Review of Personalised Chocolate Bar Wrappers from Happy Little Monsters

Personalised Chocolate Bar from Happy Little Monsters

My sister’s birthday is coming up and we are all planning the party. When I saw these personalised chocolate bar wrappers over at Happy Little Monsters I just thought they would be perfect for at her party. I approached Jo Mclean, the owner of the company, and asked if she would consider allowing me to review some for her. . . .and she said yes!

Personalised Chocolate Bar from Happy Little Monsters
Jo’s company specialises in printing up personalised chocolate bar wrappers for both a 35g bar of milk chocolate and a 10g bar. You can choose from a wide variety of background templates for your wrapper and then you just have to tell Jo the message you would like printed on the background. I chose a pink background with flowers and butterflies which can be found under the section entitled ‘Children’. Please note that most of the templates on the website can only be used with the 35g bars. There is only a small selection of backgrounds available for the mini 10g bars but if you prefer you can have them personalised with your own photo, logo or message.
Personalised Chocolate Bar from Happy Little Monsters
Once I had decided on my template I just had to decide the message for the front of the wrapper and then email Jo to let her know. It was a very easy process! I told Jo to print them with ”Happy Birthday ….*sister’s name*..”.   Jo then responded to my email with a draft of the wrapper and she also asked me if I would like a message on the back too. I decided to have ‘Love from all your family’ printed on the back as I thought it would be a nice touch.  She had also mentioned that if I needed a different font or colour she could make changes for me however I was happy with her choice of a pink coloured font.
Personalised Chocolate Bar from Happy Little Monsters
Jo aims to email you a draft of your chocolate wrapper within 24 hourof you paying for your order. After you have responded to her with any changes or acceptance of the draft she will then go ahead and print the labels. If you are ordering under 25 bars she aims to get them to you within 10 days but if you are ordering more than 25 bars it could take longer. She does prefer to have a bit more notice when you ordering more than 25 bars as that then gives you and her time to agree on fonts, colours , designs, etc. I think she is a bit like me with this blog…she strives for perfection in her work! That is what you want though when you are ordering something like these wrappers which will make an occasion extra special.

If you would like to have a logo or photo incorporated into the design on your wrappers that is fine but she does have to charge extra because of the time involved.  Also she can print each chocolate wrapper with a different name so they can be used as an alternative to name cards at a wedding or party. This sounds like a great idea but it does cost extra again because of the extra time needed to do this.
Personalised Chocolate Bar from Happy Little Monsters
The standard chocolate bars are made from Belgian milk chocolate but if you are making a large order then you can choose to have the bars of chocolate made from White Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Dark Chocolate or Fairtrade Chocolate but this does increase the price of your order. You can also choose whether to have the chocolate bar wrapped in silver or gold foil.
Jo kindly sent us some 35g bars of chocolate with our personalised birthday message for my sister. The wrapper is lovely and the message looks fantastic. The back of the wrapper has our ‘Love from all your family’ message, the ingredients list, the text ‘ personalised chocolate bars for all occasions!’, the website address for Happy Little Monsters, the telephone number for the business, the website address for ‘mylittlewrapper’ plus the logo for the ‘My Little Wrapper’ website.  If I’m to be honest I do think all the advertising for ‘My Little Wrapper’ is a bit too much on the back of the wrapper. Happy Little Monsters is a franchise business from ‘My Little Wrapper’ and that is why their logo and details are on the wrappers as well as Jo’s contact details. I hadn’t realised it was a franchise business before receiving the wrappers as it doesn’t say anything about ‘My Little Wrapper’ on the Happy Little Monsters website except now that I’ve looked I can see the tiny logo in the template designs on her website.  I think it is a shame for Jo that she has to share the advertising space.

Personalised Chocolate Bar from Happy Little Monsters
The chocolate bar tastes delicious and was enjoyable to eat. We have only eaten one bar so far as we are keeping the rest for the party. There are 10 squares of chocolate in the 35g bar I received and it has a nice creamy aftertaste because of the Belgian chocolate used.

The price of a 35g bar of chocolate with a personalised message is £1.50 per bar and the price of a small 10g personalised bar is from 60p each.  The price per bar goes down when you order a higher quantity of the bars. For example the 35g bars go as low as £1.10 when you order over 100 and the 10g bars go as low as 55p when you order over 250.

Personalised Chocolate Bar from Happy Little Monsters
Postage is not included in the price of the bars so you have to pay additional delivery costs.  If you live in Coventry you can collect them from Jo’s home but if you need them posting they will either be sent by 1st class post or courier. The delivery fee is charged at cost to cover the postage and the packaging.

These bars of chocolate do seem quite expensive but if you have the budget to be able to buy them for a wedding, birthday party, christening, retirement party, etc then they will really add the finishing touch to your event. Jo was very helpful and friendly throughout the whole ordering process.. Thanks again Jo for my sister’s chocolates…they will look lovely at her party. 🙂

If you would like to visit the Happy Little Monsters website please click here.  Jo is also an independent trader for Phoenix trading. You can view the cards, gift wrap, labels, notelets etc that she sells by clicking here.

Examples of Personalised Chocolate Wrappers by
Jo at Happy Little Monsters

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