Review of the perfect party skirt by Oobi Baby and a 1950/60’s style spotty dress by Rock Your Baby. Items supplied by kid’s online boutique Due South.

Photo of the White Darcy Skirt by Oobi baby
 I was so delighted when Due South asked me to pick something from their new website to review on My Mummy Reviews.   Due South is a one-stop shop for Australian designed products. They sell Clothing, Toys, Homewares and Jewellery. The brands they sell include Oobi Baby, Rock Your Baby and DINGaRINGS.
Due South logo courtesy of Due South
When I spotted the Darcy skirt in White by Oobi Baby I just knew my daughter would love it…and I wasn’t wrong! As soon as I unwrapped it from the parcel she had it on and started twirling in it. She was only 20 months old and as I don’t go twirling round the house I can only guess it is an instinct that all little girl’s have when presented with such a gloriously frothy princess skirt!
Photo of the White Darcy Skirt by Oobi baby
The skirt is made from a 100% polyester net with a polycotton lining and a cotton broderie anglaise yoke.  The net is very soft and not at all scratchy. When you look at the skirt you think that it must be made from loads o layers of net but in fact it is only two! All of the fullness comes from the addition of ruffled net at the hem of the skirt and also from the sheer quantity of netting use in the skirt.
Photo of the White Darcy Skirt by Oobi baby
The skirt has a wide elasticated waist that stretches very easily. I ordered the skirt in a size 3-4 years and although it fits my daughter now I am confident that the elastic will stretch until she is 4 years or maybe slightly older.  The waist has two damask style ribbons attached that can be tied into a bow. They are only for show and do not actually alter the waist size in any way.
Photo of the White Darcy Skirt by Oobi baby
The skirt has a thin polycotton lining which allows your child to stay comfortable in the skirt  but it also adds a bit of modesty and the net is see-through.
Photo of the White Darcy Skirt by Oobi baby
The skirt retails at £50 which is a lot of money but even though I am normally extremely stingy..I would buy this skirt! It has to be worth the money for such a gorgeous item! It is every girl’s dream skirt. Not only my daughter’s but my dream skirt too…although I am also very smitten by the Ella Skirt in Red Polka Dots also by Oobi Baby.   My daughter absolutely adores the Darcy skirt and she has worn it so many times around the house. She loves dancing in it to the music channels!!  My daughter’s birthday is in a few months time and she will definitely be wearing this skirt on the day. I tend to use it more as an underskirt than on it’s own…but that is mainly because it is white and I don’t want her spilling things on it. It makes a fabulous underskirt / Petticoat as it puffs out all her dresses to make them look so 50/60’s style!  Now all they need to do is make one to fit me and I ‘ll be over the moon!
Photo of the White Darcy Skirt by Oobi baby

The Darcy skirt  in White is now on sale at £25 but it used to be £50. You can buy it here. You can also buy it full price in a really vibrant red, a girly hot pink and also in a deep navy blue. The colours look gorgeous on the net and I’m sure they will be perfect for the summer.  I love the fact you can buy it in Navy as if you have a daughter who is only *secretly * girly then she could wear the Blue and not feel as though she is too princessy.  I would highly recommend the Darcy skirt to you and if you are looking for a special Birthday or Christmas present for your daughter then this has to be it!

Presentation box of the Oobi baby Lacy top
I was really touched to see that Sarah at Due South had noted my love of Polka Dots and decided to send me a Polka Dot dress for my daughter too and not only that but a matching vest top for the Darcy Skirt.
Presentation box for the Oobi baby Lacy top.
I really couldn’t believe my eyes when underneath the glorious Darcy skirt was a polka dot box containing a short sleeve top by Oobi Baby and the retro styled full circle dress by Rock Your Baby in none other than POLKA DOTS!!!
photo of the Red Spot dress by Rock Your Baby

The dress is stunning and it looks fabulous over the top of the Darcy skirt. It is made by Rock Your Baby and it was sent to me in an age 2 years. It is a bit on the small size for the age but because of the stretch of the material I should be able to give it a good stretch so that my daughter can wear it for a little while longer! I have a habit of doing my utmost to make garments stretch if I really like them. I pull the waist band, the necklines and the armholes until the stretch has gone and then it fits my daughter a bit longer! This isn’t a sign of my stinginess I promise…It’s just as kids grow so quickly it is such a shame for something as pretty as this to only be worn a handful of times.  Again I don’t do it with ALL her clothes…only the ones that are too adorable to be packed away in the loft!  The dress was £27.50 but it is now on sale at the bargain price of £12.50! You can buy it here.  The dress has a white fabric flower brooch on it which is a really lovely finishing touch.  I have machine washed the dress on 30 degrees and it has washed really well. I love the fullness of the circle skirt on the dress. It is such a 1950’s style dress…one made for wearing to parties and having fun on holidays! There are also lots of other beautiful items by Rock Your baby available at Due South…such as the When Doves Cry Red Trousers and the Three Ribbons Dress.

Photo of the Red Spot dress by Rock Your Baby
The top by Oobi Baby is called ‘Lacy’ and it is a pink colour called Fairy Floss. It came folded up in a polka dot box with a clear lid. Due to the packaging this would make a lovely present for someone. One thing I would suggest is if you have a niece or grand-daughter etc that you want to post a present too then this would be perfect as it comes in a thin box and it hardly weighs anything at all. It would make any girl’s day to receive this through the post. The top is made to match with the Oobi darcy skirts as it has matching broderie anglaise trim on the arms and on the hem and the signature Oobi Baby label on display. There are 3 fabric covered buttons glued on the front and the body of the top is made from a ribbed material.  the top was £16 but it is now on sale for £10. You can buy it here.
Photo of the Lacy top by Oobi baby
All in all I adore all the clothes kindly sent to me by Sarah at Due South.  It is fantastic that the items are in the sale as you can now buy all of the items I have reviewed for the bargain price of just £47.50 instead of the original price of £93.50!!

Photo of the Lacy top by Oobi baby
I think the Due South website is really easy to browse and it is lovely to see photos of the clothes modelled by kids as it gives you a better idea of what the garment looks like when it is on.

The postage charges are very fair when you buy from Due South. They only charge £2.50 and if you spend over £50 then the postage is free.  It is very rare to find a shop with a cheap P+P rate so I’m so pleased to see Sarah and the others at Due South are offering this low price.

If you are thinking of buying from the Due South shop then I recommend you join their mailing list as it says you will be sent a code for a 10% off. You can join the mailing list here. You can also keep up to date with the news from Due South by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

Photo showing the flower brooch from the Red Spot dress
by Rock Your Baby

I would just like to say a big Thanks to Due South for approaching me about a review. It has been a pleasure to review your products and I’m very grateful that you have introduced me to two amazing brands – Oobi Baby and Rock Your Baby.

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