Review of the Strollaway Over-The-Door Pushchair Hanger / Hook

I was delighted to be given the opportunity to review the ‘StrollAway’ over-the-door hanger / hook for pushchairs. It is an American product and as far as I know I am the first UK reviewer to be sent one to test out and review. It makes me feel really special! 🙂 Thanks Mary Ann!
The Strollaway is a fantastic buggy storage solution and I love it as it gives you the freedom to ‘hang-up’ your pushchair if you do not have any room to store it.
You put the Strollaway over your door and then move the two hooks to the position you need to suit the handlebars of your pushchair and then you lift the stroller up onto the hooks. Hey presto…..the stroller is now door mounted and no-longer cluttering up your floor.

Unfortunately the Strollaway is not yet available in the UK but you can buy it online and have it shipped Internationally. You can buy it from the Mary-Anne’s ‘StrollAway’ website called MetroTots for $39.99 but I am unsure if they ship Internationally. (You can email them here to find out though). The American website also sells it but for the higher price of $49.99 however it does say on their site that International shipping is available. According to the currency website XE, $49.99 converts to just over £31 British money.  I’m afraid it doesn’t say how much the shipping would cost but you can send them an email here to ask for a quote.

Mary-Ann, the inventor of Strollaway would love to sell the Strollaway in the UK and is currently looking for a UK distributor and stockists!!!!! Sounds like a great opportunity. You can contact Mary-Ann here. She would love to hear from anyone interested in the product.

It is such a shame that although I love the product I don’t really have a need for it as I am lucky enough to have a small hallway to store my buggy in. I really like the idea of the product and I think it would be a very useful item to have in a home where space is at a premium.  Luckily I am able to store my pushchair in our small hallway but if I didn’t have that space to store it in I know it would be a daily struggle trying to find somewhere to keep the buggy. Even though I am not currently using the Strollaway I shall be keeping it in case we ever move to a smaller home and I find that I will need to use it.

The Strollaway hook can hold a pushchair weighing up to 35lb (nearly 16 kilo)!! I used it with my Graco Quattro Tour deluxe travel system buggy and it held it up fine. I have also tried it with my OBaby Atlas pushchair and it held that up very easily too. 

When the pushchair is hanging up it is inevitable that the buggy is then in your way when using that door but I think it is a small price to pay if it means it gives you somewhere to store your buggy in the house.  I’m sure people who live in a small flat would be especially grateful for this product as it means that they can store their stroller in their apartment and not have to leave it out in a communal area or shared hallway, etc.

The Strollaway comes with a removable spacer which allows the hook to fit over wider doors. When the Strollaway arrives with you the spacer will be attached and the hook will be ready for a narrow width door but if you unscrew and remove the metal spacer the hook will now fit a wider width door. I needed to remove the spacer to make the hook fit my door.

The hook didn’t damage my door in any way and I could still shut the door when the hook was on. I have bought over the door hooks for my clothes before now and when you use them the door refuses to close. I am so pleased this did not happen with the Strollaway.

The Strollaway is made form a heavy duty steel and the hooks alter direction by lifting them into little grooves around the tubular hinges. When the Strollaway is not in use you can put the hooks flat at either side so they fold flush to the door.
There are lots of photos of the Strollaway in use here on the MetroTots website. 

The Strollaway was designed by Mumpreneur Mary Ann Schwanewede after she had her son Billy in 2004. She found she didn’t have any space in her family apartment to store the pushchair and when she asked around to try and buy a storage system for it she was surprised to find nothing existed. So she decided …she’d invent one! After 2 years of research and prototypes the Strollaway was finally manufactured.  She has more ideas for innovative storage systems in the idea is a Strollaway hook with a wall mount for the garage and another idea is the multi stroller rack system.  They both sound like brilliant products which would come in handy to any family.

The only thing I didn’t like about the product is the packaging. It was in that horrible plastic packaging that you have to cut with a knife or scissors to get into. It took 3 of us trying and about 10 minutes before we eventually managed to open it. When we did manage to cut through the plastic it left some very sharp edges on the packaging. I think it would be much better packaged with a cardboard backing and a plastic front to see the Strollaway through. It would certainly be quicker to open that way.

Overall I am very impressed with the product and would definitely recommend it to you.
If you would like to visit the MetroTots website please click here.

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