them when used with my usual detergent. I do the majority of my washes at 30°C as I have a machine with a quick 30 minute cycle. I really do not have the patience to wait while my machine does the normal 40°C wash as it takes nearly 2 hours.  ‘Boost’ does not state any recommended wash temperatures on the packaging however it does say on the website that it kills germs even at low temperatures. This therefore makes me think that is okay to use it in a 30°C wash.  Even though I didn’t really notice any difference in the removal of stains, I am very impressed with the thought that it will have killed any germs or bacteria in the wash. I’ll be honest in saying I never much think about buying a powder with antibacterial properties so it was a first for me to use a product that could kill germs. It is reassuring to think that my daughter’s clothes are now, hopefully, germ free. As I couldn’t think of a way of testing if the antibacterial properties had worked…I took Boost’s word for it. I can however vouch for the fact that ‘Boost’ does remove stubborn odours as I put a really damp smelling tea towel in the wash load to see if ‘Boost’ would remove the odour…and it did!

I change the brand of detergent I use regularly…I buy whichever one is on the best offer in the shops. Therefore it might be that the stain removing performance of Boost works better with different brands of detergent to the one I used. I also found that if I increased the washing temperature to 40°C then I had slightly better results.  I washed the dirty sock and the dirty t-shirt in a 40°C wash with Bold 2 in 1 and ‘Boost’ and you can see the ‘after’ results below. The ‘before’ photos are at the top of this review.

Photo of the ‘dirty’ sock after being washed with my
normal detergent and Boost Your Wash.

Photo of the ‘dirty top’ after being washed with my
normal detergent and Boost Your Wash.

You can see that the combination of Bold 2 in 1 detergent and ‘Boost‘ has removed a lot of the stain but unfortunately not all of it. What I would absolutely love would be to find a product that really, truly gets rid of all stains. That would make my day! 🙂 I’m not sure that such a product exists though. 🙁

When I first opened the bottle of ‘Boost‘ I was expecting it to be a liquid so I was quite surprised to see it is in fact a granulated powder. One thing I prefer about it being a powder is that it is easier to clean up if I spill any. There is also the advantage that I could even put it back in the bottle and still use it. If it was a liquid and it gets spilt then you end up mopping it up and wasting it.  I liked the fact that it has a screw top measuring cap as it is much more convenient to use than a box of powder with a separate measuring cup (which I always end up losing). Also I find the bottle is easier to store than a box as ,if needs be,  it can laid flat in an available space on top of all the other ‘dangerous to children’ items that I have in my kitchen….really high up and most definitely out of my daughter’s reach. 

Photo of Boost Your Wash Stain Remover
My sister-in-law had the same experience to me I’m afraid and she didn’t notice any improvement in the stain removing power of her detergent. Both of us were hoping that ‘Boost’ would solve our problem of orange food stains on our kid’s clothes but it didn’t remove the stains any more than our normal detergent does. She tried the ‘Boost’ in various wash temperatures from 50°C down to 30°C but noticed no difference. One of the stains she really wanted it to remove was dried-on banana but sadly it remained after the wash.

Please however don’t think that it is all negative!! There is still my mum’s results…. She loved the ‘Boost’ stain remover! She used it along with her normal detergent and voila.. it removed stains from my dad’s white work overalls. She washes his overalls each week with the same detergent and with the same stains on his overalls and always gets the same ‘normal’ results. This all changed when she used the ‘Boost’ in the wash. She found the overalls looked much whiter and cleaner than normal. As a lot of the stains on the overalls are paint we wouldn’t expect the Boost to remove those but it did manage to improve the overall (excuse the pun) appearance of the overalls. She said she found it worked best at 40°C or higher which is the same conclusion that we came to.

Boost your Wash is available from a few different retailers but it is currently half price at Waitrose. You can currently buy it for the bargain price of £2.03 instead of the usual £4.07.  At that price it really is worth buying a bottle and having a go yourself.  ‘Boost’ offer a money back guarantee so you really have nothing to lose but everything to gain. As you can see from our road test, the product worked differently for all of us. I think the stain removal properties were more keenly noticed by my Mum as she is washing the same garments on a weekly basis and therefore found it easier to tell if the Boost improved the cleanliness of them.

Here is some of the important information from the back of the bottle of Boost Your Wash:-

  • Suitable for whites and colour fast fabrics
  • For use with all liquid and powder detergents
  • No added fragrance
  • Boost contains –  More than 30% Oxygen based bleaching agents and less than 5% enzymes.
  • Per 100g contains 3.07g Peracetic Acid (from 40g Sodium Percarbonate & 4.6g TAED)
  • Contins Enzyme Protein, Subtilisin.
  • May produce an allergic reaction.

If you would like to visit the Waitrose website to buy your own bottle of Boost please click here.

Photo courtesy of Boost Your Wash

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